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Model exposes herself during company Christmas party and asks women to feel her breasts

By Mason White 5:41 PM December 25, 2016
Katie Price
By: Wayne Morin

People at a Christmas party in the United Kingdom, were shocked when a model pulled up her shirt and exposed her breasts.

The incident unfolded during the EnergySave Christmas party in Derby.

TV personality and model Katie Price, became out of control while performing at the party in front of numerous employees of EnergySave.

EnergySave managing director Jason Rowan, who booked Price, said that he will be asking for his money back since her performance was outrageous.

During the performance on Monday night, Price began talking about her former husband. She then lifted her top and asked women to feel her breasts to the shock of those in attendance at the Pride Park Stadium.

She then asked a woman with short hair whether she has cancer while using profanities. Price then went into a bathroom, where she stripped naked in front of other women.