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Angry Domino’s Pizza customer uses sandwich to hit delivery person in the head for giving him back quarter

By Mason White 6:19 PM December 26, 2016
Sandwich (illustration)
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A Domino’s Pizza customer who was angry with the delivery person for giving him change, used his sandwich to hit the employee in the head, according to police in New Jersey.

The Nutley Police Department said that they have arrested 22-year-old James Marra, after being accused of assaulting Emad Hassabaalla.

Marra has been charged with one count each of assault and criminal mischief. He was released from custody without bail.

According to the criminal complaint, Marra ordered an $11.75 sandwich from Domino’s Pizza on Thursday. Hassabaalla arrived at Marra’s Nutley Avenue home with the sandwich.

Marra gave the driver $12.

When Hassabaalla tried to give Marra a quarter as change, he told the driver to throw the change on the floor because he doesn’t need it.

Hassabaalla threw the quarter onto Marra’s driveway, and started walking back to his car. That is when he felt a sandwich hit him in the back of his neck.

Marra then squashed the sandwich on the windshield of Hassabaalla’s car. Hassabaalla took a few days off of work following the incident because he was distraught.