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Police break up fight over hard boiled eggs between Denny’s restaurant workers and an employee’s mother

By Mason White 3:43 PM December 27, 2016
Hard-Boiled Egg (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

Police were called after a fight over hard boiled eggs got out of hand.

Officers in South Carolina, were dispatched to Denny’s for a disturbance between employees.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the restaurant in Spartanburg, around 10:30 p.m.

Police learned that 56-year-old Nancy Michelle Kirkpatrick and 21-year-old Quanisha Dre’Shawn Fenn, got into a fight over hard-boiled eggs.

Fenn became offended when Kirkpatrick called her b***h. In response, Fenn called her mother.

Fenn’s mother, Toska Marie Lightner, 47, came to the Denny’s and began arguing with Kirkpatrick.

During the fight, Lightner, threw a tape dispenser at Kirkpatrick, but, the item did not hit her.

Kirkpatrick decided not to press charges of assault against Lightner.

The police report does not detail why the two workers argued over the hard-boiled eggs.