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Man slits throat of his mother to stop her from reporting him to police for raping underage relative

By Mason White 12:29 PM December 30, 2016
Apollo Hernandez
By: Wayne Morin

A man killed his mother after she told him that she was going to tell the police about his rape of an underage relative, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that they have arrested 31-year-old Apollo Hernandez of Brooklyn, after slitting the throat of Ruth Maceira, 48, in her apartment.

Now, Hernandez has been sentenced to 23 years to life in prison for killing his mother before she could meet with representative of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office regarding the rape the defendant allegedly committed against his underage relative.

Hernandez was convicted of second-degree murder following a jury trial. According to the criminal complaint, Maceira was home alone when her eldest son arrived.

Hernandez repeatedly beat his mother with a metal statue and used a kitchen knife to slit her throat.

As he fled, Hernandez left a trail of bloody footprints, including sneaker treads, leading from the victim’s fourth floor apartment to the front door of the building.

Emergency personnel were called to the victim’s apartment by a concerned relative who was unable to reach the victim.

Police found evidence that the victim was planning to confront the defendant regarding allegations that the defendant committed a felony rape offense against a younger family member.

The victim was also scheduled to meet with Brooklyn prosecutors about that matter the week following the murder.

The victim died as a result of an incised wound to the neck, according to the Medical Examiner. When Hernandez was arrested, the bottom tread of the sneakers he was wearing appeared melted.

The evidence showed that melted rubber was found on the defendant’s stove after his apparent attempt to avoid being linked to the treads at the crime scene.

In addition, police found a pair of jeans cut into pieces and soaking in a bucket of cleaning fluid in his apartment.

Hernandez was charged with one count of statutory rape in connection with the rape of his underage relative.