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22-year-old weightlifter is crushed to death by his 315 pound barbell while doing bench press

By Mason White 10:16 AM December 30, 2016
Kyle Thomson
By: Chan Yuan

A young man lost his life in a freak accident while using equipment at a gym.

22-year-old Kyle Thomson, who attended the Iowa State University, was working out at the Elite Edge Transformation Center, when the barbell fell on him.

Thomson was using a 315 barbell while doing a bench press when the equipment slipped out his hand and crushed his neck, causing massive internal injuries.

Thomson’s former high school weightlifting coach, Greg Schoon, said that he was shocked over the news of Thomson’s death as had worked out with him many times before the accident occurred.

Thomson, who was the captain of the football team, was taken to a Des Moines hospital, where he was pronounced dead.