Company paying $12,000 for people to drink beer for 4 months

Beer drinker 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A company based in Florida, announced that they are looking for people who are willing to drink beer and get paid for it.

World of Beer is looking for beer drinkers to tour the world, seeking out the best beer available and writing about them.

Those who complete the tour of four months, will receive $12,000 for their efforts. The job offer is for U.S. citizens or residents with a permanent authorization to work in the country.

All applicants must be over 21 years old. To apply for the position within the next five days, beer lovers must submit their epic beer moment.

“We’re inviting a team of interns to travel the world, hopping from brewery to brewery and from WOB tavern to WOB tavern, to explore beer for themselves and share their stories with WOB drinkers across the country.

“Whether you’re a photographer or writer, social media maverick or beer blog surfer, we are looking for you. Adventure seekers and storytellers, beer experts or novices, brewery nerds and foodie fans should apply.

“If you want to live, drink and tell the tale to the world, get ready to apply for the chance to share your experience as a “Drink It Intern,” the company wrote on its website.

Mother hires hitmen to kill her daughter because she was an alcoholic

Alcoholics (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A mother was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder after hiring hitmen to kill her daughter because she was an alcoholic, police in South Africa said.

Now, 43-year-old Thandi Truelove Ndlovu of Pietermaritzburg, has been sentenced to serve 20 years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

The hitmen, 20-year-old Sanele Gumede and 31-year-old Sthabiso Gumede, have been sentenced to serve 25 years in prison after being convicted of murder in connection with the death of 25-year-old Nompumelelo Mthembu.

The two brothers were also convicted of murder in connection with the death of the victim’s 6-year-old daughter, Bandile Kitty Mthembu, who was strangled after witnessing the killing of her mother.

After killing the mother and daughter, the brothers dragged their bodies to a wooded area, where they cut their necks.

Ndlovu admitted that she paid R7,000 ($486) to have her daughter killed. She told the court that her daughter moved into her home four months before she was killed.

She claimed that Mthembu often became intoxicated, and threatened her life and the of her sister so she had no choice but to kill her.

People flee in panic after vibrating sex toy in garbage bin was mistaken for bomb

Garbage bin (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

People fled in panic after hearing vibrating sounds coming from inside a garbage bin and believing that a bomb is about to explode, police in Italy said.

Modena police said that residents fled in panic and called firefighters after believing that terrorists hid a bomb in the garbage bin in Wednesday night.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, and an area of 200 meters was cordoned off.

A special unit inspected the garbage bin and they soon realized that the device was not a bomb. After being thoroughly checked, the device was identified as a sex toy.

The owner of the toy threw it away with the batteries inside and it began vibrating in the garbage bin, promoting the bomb scare.

Young woman infects numerous men with HIV because man raped her and gave her HIV

Woman sitting on steps (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police launched an investigation after a woman bragged that she is infecting men with HIV because she was once raped by a man, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos police said that the woman recently confessed on Facebook, to infecting at least six men with HIV.

She vowed to seek out more men and infect them with the deadly virus because she was once raped by a man who carried HIV.

According to Facebook messages exchanged with the latest victim, the woman, who was not identified, said that she is on the social media platform for the sole purpose of getting to have sex with men and infect the with HIV.

After asking her latest victim for money for an abortion, the woman dropped the bombshell news that she is HIV positive.

She advised him to start treatment as soon as possible if he doesn't want to die. Police warned men to stay away from women who offer to have sex with them.

Squirrel breaks into home and turns on television

Squirrel (illustration)  
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police in Canada, were called after a home was vandalized, and the television was turned on and left working.

Police in Ontario, were called on Thursday night, to a property after the caretaker discovered what she thought was a robbery.

The house was in disarray, lamps were knocked over, picture frames were on the ground, and the television was on.

An investigation revealed that the culprit was a squirrel that had entered the house through the chimney, and ran through the residence.

The squirrel trashed the house and stepped on the remote control, which turned on the television. Police officers in Port Hope, ruled housebreaking is unfounded and the squirrel is being blamed for causing the break-in.

Man dressed as woman forced to perform sex acts on men at gunpoint while male friend watched

Octaveous Merritt dressed as a woman 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A young man was raped by two men while his friend watched and did nothing to help.

Octaveous Merritt of Georgia, is known by his name Livian, and he often dresses as a woman.

Merritt made plans to go out with his friend, Deion White, who he said knew that he was born male. According to Merritt, White accepted him for who he is.

On Sunday night, the two men when out to eat, and White invited three of his friends to join them. During the night, Merritt, who was dressed as a woman, said he was surrounded by the 3 men who were demanding he perform a sex act on them.

When Merritt refused and the men learned that he was born a man, they brutally beat him. One of them pulled out a gun and said he would kill him if he did not perform the sex acts.

While he was forced to do things against his will, White did nothing to stop the attack.

When Merritt finally got away, he went to a hospital,where he was treated for a fractured jaw and eye socket, and a punctured and collapsed lung.

So far, White is the only one who was arrested, and he was charged with battery. Police are still investigating the incident.

Firefighter dies after falling from fire truck while responding to fire and being run over

Christopher Gene Ray 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A firefighter died after falling from a fire truck on the way to put out a fire.

43-year-old Christopher Gene Ray of South Carolina, was dedicated to his job as a firefighter.

Sadly, he died while on the job on Sunday about 3:30 p.m., after being hit by a fire truck while responding to a house fire.

Cpl. Sonny Collins of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, said that Ray had been riding on a Conway fire truck when he fell. He was crushed to death after the driver did not see him on the floor when he backed up over him.

Ray had been employed with the city of Conway as a firefighter since February 2010. Ray left behind his wife, Brandi, and two daughters, Cheyenne and Regan.

“The City of Conway extends its deepest sympathy to Firefighter Ray’s wife Brandi, his two daughters Cheyenne and Regan, and his entire family,” Horry County Deputy Coroner Tony Hendrick said.

Elderly therapist bills his female patient for time he had sex with her in his office

Charles Morris Adams 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A elderly man was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with his client.

76-year-old Charles Morris Adams, who is a therapist in Iowa, is accused of having a sexual relationship with his patient.

The woman told police that during their relationship, Adams billed her for his services, according to police.

Adams was arrested on a felony charge of sexual exploitation by a counselor or therapist.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim told the police that her sexual encounters with Adams had been going on for about a year, and they had sex at least 25 times while she was his patient.

When confronted by detectives, Adams admitted having sex with his patient, according to police.

According to Iowa Department of Public Health records, Adams was first licensed as an independent social worker more than 30 years ago. He is now a partner in Adams & Baumbach Associates, a small mental health care practice.

If convicted, Adams faces a maximum of five years in prison.

Four sweet elderly women who are over 90 years old serve as flower girls at wedding

The flower girls 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A bride in Minnesota, invited four elderly women to be her bridesmaids.

Jeena Gurung, who works as a fitness trainer at a senior living facility in Saint Paul, said that she “couldn't picture not having them at her wedding.”

The elderly women of Falcon Heights, came to the wedding dressed in the same fuchsia colored three piece outfits.

The women were happy and felt honored to be flower girls. Elsie Trapp said that the requirement to be a flower girl at Gurung’s wedding was to be over 90 years old.

Trapp pointed out that she was the oldest at 96 years old, while Irene McGuire is 95 years old, and Lorraine Quinn is 94 years old.

She then pointed to EIaine Ogren, and said that she is “our baby” at 90 years old.

Girls stab new mother’s chest after she told them to stop shouting in order not to wake up her sleeping baby

Donna Cross with her partner and baby 
By: Feng Qian

Police are looking to arrest several teens on a charge of assault after they allegedly stabbed a new mother's chest because she told them to stop shouting outside her home, police in the United Kingdom said.

32-year-old Donna Cross of Chatham, was stabbed in the chest by a group of wild teens around 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday, outside her home located on Southill Road.

Cross was rushed to the King's College Hospital in London, where she had to undergo surgery. She has since been released.

According to the police investigation, Cross gave birth to a girl eight weeks ago.

Before being stabbed, a group of teenage girls were hanging out outside her house and making a lot of noise as her baby was sleeping.

Cross, who feared that they will wake up her baby, shouted at them to be quiet. One of the girls pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the chest.

A witness described the girl who stabbed Cross, as white with long brown hair. She has a slim built and was wearing a tracksuit.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Teacher slams her baby’s head into floor because boyfriend threatened to dump her

Baby (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A teacher was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after slamming her baby’s head into the floor because her boyfriend threatened to break up with her, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 34-year-old Kim Clark of Ashford, has been sentenced to serve 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder.

According to the police investigation, Clark met David Hamer, the father of her son, on an online dating site. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant.

Clark was extremely jealous and suspicious of Hamer. She suspected him of having affairs with friends and coworkers. She also threatened to kill herself numerous times.

When Hamer told her that he decided to leave her, she followed him, carrying the 15-week-old boy in her arms. After apologizing to him, she threw the boy to the hard ground.

Clark then threatened to kill herself and followed her boyfriend into the kitchen. She took a knife and tried to stab her boyfriend.

She pressed the knife on Hamer’s abdomen, but he managed to disarm her. The child was taken to the William Harvey Hospital, and was then transferred to the King's College Hospital in London.

The boy’s life was saved, but he is suffering from seizures and weakness in his left arm and leg.

Woman glues her eyes shut after mistaking glue for eye drops

Eyes (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young woman who mistook a bottle of glue for eye drops shut her eyes shut, doctors in China said.

Doctors at the Shenzhen Eye Hospital in Shenzhen, said that the woman escaped injuries thanks to her contact lenses.

20-year-old Zhao Xing Nvzi told doctors that they should be careful not to cut off her eyelashes during their treatment.

Dr. Zhanhang Kai said that in response to the young woman’s request, he worked an hour to remove the glue without damaging her eyelashes.

Kai also said that woman’s eyesight was not damaged due to the fact that she had contact lenses, preventing the glue from making direct contact.

The incident unfolded on Thursday.

Criminal defense attorney tries to rape 13-year-old boy

Daniel Stewart 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A criminal defense attorney was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit rape after allegedly trying to pay the father of a boy in exchange for having sex with the child, police in Arkansas said.

Faulkner County police said that they have arrested 47-year-old Daniel Stewart, after being accused of trying to arrange a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old boy.

Stewart was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit rape. He was booked into the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center, and his bail was set at $250,000.

According to the police investigation, Stewart placed an ad seeking contact with a young boy or child.

An undercover officer responded to the ad via email, and eventually began communicating through the messaging application Kik.

They made plans to meet at a hotel in Fort Smith. Stewart believed that he was speaking with an adult man and his 13-year-old son.

As soon as Stewart arrived at the hotel, he was arrested and his vehicle was impounded.

Man who had sex with a stranger on his wedding day shot and killed after leaving strip club

Philip Panzica and Mistie Bozant 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Two men were arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing a man who cheated on his fiancee on the day of their wedding, police in Texas aid.

Houston police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Bryant Christopher Watts and 31-year-old Aaron Jones, after being accused of killing 27-year-old Philip Panzica.

Both suspects have been charged with one count of murder.

They were booked into the Menard County jail, and were denied bail. Last month, Panzica was arrested for having sex in a Ferris wheel with a stranger he met in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Panzica told police that he had sex with 21-year-old Chloe Scordianos, after he got into an argument with his fiancee, 36-year-old Mistie Bozant, despite the fact that they were supposed to get married that day.

Around 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, four people went into a black Kia in the 9200 block of Richmond Avenue near Ocee Street, after leaving an adult entertainment club where Panzica’s fiancee is a dancer.

Police said that Panzica and his fiancee got into the front of the car while Jones and Watts sat in the rear passenger seats. Watts then told Panzica to come clean before shooting him multiple times.

Panzica was then dumped out of the vehicle and left to die on the side of the road. Panzica’s fiancee then fled from the car, and the two suspects drove off.

Restaurant owner arrested for kissing police officer on lips for ordering him to take tables inside

Huang kissing the officer 
By: Feng Qian

A restaurant owner in China, was seen on video kissing a police officer on the lips.

The 26-year-old owner who was identified as Huang of Guangxi, was arrested over the weekend on charges of obstructing law enforcement after kissing the Chengguan officer on the lips because he was angry.

The officer came to the store and asked Huang to remove his table and chairs that were on public property on the sidewalk outside his restaurant.

The incident took place about 11:30 a.m. on Jianglan Road. When he returned about 1:00 p.m. and saw that Huang did not comply with the order, he began taking his tables and chairs.

In protest, Huang sat down on one of the tables. When he finally got off, he assaulted the officer by planting a kiss on his lips.

When officers tried to arrest the owner, two female waitresses rushed to his aid and began beating them. One woman used a pan to hit the officers.

Huang was arrested and detained for eight days, while his employees were released because they are both pregnant, police said.

Strangers show up to hospital with gifts after accidentally getting text messages announcing birth of baby

Deorick and Dennis Williams with Lindsey and Mark Knox 
By: Chan Yuan

Lindsey and Mark Knox of Georgia, said that they are touched by the kindness of strangers who brought them gifts to the hospital.

Dennis Williams, 21, received a text, informing him that the couple was having a baby. “We are in the hospital. Having a baby today,” the text read, followed by “She has dilated to 5-6.”

Williams replied: “Congratulations, but I think someone has the wrong number.”

The text message came from Teresa Lashley. She did not realize that she was texting a stranger as part of her family group when her daughter-in-law Lindsey, 26, was in labor.

However, he soon received a picture of the newborn baby named Cason Knox. He then replied: “Well, I do not know you, but me and the boys will be there to take pictures with the baby.”

That is when the new parents and the other family members realized the mistake and apologized, but Williams came over to the hospital in Bainbridge, along with his brother Deorick and gifts.

Lashley thanked the Williams brothers via Facebook and wrote: “What a blessing these two guys were to our family. They were so sweet and kind to do this! You two are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you didn’t know! If we all only had this kind of a heart.”

Teenager loses three fingers after aunt tied his hand with wire for stealing from her

Sad boy illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A teenager lost three fingers after being tortured for allegedly stealing.

The 17-year-old boy of Ekurhuleni, South Africa, was tortured and had fingers removed after being accused of stealing several times.

39-year-old Tebogo Mokgwatjane told police that her nephew stole from her on numerous occasions. He was accused of stealing again this week. He allegedly took a video camera, pots, cosmetics and a car jack.

On Sunday night, Mokgwatjane invited her nephew to her house, and upon arrival, she used wire to tie his hands and she turned on loud music so people don’t hear his screams.

The teen said that he was tortured for two hours between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. She allegedly told the teen that she wants to teach him a lesson that “crime does not pay.”

When she finally freed him, the boy ran home and his mother called police and an ambulance.

The boy was taken to the Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg, where doctors had to amputate three of his fingers.

Mokgwatjane defended herself by saying that when she previously went to police to report the thefts, they did not want to open a case so she took matters into her own hands.

Crystal Park police spokeswoman Tryna Maritz said the police will speak with the teen in the hospital to help him file a report against his aunt.

Goodwill store evacuated after good Samaritan dropped off three grenades

Hand grenades (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A goodwill store was evacuated after employees discovered three hand grenades among donated items, police in Wisconsin said.

The Franklin Police Department said that the grenades were discovered by employees on Saturday around 12:30 p.m.

The store located near 27th Street and Riverwood Boulevard, was evacuated as a precaution, and the Milwaukee Police Department was called to the scene to assist with the investigation.

After the police determined that all grenades were not in working order, the store was reopened.

Police said that there was nothing suspicious about the incident, and the good Samaritan who dropped off the grenades, did not have any criminal intent.

The goodwill store announced that it does not accept weapons.

Homeless man removes his clothes and pleasures himself in front of 5-year-old girl who was playing at beach

Yasmiel Gonzalez 
By: Chan Yuan

A homeless man was arrested on a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior after allegedly pleasuring himself in front of a little girl who was playing at a beach, police in Florida said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested 39-year-old Yasmiel Gonzalez, after being accused of pulling down his pants, defecating on the ground and pleasuring himself in front of the 5-year-old girl.

Gonzalez was charged with one count of lewd and lascivious behavior. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, and his bail was set at $25,000.

According to the police investigation, on Thursday, Gonzalez took off his pants and defecated on the ground of the Lake Worth Beach.

There were numerous people at the beach at the time, including the 5-year-old girl. Gonzalez then walked into the ocean and washed himself.

After leaving the ocean, Gonzalez started walking up and down the beach naked. A woman told police that Gonzalez pleasured himself in front of her 5-year-old daughter.

Prostitute who killed man for refusing to pay her for sex found dead in prison of drug overdose

Andrea Alvira 
By: Wayne Morin

A prostitute who was charged with murder for killing a customer, was found dead in prison of a drug overdose, police in Florida said.

Palm Beach County police said that 21-year-old Andrea Alvira, was found unresponsive in her jail cell at the Palm Beach County Jail around 3:30 a.m. on Monday.

She was taken to the Wellington Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead from a possible drug overdose.

Alvira has been in jail after being charged with second-degree murder. According to the police investigation, Alvira was working as a prostitute when she strangled a man who owed her money.

Alvira threw 22-year-old Brandon Day to the ground. She then placed her foot on his neck until he passed out. Police officers who responded to the scene, found Alvira sitting on the grass next to the victim.

Day was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Alvira claimed that Day raped her, but her cellphone records showed that he agreed to pay her for sexual services. Alvira killed Day after having sex with him because he refused to pay.