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Couple breaks into stranger’s home and eats holiday treats

By Mason White 1:07 PM December 29, 2016
Stephen and Victoria Valentine
By: Feng Qian

Police in Mississippi, said that they have arrested a “Grinch couple” for stealing Christmas treats from a family.

Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey said that police were called at 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

A man reported that he and his wife had come home to find a red Chevrolet Cavalier parked on their property.

As the couple approached their house, a man and a woman ran out and drove away in their vehicle.

Deputies who responded to the scene, said that the “Grinch couple,” ate the couple’s food, including their Christmas treats, and they smoked inside the home.

Police issued an alert with a description of the thieves and the vehicle.

Deputy Luke Stickman spotted the vehicle and the suspects. The couple was identified as Stephen and Victoria Valentine.

Deputies said that they found three grams of methamphetamine in their possession.

Both suspects were charged with burglary and possession of controlled substance.