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Judges allows 79-year-old father to marry his son

By Mason White 6:16 PM December 26, 2016
Roland Bosee Jr., and Nino Esposito
By: Tanya Malhotra

A panel of judges in Pennsylvania, ruled to allow the annulment of a legal adoption so that a father and son should be able to get married.

Roland Bosee Jr., 68, and Nino Esposito, 78, of Fox Chapel, have been together as a couple for more than 45 years.

Several years ago, Bosee decided to adopt Esposito as his child for financial reasons. The two were not allowed to marry since same sex marriages were not yet legal.

After same sex marriage became legal in the state, the father and son filed a petition to dissolve the adoption. However, a judge ruled that an adoption can only be dissolved in a case of fraud.

Bosee and Esposito did not give up their hope and dream to become a married couple. They filed their petition with the Superior Court, which ruled that the adoption can be annulled.

Bosee and Esposito will get married soon in a quiet ceremony with friends and family.