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College student stabs his mother to death while she was on the phone with her mother

By Mason White 5:15 PM December 18, 2016
Blake and Dedre Plasshette Jefferson 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman of Texas, called her mother for advice on what to do with her son, who began acting strangely.

While she was on the phone with her mother, Ella Jefferson, the son began stabbing her.

The grandmother heard her daughter screaming “he is stabbing me,” so she called 911, according to Houston police.

The grandmother then ran over to her daughter’s house and found her dead.

Police identified the victim as 48-year-old Dedre Plasshette Jefferson, who was the school board’s vice president and a former teacher at the Alief Independent School District.

Police began looking for the woman’s 22-year-old son, Blake Jefferson, who had a job while attending college. He has no criminal history.

He was arrested after he broke into a stranger’s home and hid in a closet. Blake was taken to a hospital for treatment for a possible drug overdose.

Those who know the mother and son, said that they shared a very close bond. The mother posted many photos of herself with her son on Facebook.