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Couple sues wife’s divorce lawyer for flirting and having sex with her

By Mason White 5:33 PM December 4, 2016
Atesa Pacelli 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man was furious when he discovered that his wife had sex with her attorney while he was representing her in their divorce case.

Atesa and Anthony Pacelli of New York, who share a 4-year-old daughter together, separated and they filed for divorce.

Atese, 41, said that she was in a very vulnerable emotional state as she was going through the divorce from her husband of eight years.

She hired a $450-an-hour divorce lawyer named Peter Cedeno, 48, of Manhattan. The attorney and client became close for the next 10 weeks. They flirted with each other and shared explicit messages.

Atesa admitted that among other things, she sent her attorney photos of herself in a bikini. One day, Atesa went out for lunch with her attorney and the two had a bit too much to drink.

They ended the lunch by going to Atesa’s house, where they had sex. Atesa claims that she was in no position to consent as she was too intoxicated.

Atesa and Anthony Pacelli eventually decided to reconcile for the sake of their daughter.

Anthony looked through his wife’s iPad and discovered that she had an affair with Cedeno while they were going through the divorce.

Anthony said that at first, he was furious, but then he came to the conclusion that his wife had been manipulated by her divorce attorney.

The couple hired another attorney and they are now suing Cedeno for malpractice and sexual assault.

A spokesperson for Cedeno has denied the allegations made against him.

Many people on the Internet are criticizing Atesa. One person wrote: “she felt guilty about the affair so she cried rape.”

“Maybe she shouldn’t have been drinking with her attorney and she shouldn’t have put herself in that situation. It’s her fault,” another said.