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New smart jackets will allow beggars to accept donations via credit cards

By Mason White 12:54 PM December 29, 2016
Contactless Payment Jackets for beggars
By: Tanya Malhotra

A company in Amsterdam, has introduced a new jacket, which will allow beggars to accept credit card payments without touching the person.

In recent years, beggars reported getting fewer donations as many people no longer carry money in their pockets, but are relying on their credit cards instead.

Carsten van Berkel and Stefan Leendertse of the Netherlands, came up with a solution to help the less fortunate.

They introduced the “Contactless Payment Jacket” for beggars and homeless people.

The jacket allows people to donate 1 euro ($1.05) to the person who is wearing the smart jacket.

The jacket has a card reader sewn into it. It also has a screen, which constantly displays instructions of how to use it.

When a person wants to donate money, all they do is place their credit card next to the jacket for a few seconds.

Jesse Bakker, who designed the jacket, said that there is a very big advantage to using the smart jacket as the money goes directly into a bank account.

“You’re not giving cash to a total stranger to do with it what he pleases. Instead, the fixed sum of 1 euro goes into a bank account, which is then managed by a homeless shelter.

“The beggar can then use the money to purchase a hot meal, pay for a bath or pay for a bed at a homeless shelter.

“Homeless people who want to turn their lives around, can also save they money for various job certification courses or for an apartment,” Bakker said.