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Man persuades underage girls to record sex videos of themselves and send them to him

By Mason White 5:27 PM December 22, 2016
Carlos Ozz Fritinger 

By: Wayne Morin
A man managed to get girls to send him sex videos by creating a fake profile on Facebook, according to police in Oklahoma.

Cushing police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Carlos Ozz Fritinger, after being accused of producing and distributing child pornography.

Now, United States District Court Judge Robin Cauthron ordered Fritinger to serve 135 months in federal prison for distributing child pornography that he acquired from minors on Facebook.

According to court records and information from court proceedings, Fritinger used a fake name to persuade a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl to produce and send him pornographic photographs via private Facebook messages.

Using explicit anatomical detail, Fritinger directed the minors, telling them how he wanted them to produce the images of their private parts.

Fritinger later distributed a pornographic image of the 13-year-old girl to a third party. A search of Fritinger’s cellphone revealed numerous images of child pornography.

After completing his 135-month prison term, Fritinger will have to register as a sex offender and will be placed on supervised release by the United States Probation Office for five years.