Restaurant sells gold-covered donut for $100 a piece

Gold-covered donut 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant in New York, showed off their latest donut, which sells for $100 a piece.

The Manila Social Club restaurant in Brooklyn, is selling the gold-covered donut as dessert.

The gold-covered donut is made with champagne and filled with mousse and jelly. The exterior is dotted with 24 carat gold.

Some diners paid $1,200 for an order of a dozen donuts. The restaurant has been promoting the donuts on its Instagram page.

The restaurant's owner and chef Bjorn DelaCruz, said that he sells the donuts only on Fridays. The donuts can only be ordered on the Internet on Thursday.

DelaCruz said that the reason for selling the donuts only on Fridays is because the restaurant is not a donut shop. DelaCruz admitted that he is surprised that people are buying the expensive donuts by the dozen.

“The Golden Cristal Ube Donut of The Manila Social Club, is adorned with icing made with Cristal champagne and filled with an ube mousse and champagne jelly, and covered with 24k Gold. $100 per donut,” the company wrote on its Instagram page.

“The donut is for people who really want to show up at the party with the best dessert,” the company added.

Woman bites man’s neck at the Thirsty Whale bar and sucks out a lot of his blood

Man biting woman (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after biting a man’s neck and sucking out a lot of his blood during a fight at a bar, police in New Zealand said.

Hawke’s Bay police said that the woman, who was not identified, was partying at the Thirsty Whale bar before getting into a fight with the victim.

She then bit the man’s neck and cut through a major artery with her teeth. The man lost so much blood that he was taken to a hospital in serious condition.

Investigators believe that the woman positioned her bite for maximum blood loss. The owner of the Thirsty Whale bar said the fight took place in the early hours of Sunday.

He also revealed that the suspect and the victim do not live in the area.

Woman demands money from family for using a photo of her photobombing horse without permission to win prize

David and Jacob Bellis and Nicola Mitchell (insert) 
By: Feng Qian

A father of the United Kingdom, was walking with his son when they spotted a nice-looking horse.

The father, 31-year-old David Bellis of Wales, stopped to take a selfie with his son Jacob as the animal was in the background.

Bellis was walking on a public path when he took the photo. He then realized that while taking the photo, the horse photobombed them as it smiled and poked its tongue out for the camera.

Bellis decided to enter the photo into the Thomson Holiday’s Made Me Smile competition, and he won a vacation worth £2,000 ($2886.00).

When the owner of the horse heard about the winnings, she demanded to get a cut of the money.

Horse owner Nicola Mitchell, said that Bellis did not ask permission to take selfies with her horse and therefore, she feels entitled to some of his money.

Female shark eats male rival alive for entering its territory in aquarium

Shark (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A female shark that became angry when a male rival entered its territory in an aquarium, decided to eat it alive, according to a video uploaded to the Internet.

The largest shark at the aquarium in Seoul, was seen swimming with her rival’s tail sticking out of its mouth after eating it alive.

The 8-year-old female shark is nearly 7.5 feet long, while the 5-year-old victim was only 5 feet long.

The female shark began eating her rival on Thursday, and on Friday, visitors at the aquarium watched in amazement as the attacker swam around the tank with the tip of the victim’s tail hanging from its mouth.

None of the other sharks in the tank were injured.

Experts believe that the victim will remain in the attacker’s mouth for up to five days, before it will be spit out as the female will not be able to digest such a large body.

Employees at the aquarium said that the sharks sometime fight over territory, but this was the first time that a shark killed its rival.

Woman who lost her wedding ring finds it inside her 1-year-old boy’s stomach

Wedding ring (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A married woman who lost her wedding ring, searched her entire house for it, but she couldn't find it.

When her husband came home and she told him about the lost ring, he feared that their 1-year-old son might be responsible for its disappearance.

They took their son to the hospital, where doctors took an X-ray of his chest and abdomen area. That is when the parents saw the wedding ring in their son’s large intestine.

The father of the baby, who shared the photo of the X-ray on Reddit, said that he suspected his son because he had a habit of putting the ring into his mouth.

In one incident, the father had to pull the ring out of his son’s mouth as he grabbed it after his mother placed it on the bathroom counter.

Doctors sent the child home, saying that he will pass the ring within a few days. The father said that his wife will wear the ring once she gets it back.

Man beats wife who refused to commit suicide because he did not want her to be a widow after he kills himself

Mr. Fang with a police officer at his home 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to commit suicide after he lost his job and he was unable to support his family.

However, he did not want his wife to be a widow so he wanted her to commit suicide with him, but she refused.

Police in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, were called to the couple’s apartment by their downstairs neighbor, who heard screaming from the home.

Police found Mr. Fang, 35, drunk. His wife was removed from the home after she was severely beaten by him. Mr. Fang allegedly admitted to beating his wife after she argued with him and would not agree to his murder-suicide plans.

Police found that the apartment was filled with gas as he wanted to blow up the house while he and his wife were inside.

Mr. Fang explained that he had lost his job and wanted to commit suicide with his wife. However, his wife was not ready to die. The couple began to argue when the woman attempted to escape.

Mr. Fang said that he was ending his own misery and helping his wife so she will not remain a widow. Mr. Fang was arrested and charged with attempted murder of his wife.

Woman pulls over a police officer for speeding and lectures him

The officer 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A woman in Florida, pulled over a police officer and lectured him about obeying the law.

Claudia Castillo uploaded videos to YouTube, showing her following a police officer who was speeding.

Castillo said that she spotted the officer speeding in Miami, and she believes that officers need to lead by example and not take advantage of their job.

Castillo made several attempts to pull over the officer before she finally got his attention. The woman told the officer that she was driving 80 miles per hour, but was unable to keep up with him.

“I was pushing 80 miles per hour and I was still eating your dust. I just wanted to know what is the emergency?” She asked.

Castillo demanded to know why the officer was speeding. “I don’t know how fast I was going,” he responded. “I am on my way to work right now,” he added.

The officer then said: “I don’t think I was speeding, but you are entitled to your opinion.” The woman then lectured the officer about his responsibilities before the two went on their separate ways.

Law student demands lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars or she will sue because her chocolate did not have wafer inside

Saima Ahmad 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman is threatening to sue a chocolate maker if they don’t give in to her demand of a lifetime supply of chocolate.

20-year-old Saima Ahmad, who is a second-year law student at Kings College in London, is demanding that Nestle give in to her demand or she will sue.

Ahmad’s demand came after buying the treat that was filled with chocolate rather than a wafer.

She said that she bought the multi-pack Kit Kat bars from a supermarket for £2 ($2.86), but the wafer was missing inside the chocolate.

Ahmad claims that she was emotionally affected by the lack of wafer inside her favorite treat.

In the letter to Nestle, she claims that giving her a lifetime supply of the bars will allow her to act as “quality control” for the company.

“The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance,” she wrote.

“I wouldn't rule out taking this further if Nestle does not apologize or compensate me adequately with an unlimited supply of Kit Kat bars,” she said.

While Ahmad is looking for compensation for the lack of wafer in her Kit Kat, another customer, Rochelle Fallon, who had the same issue, sent a letter to Nestle and received a response which read in part:

“We are very sorry that two fingers of your bar had no wafer and hope you may be interested to know how these bars are made. The wafer is placed into a liquid chocolate mould. The machine sometimes jams and we miss a center so the whole mould fills up with chocolate. If this happens, we try to reject all the solid bars, but occasionally, one will slip through.

“We take great pride in producing really good products and can assure you that our quality standards have not changed. We work hard to prevent problems like this from happening so that your Kit Kat break can be as enjoyable as possible.”

Man convicted of murder after 14-year-old girl uses his gun to kill another girl following Facebook dispute

Donnell Flora 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man of Illinois, was jailed after his niece used his gun to kill another girl during a dispute.

The dispute that began on Facebook, was over a man, police said.

27-year-old Donnell Flora of Chicago, admitted giving a gun to his 14-year-old niece before she allegedly shot and killed Endia Martin, 14.

Flora said that he did not give the girl the gun so that she can kill someone, but he handed her the weapon and told her to give it to her aunt.

The young girl took the .38-caliber revolver and confronted the teenagers who had been bullying her on Facebook.

However, he was convicted of first-degree murder for the death of Martin.

Flora's niece, who has not been named, was charged as a juvenile. She faces a charge of murder for Martin’s death.

She also faces a charge of attempted murder after Martin’s friend Lanekia Reynolds, was injured during the shooting that took place in broad daylight.

Flora said that he will appeal. He said that second-degree murder or child endangerment would have been a more appropriate charge.

Woman looking for missing cat after people uploaded video of boyfriend driving with it on car roof

Bernie Campbell with photos of her missing cat 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman of the United Kingdom, is asking the public for help in finding her missing cat.

Bernie Campbell is desperate to reunite with her cat after it was driven away by accident on the roof of a van.

Campbell was horrified when she realized what happened to her beloved cat named Tig, after it disappeared two weeks ago.

Campbell saw a video on social media, showing a cat on the roof of a silver Vauxhall Vivaro driving though Broadstone in Dorset, three miles away from her house.

Although many people found it funny, Campbell did not share their enthusiasm. After watching the video, Campbell realized that her boyfriend, Jamie Tilsed, drove the car and did not realize that the cat was sleeping on the roof.

At one point during his trip, the cat got off the car. The couple hopes that Tig has survived the trip, and they are making every effort to get the cat home safely.

According to the video, people were trying to flag down Tilsed to let him know about the cat, but for some reason, he did not stop.

“My heart is broken right now, and I had very little sleep. I want my son back,” Campbell said.

Evil woman cons elderly man into signing his home over to her before having him legally evicted

Robert and Catharine Pierce 
By: Wayne Morin

Prosecutors worked hard to get justice for an elderly man who was scammed out of his home.

Police said that 58-year-old Catharine Pierce of Boulder, Colorado, scammed a 73-year-old man by getting him to sign his house over to her.

Pierce and her husband Robert, moved into the man’s home and lived rent free for about seven months.

At one point, the victim told Pierce that he would sign his home over to her if she promised to care for his beloved cat after his death.

Pierce asked the elderly man, who is somewhat blind, to sign a contract, which she told him was an agreement for her to care for his cat after his death.

However, she actually had him sign over his trailer for which she paid $1.00, according to police. After signing the document, Pierce went to court and evicted the elderly man.

The man was unable to attend the court hearing because he was having a cataract surgery. A judgment was entered against him and the man was ordered to move out of his own home.

Boulder County Deputy District Attorney Jane Walsh who prosecuted the case, worked with law enforcement, court officials and protective services to block the eviction.

They were successful in stopping the eviction process about a week before he was going to be forcefully removed.

Officials also brought charges against Pierce. On Wednesday, she was found guilty of felony theft and criminal exploitation of an at-risk elder. She faces 12 years in prison.
Robert Pierce was not charged in this case, but he has an unrelated assault case open against him in Boulder County Court.

Catharine Pierce made headlines a few years ago, when she insisted on gardening without her top on. She was dubbed the “topless gardner."

British man shot down and killed while flying helicopter to protect elephants in Tanzania

Roger Gower 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man died while protecting elephants from poachers who tried to kill them for their ivory tusks.

Police in Tanzania, said that 37-year-old Roger Gower was shot down while he was flying his helicopter near the Serengeti National Park.

Gower’s helicopter was shot down while he was trying to stop poachers who had already killed three elephants and wanted to take the ivory, which is illegal.

Police said that the suspects shot at the helicopter with an AK-47 while he was taking part in an operation to catch an elephant poacher gang.

So far, three people have been arrested over Gower’s death, polcie said.

Teacher throws 1-year-old girl out of window after being caught sexually abusing her

Baby (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A teacher was arrested on a charge of murder for allegedly throwing a baby out of a window after being caught sexually abusing her, police in Spain said.

Vitoria-Gasteiz police said that they have arrested 30-year-old Daniel Montano, after being accused of killing the 1-year-old girl known as Alicia.

Montano was charged with one count of murder and one count of sexual assault. According to the police investigation, Montano teaches saxophone at two schools in the city.

Montano was friends with the 18-year-old mother of Alicia identified as Gabriela. The night of the incident, Montano decided to spend the night with Gabriela.

In middle of the night, Gabriela woke up and noticed that Montano was not in bed with her. She went into her child’s room and found Montano sexually abusing her.

A fight broke out, and during the struggle, Montano picked up the girl and threw her out of the window. Alicia suffered serious head injuries after falling 12 feet onto the pavement.

She was rushed to the Cruces University Hospital, where she died. Montano faces up to 35 years in jail if found guilty of murder and sexual abuse.

Woman bumps into people before urinating in front of police officers

Crowded street (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after allegedly bumping into people on the street and urinating in front of police officers, police in the United Kingdom said.

Cumbria police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Victoria Nelson, after being accused of being drunk in public.

Nelson was charged with failing to surrender to police, and being drunk and disorderly. She was brought before the South Cumbria Magistrates' Court, where she pleaded guilty to the two charges.

She was ordered to pay 265 pounds ($378) in fines and court costs.

According to the police investigation, around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, Nelson was denied entry into the Ruskins Bar for being too drunk.

The woman proceeded to stumble around the city center, bumping into various groups of people before they called the police.

The officers attempted to subdue Nelson, but she resisted. She then bent over and urinated on Finkle Street.

Pastor drags 11-year-old girl to brothel and rapes her

Sad girl (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A pastor is being investigated on a charge of rape after allegedly dragging a young girl to a brothel, where he raped her, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that they have arrested the pastor, who was not identified, after prostitutes found him raping the 11-year-old girl in the brothel.

According to the police investigation, around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, prostitutes working at the brothel noticed the pastor with a young girl.

They were shocked to see a pastor in the brothel, but decided not to judge him. After 30 minutes, the girl was heard screaming in pain, attracting some of the prostitutes to the room.

They tried to enter, but the door was locked. They called the police, and officers forced open the door. They found the pastor in bed with the 11-year-old girl.

Since the incident was made public, three additional victim came forward to say that they were by the pastor.

Teen sets girl’s home on fire because she kicked him out of a party

House in fire (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A teenager was arrested on a charge of arson after allegedly setting a girl’s home on fire because she kicked him out of a party, police in Massachusetts said.

Northampton police said that they have arrested 19-year-old Will Lombardi, after being accused of throwing a cardboard box onto the porch of the girl’s home and setting it on fire because he was angry with her.

Lombardi was charged with one count of arson. Lombardi was released from custody without bail.

According to the police investigation, around 1:00 a.m. on Friday, a homeowner noticed an orange glow on the porch of his home.

He then realized that there was a burning box on the porch. He quickly threw a water bottle into the box and called the police.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found that the fire caused permanent damage to the wood on the front porch.

The officers inspected the box and found the name and address of Lombardi. The homeowner’s daughter told police that she had an encounter with Lombardi at a party.

After telling him to leave, Lombardi became extremely agitated with her, and sent her threatening and harassing messages on Facebook.

When questioned by police, Lombardi admitted that he was very upset with the girl after the altercation.

Driver dies after ramming his truck into a cow

Cow (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man died after ramming his truck into a cow that was walking on a road, police in South Carolina said.

52-year-old Joel Knight of Kershaw County, died at the scene of the incident, which unfolded on South Carolina Route 522 around 6:30 p.m.

According to the police investigation, Knight was driving his 2006 Ford Ranger pickup truck when he hit the cow that was on the road.

His truck then crashed into a fence. Knight was wearing a seat belt. Police said that the cow also died at the scene.

Knight’s family members filed a lawsuit against Ford, saying that he died because the airbag deploy with great force, causing a metal shard to strike his neck and kill him.

As a result of the complaint, Ford issued a recall.

61-year-old man throws potato chips on Walmart worker who refused to sell him the item

Potato chips (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly throwing potato chips on a Walmart worker, police in Florida said.

Gainesville police said that they have arrested 61-year-old James Donald Robertson, Jr., after being accused of attacking the Walmart employee who refused to sell him a bag of potato chips.

Robertson was charged with one count of simple battery. He was booked into the Alachua County Jail, and he was released without bail.

According to the police investigation, around 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Robertson walked into the Walmart located on Archer Road, and searched for his favorite brand of potato chips.

After finding it, an employee refused to sell him the bag. When the employee asked Robertson to leave, he grabbed the bag of chips and threw it in the face of the employee.

The employee called the police, and Robertson told them that he threw the chips because he was angry.

Woman shoots her former boyfriend's private parts in front of police officers

Kelly Dufrene 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after allegedly shooting her former boyfriend in the private parts in front of police officers, police in Florida said.

St. Petersburg police said that they have arrested 49-year-old Kelly Dufrene, after being accused of shooting 47-year-old Timothy Crowley.

Dufrene was charged with one count of attempted murder.

According to the police, Dufrene called officers to remove her former boyfriend from her house, and said that he was violating a restraining order.

While police were still on the scene, she came out of her home and shot Crowley. He was shot in the groin area. Police heard the shot and saw Dufrene running away from the house and into the woods.

Crowley was taken to the Bayfront Medical Hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition. The shooting occurred at 943 17th Avenue South.

Man punches girlfriend who called the police to report that he poured urine on her clothes

Jason Henry Murray 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested on a charge of battery after allegedly punching his girlfriend because she called the police to report that he poured urine on her clothes, police in Florida said.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested Jason Henry Murray, after being accused of ruining his girlfriend’s clothes and assaulting her.

Murray was charged with one count of domestic battery. He was booked into jail, and he is being held without bail.

According to the police investigation, on Wednesday, the victim walked out of the home she shared with her boyfriend after an argument.

She went into a neighbor's house, but Murray followed her.

The two continued to argue in the house and Murray grabbed her neck and lifted her up from a sofa. Neighbors at the scene separated the two and persuaded Murray to leave.

The woman later went back home , where she found that her clothes were soaked in urine. When the woman called the police, Murray punched her twice in the face.