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Student takes 93-year-old grandmother to her college dorm so she can care for her

By Mason White 8:21 AM December 23, 2016
Liu Lin with her grandmother 

By: Feng Qian
A young woman has melted the hearts of many people with the love and commitment she is showing to her elderly grandmother.

20-year-old Liu Lin of China, was left with a dilemma when she was accepted into the Chengdu University.

She could have either rented a bed in the dorm room at her school for cheap and leave her elderly grandmother at home with nobody to look after her or to take her along to college.

Lin refused to abandon her 93-year-old grandmother so she rented a small apartment close to her college.

Lin took a part time job to help pay for the expenses, while her brother, who has a full time job, gives them most of his paycheck to pay for the rest.

Lin gets up early to make breakfast for herself and her grandmother, and she returns home for lunch to prepare food. She also loaded the computer with movies that her grandmother likes so she is not bored during the day.

Lin also bought a cat named Dang Dang to keep her grandmother company while she is in school and at work.

Lin explained that last year, her father died due to an illness and her mother suffered a mental breakdown. During that time, her grandmother suffered a broken leg.

“I was raised by my grandma, now it’s my turn to care of her,” she said.

Lin’s teacher Zhang Na, said that she is an excellent student, who takes her studies very seriously. She is always helping others, the teacher added.