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College accepts raw rice as payment for tuition

By Mason White 5:49 PM December 22, 2016
Student in college (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Poor farmers in Thailand, will now be able to afford to send their children in college after one private university announced that tuition can be paid with raw rice.

A spokesperson for the Rangsit University in Bangkok, said that students can now pay all or part of their tuition with rice.

The dean of the college, Worachat Churdchomja, revealed that the rice will be valued above the market price since the staple is trading at near record lows.

The program was put in place to help poor farmers, who were not able to pay cash for their children’s tuition.

22-year-old Witsanu Sukmoonsiri, who enrolled at the university this semester, said that he used rice from his family’s farm to pay the tuition.

Sukmoonsiri would not have been able to graduate college as his parents are unable to pay the tuition fee with cash.