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Principal builds herself a $19,000 bathroom in her office to avoid sharing one with staff just feet away

By Mason White 10:30 AM December 30, 2016
Susan Bridge (insert)
By: Mahesh Sarin

A principal in Australia, is under investigation for building herself an expensive bathroom in her office.

The New South Wales Department of Education said that the money was part of a $49,000 project to improve the drainage system, build a set of stairs, and install safety rails.

The project was financed in part by donations from parents who were asked for a suggested $100 tax deductible donation on top of school tuition.

However, the principal of the Cheltenham Girls’ High School in Sydney, spend $19,000 of that money to build herself a luxury bathroom in her office.

Staff members said that there is a three-cubicle staff toilet just six feet away from principal Susan Bridge’s office door.

Parents also wants answers over the principal’s selfish actions. They said that students use very old toilets that were built in the early 1960s.