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Man deliberately ties his dog to railroad tracks before it was killed by oncoming train

By Mason White 11:12 AM December 25, 2016
Gerardo Damian-Rosas
By: Chan Yuan

A man in Georgia, was arrested over his evil act against his defenseless dog.

Officials with the Hall County Animal Control have arrested Gerardo Damian-Rosas of Gainesville, after he was accused of tying his dog to railroad tracks and leaving it to be hit and killed by an oncoming train.

Authorities responded to an area near White Sulphur Road, after receiving a call about a dog on the train tracks. Sadly, by the time officers arrived, the dog was already dead.

“There was evidence that the dog had been purposefully tied to the tracks, which ultimately led to his death,” Mike Ledford, who is the director of the Hall County Animal Services, said.

“This was an outrageous and shocking act of cruelty against a defenseless animal, and our department works tirelessly to hold those responsible for such acts accountable,” he added.

Damian-Rosas was arrested and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. He was released after posting $5,700 bond.

Mike Weaver, who is the attorney for Damian-Rosas, believes the facts presented are “not accurate and that there had been a lot of misunderstandings about what happened.”