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5-month-old baby starves to death after both of her parents died of drug overdose

By Mason White 3:34 PM December 27, 2016
Chelsea Cardaro, Jason and Summer Chambers
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A baby tragically lost her life by starving to death just weeks after Child and Youth services refused to take her away from her drug addicted parents.

The five-month-old girl of Pennsylvania, starved to death days after her parents died in the house of heroin overdoses.

The baby’s parents, 19-year-old Chelsea Cardaro and Jason Chambers, 27, were found dead in the home on Thursday, police said.

Baby Summer Chambers died after being without food or water for days.

Coroner Jeffrey Lees said that an autopsy revealed that her parents were dead for one week, and the baby died a few days later.

Police said that they had been called to the home one month before the family was found dead in their Kernville home.

Last month, Chambers overdosed on drugs, he was revived with Narcan.

During a press conference, District Attorney Kelly Callihan said that at that time of that incident, Children and Youth Services were called to investigate the family.

“They checked the house, and said that there was a lot of food and the child looked well taken care of,” Callihan said.

However, they did not order the couple to take drug tests or treatment for their addiction.

According to police, the father was found dead in the living room on the first floor of the home. Cardaro was in a bathroom on the second floor, and the baby was in a bassinet in a bedroom on the second-floor.