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Man suing McDonald’s because he sees no value in Extra Value Meals

By Mason White 5:39 PM December 22, 2016
Burger and fries (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man is suing a McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois, after being sold a value meal for a higher price than buying the items separately.

James Gertie of Des Plaines, said that he purchased an “Extra Value Meal” twice, and paid $5.90.

The mail contained two cheeseburgers, a medium French fries and a drink. Gertie claims that if he bought the items individually, he would have paid just $5.49.

Gertie is suing for consumer fraud and deceptive practices, and is asking a judge to bar McDonald’s from selling the “Extra Value Meals” above $5.49.

Gertie is also seeking class action status for his lawsuit.