London toilet put up for rent for $4,200 per month

Toilet (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) The most expensive toilet in the United Kingdom, was put up for rent with a price tag of $4,200 per month.

James Atherton, who is the owner of the Hampstead Heath toilet in London, is looking to rent or sell the unusual piece of real estate, containing only a single toilet.

The toilet is situated on a block that is a popular turning point for public buses.

Atherton put up a sign on the wall that offers the toilet space, hoping to capture the attention of bus drivers who need to stop to relieve themselves.

Atherton believes that he will be able to get $4,200 per month since the city council is pushing ahead with controversial plans to close all surrounding public toilets.

The toilet has been used for many years, but is in good condition and could also double up as a storage room.

Atherton is also open to lease the toilet for 20 years.

11 people die after two trains crashed because signal controller was playing games on his phone

Mobile phone (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A train signal controller has been arrested on a charge of causing death through negligence after allegedly playing games on his phone instead of controlling the trains, causing a head on collision, police in Germany said.

Bavaria police said that they have arrested the train controller following the collision that killed eleven people last month.

According to the police investigation, the train controller turned on his mobile phone during his morning shift before the accident occurred.

The train controller played the game until seconds after the collision. The train controller denied that he was distracted, but he admitted to playing games on his phone during his shift.

The train conductor said that the controller gave the wrong signal and then pressed the wrong emergency button when he realized his mistake.

The trains carried 150 people in total. 11 people died and more than 100 were injured. There was no evidence of technical problems on the trains.

Drunk driving police officer smashes into 51 cars before being stopped

Some of the smashed cars 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A police officer was arrested on a charge of drunk driving after allegedly driving drunk and hitting 51 cars, police in the Czech Republic said.

Prague police said that the incident unfolded Tuesday.

The police officer, 46-year-old Karel Kadlec, was driving under the influence of alcohol in the streets, and he hit a total of 51 parked cars.

The cars suffered serious damage. Luckily, no one was injured as a result of the incident. The police officer was placed on paid leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police revealed that last year, the officer was involved in a similar incident. The video of the incident was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.

29 soldiers of Germany join ISIS in Syria

ISIS fighters (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

Officials in Germany, said that they have identified at least 29 soldiers who have traveled to Syria in order to fight along ISIS.

In addition to the 29 soldiers who are fighting alongside the terrorist group, 65 soldiers are under investigation on suspicion of having ties with terrorists.

Of the 29 soldiers, 17 have already been dismissed while five have resigned from the army before being detected. Officials also revealed that around 750 citizens have traveled to Syria to help ISIS.

Officials are asking politicians to pass a new law that will allow stricter background checks for all soldiers in order to prevent those with terrorist tendencies from joining the army.

Investigators with the army said that soldiers have been fighting for ISIS as early as 2007. Since 2007, the army has investigated 320 soldiers for ties to terrorism.

Octopus escapes from aquarium and squeezes through narrow pipes to get back to the ocean

Inky the octopus 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) An octopus that has spent a long time at an aquarium in New Zealand, made a daring escape back to the ocean.

After making the bold escape from the Napier’s National Aquarium, Inky the octopus became a global superstar.

Inky, a common New Zealand octopus, has become one of the world’s most famous animals since Tuesday’s successful escape.

The Napier City Council and Aquarium Manager Rob Yarrall has been fielding inquiries from all over the world ever since.

It is believed that Inky, which is about the size of a rugby ball, climbed out of its tank late at night, found a drain, squeezed itself through a narrow pipe and returned to the sea.

Napier City Council Communications Manager Robyn McLean said that the council had five staff working full time on responding to requests for more information about Inky’s daring escape.

Staff first noticed Inky had made its escape when they arrived at work in the morning. The lid on the top of its tank had been left slightly open, and Inky had made the most of the opportunity.

There was a wet streak across the floor in the direction of a drain pipe, which went out to the Pacific Ocean.

Inky has shortened limbs due to fighting with fish on Pania reef, so it is possible someone out there may see it again because it is quite distinctive.

Octopuses are known escape artists, but Inky really tested the waters here. Because octopuses have no bones, they are able to fit into extremely small spaces.

They are very intelligent and capable of using tools. So far, Inky has not been seen.

Alcoholic withdraws $15,000 from broken ATM in one day and spends it all on drinks

ATM (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of theft after withdrawing more than $15,000 from a broken ATM to spend on alcoholic beverages, police in Ireland said.

Now, 58-year-old Peter Anthony Young of County Down, has been sentenced to serve 4 months in prison after pleading guilty to theft.

According to the police investigation, Young became an alcoholic after his mother died when he was 31 years old.

About four years ago, Young took advantage of a broken ATM and withdrew $15,500 from his checking account despite the fact that his account did not have the money.

Ulster Bank said that its computers allowed customers to withdraw cash without affecting the credit balance. After a check, Ulster Bank discovered that Young withdrew the $15,500 in a single day.

He then spent all the money on alcoholic beverages. The bank asked Young numerous times to repay the money, but he ignored their requests.

The bank then notified the police who arrested Young.

Doctor performs sex act on male patient in hospital sexual health clinic

Doctor (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A doctor was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly performing a sex act on a male patient in a hospital, police in the United Kingdom said.

Fulham police said that they have arrested 52-year-old Paul Andrew Fox, a physician at the sexual health clinic of the Ealing Hospital, after being accused of engaging in sexual activity with a man without his consent.

After being arrested, the Ealing Hospital announced that Fox has been banned from seeing any patients.

According to the police investigation, the male patient, who was older than 16, was at the sexual health clinic for a check up.

At some point, Fox performed a sex act on the patient without his consent. The patient filed a complaint with the police, and Fox was arrested.

Man who recorded himself having sex with dogs sends sex videos to 12-year-old girls

Aaron Thomas Usery 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of sexual exploitation a minor after allegedly sending sex videos to two young girls, police in Arizona said.

Mesa police said that they have arrested 21-year-old Aaron Thomas Usery, after being accused of having an online sexual relationship with two 12-year-old girls.

Usery has been charged with sexual exploitation a minor, providing obscene material to a minor, luring a minor for sexual exploitation and bestiality.

He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $25,000.

According to the police, the father of one of the girls told police that his daughter and her friend have been in an inappropriate relationship with Usery for the past two years.

Police reviewed the girls’ electronic devices and found evidence that the victims had nude pictures and sex videos showing Usery.

The girls also sent him photos and videos of themselves naked.

Mesa police reviewed Usery’s electronic devices, and found pictures and videos of the girls. During their investigation, police officers found a video, showing Usery engaged in sexual activity with his dog.

Woman sues husband for not satisfying her sexually and leaving her ‘technically a virgin’

Couple in bed (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A woman filed a lawsuit against her estranged husband for not satisfying her in bed.

The woman of Italy, claimed that her husband was unable to perform in bed and therefore, left her frustrated.

The lawsuit dragged on for 11 years. The 50-year-old woman did not give up the legal battle with her husband and she demanded money for “moral damages” because he was unable to fulfill her sexual needs.

The woman, known only as Anna of Civitanova, took her husband to court and demanded that he pay her £40,000 ($56,000) for the distress he caused her by his inability to perform in bed.

Anna claimed that her 50-year-old husband never once satisfied her sexually. She presented the court with a certificate from her doctor, which certified her as “technically a virgin.”

The man admitted that he had an anatomical problem, but he said that it had been repaired before his marriage to Anna.

The husband said he would routinely try to initiate sex, but his wife rejected his advances.

Although the husband’s lawyers were unable to prove that his wife was the one who caused the couple not to be sexually active, they defended their client by saying that he has two children with his current partner and that proves that he has no medical issue that prevents him from being sexually active.

Magistrates Marco Vannini and Barbara Asuni dismissed the lawsuit and ordered Anna to pay her husband's legal fees of £4,000 ($5,600).

Man turns tattoo of former wife into a female demon

The tattoo 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Divorces leave people with broken hearts and broken dreams.

One man named Matt, of California, who planned to spend the rest of his life with his beautiful looking wife, had a tattoo of her on his arm.

However, when their marriage ended in divorce, the man wanted to get rid of the tattoo so he does not have to look at his former wife’s face again.

Matt had a tattoo of his wife’s face on his right arm just before they got married. However, after their marriage fell apart four years later, Matt returned to the tattoo artist.

Tattoo artist JoJo Ackermann, of Los Angeles, who did the first tattoo, transformed the woman’s face into a devil with horns.

Ackermann posted before and after photos on Instagram, where it got thousands of likes.

Ackermann claims that Matt did not try to portray his former wife as a devil, but rather it is based on a Japanese mask, which goes along with other tattoos that Matt already has.

Matt's former wife, Tisha, was not happy with the new tattoo. She said that seeing the tattoo of herself turned into a devil has made the divorce even more painful.

She feels that Matt should have covered the entire tattoo out of respect for her.

Woman live-streams 29-year-old man holding down and raping her 17-year-old friend

Marina Alexeevna Lonina and Raymond Boyd Gates 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after showing the world how a man raped her teenage friend rather than calling police.

The woman of Ohio, live-streamed the rape of a 17-year-old girl through the app Periscope, police said.

18-year-old Marina Alexeevna Lonina allegedly did nothing as Raymond Boyd Gates, 29, raped the woman, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Ron O'Brien said.

Lonina and Gates were arrested on charges of kidnapping, rape, and sexual battery among other crimes.

O'Brien said that the three got together at the man’s home in Columbus. Gates held the victim down and raped her while Lonina live-streamed the violent sexual assault.

Police received a call from a friend of Lonina, who was out of town and saw the rape on Periscope as it happened.

Lonina and Gates each face more than 40 years in prison if found guilty of the charges, O'Brien said.

Handcuffed man escapes from police custody and hides in dishwasher

Wesley Evans 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police managed to arrest a man who escaped from custody while in handcuffs after finding him hiding in the dishwasher of a home, police in Texas said.

Jasper County police said that they have arrested 20-year-old Wesley Evans, after being accused of escaping from police custody and hiding in his girlfriend's home on Wednesday.

According to the police, Evans was arrested on Tuesday, but he managed to escape while getting a X-ray at the Christus Jasper Memorial Hospital.

Evans was restrained with handcuffs.

Police immediately began searching for him, and when they reviewed a Walmart surveillance video, they saw Evans running in the woods behind the store.

A special K9 was brought in and it led the officers to a nearby apartment complex, where Evans' girlfriend lives. The apartment was searched, but Evans was not found.

On Wednesday, police received an anonymous call, letting them know that Evans was in his girlfriend's house. Police searched the house again, and found Evans in the dishwasher.

Evans is six feet tall. Evans was still in handcuffs, but the chain was cut.

Bus passenger pleasures himself for three hours because he believed woman sitting next to him enjoyed it

Telly Shadell Corey 
By: Wayne Morin

A male bus passenger was arrested on charge of indecent exposure after allegedly pleasuring himself in front of a female passenger for three hours, police in Iowa said.

Coralville police said that they have arrested 41-year-old Telly Shadell Corey, after being accused of traveling on a Megabus and pleasuring himself for three hours straight because he believed that the woman was enjoying seeing him in action.

Corey was charged with one count of indecent exposure. He was booked into the Johnson County jail, and his bail was at $2,500.

According to the police, on Sunday afternoon, officers were called to a bus station to meet an arriving Megabus. Officers were told that Corey was on the bus with his private parts exposed to a passenger who was terrified.

Corey initially played with himself under his pants before exposing his privates and pleasuring himself for up to three hours.

Corey admitted to the allegations, and told police that he thought the victim was enjoying it as she did not say anything to him.

Mother shoots her 2-year-old daughter in hospital emergency room

Gun (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a mother allegedly accidentally shot her little daughter at a hospital emergency room police in Mississippi said.

The Jackson Police Department said that the incident occurred at the Merit Health Central hospital on Wednesday morning.

The 2-year-old girl suffered light wounds to her face as a result of the shooting. No charges have been filed.

According to the police investigation, the mother of the 2-year-old girl dropped her purse while using a vending machine, causing her gun to go off.

The bullet ricocheted off the vending machine and grazed the face of the 2-year-old girl. The gun was kept in the mother’s purse.

The Merit Health Central hospital said that weapons are prohibited on the hospital campus in order to protect the safety of patients, visitors and employees.

14-year-old girls hire male stripper to perform at annual school banquet

Party (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) School officials in Iowa, launched an investigation after girls hired a male stripper to perform at an annual school banquet.

A spokesperson for the Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, said that officials are looking into the appropriate punishment for the 14-year-old girls who hired the male stripper to perform at the school's synchronized swimming club's annual banquet.

A 14-year-old students identified as Gillette, who is a member of the swimming club, said that girls hired the stripper as a joke.

Gillette revealed that the stripper appeared at the banquet, but did not completely undress at the event held at the Des Moines Social Club on Friday night.

An employee of the club asked the stripper to leave before having a chance to take off all his clothes because he felt it was inappropriate to get naked in front of 14 year old girls.

The principal of the high school said that he doesn't think the girls should be punished.

51-year-old overweight teacher sends student video showing her pleasuring herself

Dacalio Victoria 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested after sending an explicit text and video to her student.

The high school teacher of Oklahoma, was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure after being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to her student.

51-year-old Dacalio Victoria, who is a geometry teacher at the Douglass High School, allegedly sent text messages to a 18-year-old student that shows her exposing herself.

A police spokesperson said that the text messages included videos. At least one video shows the teacher pleasuring herself while in the nude.

Dacalio, who is married, was arrested on two counts of indecent exposure. Police are now investigating if there are other victims and if there was any physical contact between Dacalio and her students, as she allowed her students to sleep at her home.

School officials issued a statement, saying that administrators were notified about the teacher who may have had inappropriate contact with a student and shared a sexually explicit video.
Administrators immediately notified Oklahoma City police and the district began an internal investigation.

Dacalio was placed on administrative leave pending the ongoing investigation. She has been employed with the Oklahoma City Public School District since 2008, and was Teacher of the Year for the Douglass High School in 2012.

Priest still dressed in robe beats man in road rage incident

Father Theodosius and Dimitri with the victim 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A priest was left red-faced after videos emerged, showing him beating up another driver.

This incredible cellphone video shows the moment a priest beats up a businessman while he was still wearing the robe.

The Orthodox priest of Russia, was seen beating the man with an accomplice. Father Theodosius of Novosibirsk, was seen punching the victim on the back of the head while holding him over a gate.

Father Theodosius said that the incident began as he was a passenger in a car that broke down. The priest was traveling in a Toyota with his brother Dimitri, when the engine stalled.

Businessman Vadim Maltsev honked his horn as he wanted to pass and the car was blocking the road. He then got out of his car to speak to the priest and his brother.

However, the two grabbed Maltsev. They pushed him against the fence, where they punched and slapped him while cursing at him.

After the video went viral, Father Theodosius said that he regrets what happened, but he defended his actions by saying that the businessman threatened them after they were unable to move their vehicle because it had broken down.

He said he now wants to make peace with Maltsev, and was sorry for the violence.

College student dresses as woman to sneak into women’s dorm after midnight

Man dressed as woman (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

Police in China, arrested a college student who was caught roaming in the women’s dorm.

The man later admitted that he dressed as a woman in order to sneak into a female dormitory at the Anhui Normal University in Wuhu.

Dormitory officer Wang, said that about 1:00 p.m., a woman wearing glasses entered the bedroom. Her clothes and appearance caught the attention of the officer.

When Wang questioned the “woman” as exactly why she was in the dorm, she answered with a voice that caused further suspicion.

Wang realized that this “woman” had an Adam's apple and suspected that the “woman” was actually a man. The crossdressing man then ran away.

However, the officer together with other students were able to catch him and they detained him until police arrived.

The man told police that he was just “curious” and he wanted to see what the inside of the women’s bedrooms looked like.

He also told police that he bought a wig and makeup from a mall, and he spent two hours walking around campus before entering the women’s dorms to satisfy his curiosity.

Woman molests taxi driver after he refuses to accept sex as payment

Gemma Pinkerton 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman of the United Kingdom, was jailed after she molested a taxi driver for refusing to have sex with her.

The drunk woman groped the male taxi driver who refused to have sex with her in exchange for payment.

25-year-old Gemma Pinkerton of Plymouth, told the driver that she was a prostitute and demanded to have sex with him in exchange for a free trip.

When he refused her sexual advances, Pinkerton groped the driver 20 to 30 times over his clothes and she forcibly kissed him.

The woman then tried to blackmail the driver by saying that she will report him for sexual assault if he did not drop the £26.50 ($37.48) fee for the trip.
Police found that the woman consumed a cocktail of alcohol and drugs before she attacked the man and damaged his car.

Prosecutor Mike Brown said that Pinkerton ordered the taxi from her home in Plymouth, and she wanted to go to the Derriford Hospital.

Pinkerton pleaded guilty to sexual assault, common assault, causing criminal damage and making off without payment. The court heard that she already has 36 convictions for 64 offenses.

She was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Teenager burns to death while performing stunt to win a chance to be on television show

Mohammed Jalaluddin 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A teenager paid the ultimate price when he attempted to perform a stunt in order to be compete in a television show.

19-year-old Mohammed Jalaluddin of India, died after suffering severe burns while practicing a stunt that involved fire for a reality show.

Jalaluddin was practicing a few stunts with fire in Hyderabad, while his friends recorded the acts so he can participate in the “India’s Got Talent” show.

Jalaluddin went to his aunt's house and borrowed a bottle of kerosene to perform the stunts. He consumed the kerosene and spewed fire from his mouth while his friends were recording the act.

This stunt was successful. He and his friends then went to an open field to perform another stunt. Jalaluddin poured kerosene on his skateboard and on his shirt. He then lit them on fire.

However, the fire spread too fast and he was not able to remove his shirt. Jalaluddin suffered burns to 60 percent of his body.

He was taken to the Osmania General Hospital, where he was treated for a few days before he died. Before Jalaluddin died, he told police that “he is solely responsible for the incident and no one else is to blame.”

Jalaluddin's parents were not aware of his desire to participate in the “India's Got Talent” reality show.

However, his uncle told police that Jalaluddin received a message from the reality show organizers, asking him to send them a video of his talents on WhatsApp.

Sadly, things did not go well and the teenager lost his life.