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Uber drivers offering to sell illegal drugs to passengers

By Mason White 4:14 PM December 20, 2016
Uber car (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Uber launched an investigation after passengers in the United Kingdom, reported that drivers pushed them to buy illegal drugs.

James Newman of London, said that he recently used the services of Uber Eats, and when the delivery person arrived, he tried to push illegal drugs.

When Newman said that he was not interested, the driver became aggressive. One man shared a terrifying experience that he had with an Uber driver.

The man wrote on Twitter, that the driver offered to sell him drugs, saying that he “Uber drugs passengers” many times. The driver then asked if he “wanted a blow.”

Another passenger wrote on Twitter, that he was shaken up following a bad experience with an Uber driver. The driver allegedly tried to push drugs, and when his offer was rejected, he became aggressive.

A man who identified himself as Rob, said that his Uber driver gave him a business card so he could call when will be interested in purchasing illegal drugs.

A spokesperson for Uber said that the company is taking the allegations very seriously as this is something they will not tolerate.