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80-year-old man kills neighbor’s dog after leaving ham laced with antifreeze in yard

By Mason White 12:36 PM December 30, 2016
Tyson and the ham with antifreeze
By: Mahesh Sarin

An elderly man who allegedly wanted to get rid of rats, placed ham laced with antifreeze in his yard, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Telford police have arrested 80-year-old Edmund Dickens, after being accused of causing the death of his neighbor’s dog by poisoning.

Dickens of Hopkins Heath, appeared at Telford Magistrates’ Court, where he pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dog by placing food rendered poisonous with antifreeze in a place accessible to animals, knowing it would cause unnecessary suffering, contrary to section 4 under the Animal Welfare Act, and to knowingly placing the poisonous food on the floor, contrary to section 8 of the Protection of Animals Act.

He was banned from keeping animals for five years.

As well as the disqualification order, magistrates ordered him to pay costs of 950 pounds $1,170.

The court heard that Dickens placed the ham in a yogurt pot in his front garden before going on vacation as he wanted to get rid of rats.

However, Tyson, a West Highland terrier who lived across the road, ate the ham and died four days later from the effects of poisoning.

RSPCA inspector Kate Parker, who investigated the death, said: “Tyson suffered immensely in the last few days of his life. It took him four days to die, during which he would have numerous fits, one of which lasted three hours. This was incredibly difficult for his owners, who were left devastated.

“Dogs are curious animals and are naturally drawn to food on the floor, so it is no surprise that Tyson was attracted to this piece of ham. Sadly, antifreeze can cause so much suffering to the animal who ingested it. It is so important that we get the message out there that antifreeze is a very toxic substance which will cause terrible suffering.”