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Girl under anesthesia cries because she thought fish in tank are drowning

By Mason White 1:18 PM December 29, 2016
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A girl has captured the hearts of many people over her love for animals and her desperate attempt to save drowning fish.

The girl received anaesthesia when she underwent oral surgery at a dental clinic.

When she was done, the girl who was identified as Leila, spotted a big fish tank with colorful fish in the dentist waiting room.

She began crying and asking her mother to help rescue the drowning fish.

Leila’s family posted the video of the incident to YouTube, showing Leila crying as she believed that the fish were drowning in the tank.

In the video, her mother was heard asking “Leila, why are you crying?”

“Cause it’s drowning,” she replied.

“Who’s drowning?” her mother asked.

“The fish,” Leila answered.

Her mother replied that they are swimming.

Leila protested and said: “No they’re not, they’re downing.”

She continued to argue with her mother, who reassured her several times that the fish are fine and that is what fish do, they swim.

“It’s so sad,” Leila said.

When her mother said that it was time to go, Leila refused to leave, saying “But we’ve gotta save them.”