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Postal worker steals gift cards from mail and buys three sex toys from Groupon

By Mason White 10:52 AM December 25, 2016
Iesha Conley
By: Chan Yuan

A New York postal worker was arrested after prosecutors said that she used a stolen gift card to buy sex toys from Groupon.

The postal worker is accused of opening dozens of envelopes before taking the valuables out of them.

48-year-old Iesha Conley stole mail while working at the US Postal Service Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center in New York City.

Conley was caught on surveillance camera putting the envelopes inside a black sweater that had the word’s “Got Jesus?” on it, according to the criminal complaint.

Police began an investigation after a woman complained that a greeting card she sent her relative in Long Island, had been opened and the $100 American Express gift card was missing.

The woman called American Express, only to find out that the gift card had been used to buy three adult toys that were shipped to Conley’s address in Brooklyn.

The postal worker used her iPhone to place the three sex toy orders for a total of $94.68. She also tried to use the same gift card to pay for her cable bill, according to the criminal complaint.

Conley was arrested, and she now faces up to five years in prison if convicted. Her bail was set at $15,000.