New app allows women to get prescription for birth control pills without visiting doctor offices

Woman using smartphone (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Women who find it difficult to visit their doctors to get prescriptions for birth control, can now get prescriptions through a mobile phone app.

Lemonaid Health, the operator of, is a simpler and faster way to get health care online.

Lemonaid offers quick and low cost prescription treatment for just $15 anytime without the hassle of appointments, waiting rooms or awkward video-conferences.

Its low price is making the service accessible to both patients with health insurance or among the 29 million who remain without it.

Patients are able to consult with a doctor online, and receive a prescription usually within minutes.

Lemonaid has already helped hundreds of patients across California and Pennsylvania, get easy access to birth control and treatment for urinary tract infections (UTI), sinus infections, acid reflux (GERD), hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and the flu, and is about to launch services in Michigan and New York.

Even though more people than ever have health insurance, actually finding a doctor quickly is still difficult.

Those seeking primary care with Medicaid, will have to wait a median of two weeks to be seen, and things aren’t much more convenient for the privately insured.

Lemonaid users can quickly complete simple health questions anywhere from their smartphones or computers, get prescriptions for their medicines sent to any pharmacy, and then text their doctors with any questions.

Drunk father injures his 3-year-old daughter while pulling her in a chair connected to his electric bike

Electric bike (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

People who became concerned about a drunk father pulling his little daughter with an electric bike called the police, according to police in Canada.

Thorold police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Harold Folz, after being accused of pulling his 3-year-old daughter by connecting a chair to his electric bike before crashing.

Folz has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle, driving while under suspension, carry passenger improperly on motorcycle, drive motor vehicle improper licence, fail to have insurance card and owner operate motor vehicle on highway with no insurance.

According to the police investigation, the 3-year-old girl was injured on Wednesday, after being given a ride by her father who was intoxicated.

The incident occurred in the area of Queen Street and McDonald Avenue.

The police were called after members of the public saw a brown electric bike pulling a trailer containing the 3-year-old girl and a lawn chair.

The man lost control of the bike and crashed, and the girl fell off the trailer. The driver and the girl were evaluated by paramedics at the scene and were treated for minor injuries.

Pet cat saves owner’s life by alerting her to early stage breast cancer

Angela Tinning with Missy 
By: Feng Qian

The owner of a cat in the United Kingdom, expressed gratitude to her pet for alerting her to early stages of breast cancer, saving her life.

42-year-old Angela Tinning of Newcastle, said that she is alive today, thanks to her 3-year-old cat Missy.

Thanks to the pet’s heroic actions, it made it into the Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards 2016, beating out hundreds of other felines.

Missy was entered into the Hero Cat category, which celebrates cats that saved the day. If the cat wins, it will have a chance of being crowned National Cat of the Year.

Tinning revealed that three years ago, Missy began acting strangely, constantly hitting her chest. The cat made her realize that there was something wrong.

She went to her doctor who ordered a test. It turned out that she had precancerous cells in the exact part of the chest where Missy had been hitting.

After she had surgery, Missy returned to normal and never hit her chest until earlier this year when it began the same erratic behavior.

She returned to her doctor who took more tests, and the same precancerous cells were found.

15-year-old boy rapes his 77-year-old grandmother

Grandmother (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

Police arrested a teenage boy on a charge of rape after allegedly raping his grandmother in her home, according to police in South Africa.

Limpopo police said that they have arrested the 15-year-old boy, who was not identified, after grabbing his 77-year-old grandmother and raping her.

The boy was charged with one count of rape.

According to the victim, on Sunday, she was sitting in the backyard of her home, relaxing on a chair, when her grandson approached.

Without saying a word, he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into the house, where he raped her. The teenager then fled the scene, and the grandmother called police.

Police caught the boy a week later, and he was arrested.

Firefighters pull out stuck head of curious cow from tree for a happy ending

Stuck cow being rescued from tree 
By: Wayne Morin

A curious cow got its head stuck in a tree when it peeked inside for a look, according to firefighters in the United Kingdom.

Northallerton firefighters worked hard to free the cow that stuck its head into the tree.

Four firefighters responded to the scene along with a veterinarian after the cow got its head stuck inside an opening in the tree trunk.

The rescuers used a bobcat and strong rope to pull the cow out of the tree. After long minutes of hard work, the cow was set free and grazed in the field.

The North Yorkshire Fire Service said that it was “a happy ending for all.”

“#Northallerton cow rescue pictures as requested by our lovely followers. A happy ending for all. #newcowtrend,” a spokesperson for the fire department wrote on Twitter.

14-year-old boy kills himself by stepping in front of a speeding train after classmates learned he had sex with a girl

Matthew Brittan 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A young boy walked in front of a speeding train in order to kill himself because his classmates learned that he had sex with a girl he knew, according to police in the United Kingdom.

14-year-old Matthew Brittan of Somerset, was walking home from school when he walked in front of the speeding train because he wanted to end his life.

A court was told that the conductor of the train honked the horn several times, but it was too late to stop and Matthew died of multiple injuries.

Brittan attended the Worle Community School, where he was the focus of unwanted attention after he and a female friend had sex and the news spread among students.

Brittan did not suffer from mental illness, self-harm, drugs or alcohol.

Brittan’s mother, Fiona Sibley, was shocked to learn that her son walked in front of a train, as he told her that he will see her later.

Woman seen on video stealing mountain of dirty clothes from laundromat

Thief stealing mountain of dirty clothes from laundromat 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a woman on a charge of theft after being seen on video taking a mountain of dirty laundry from a laundromat, according to police in Florida.

The St. Petersburg Police Department said that the incident unfolded around 2:15 p.m. on Saturday, at the Downtown Coin Laundry, which is located at 442 2nd Street North.

According to the police investigation, a customer put her clothes into 6 dryers and left the laundromat to get change. The thief is then seen on video stealing $1,500 of her clothing from 4 of the dryers.

When the victim returned with her change and realized that her clothes were gone, she called the police. So far, the thief has not been caught. It is not known what the thief plans to do with the clothes.

“If you know this laundry thief, please call the St. Petersburg Police Department,” a spokesperson for the department wrote on Facebook.

Farmer offered cash for weird pig born with two heads and three eyes

Pig with two heads and three eyes 
By: Feng Qian

A farmer in China, revealed that he was excited with the birth of a weird pig that sports two heads and three eyes.

Zhong Guoyuan of Luzhou, said that the weird pig was among 13 pigs born on his farm earlier this month.

Residents of the surrounding areas flocked to the farm to see the pig with two heads, three eyes, two noses and two mouths.

Guoyuan said he adopted the mother pig three years ago. He fed the animal grass, and did not give it anything extra when it was pregnant.

This week, a man offered him 2,000 yuan ($303) for the weird pig, but he rejected the offer, saying that his son wants to keep the pig for himself.

Guoyuan said that he has not noticed anything strange before the mother pig gave birth to the piglets. The weird pig has four legs, and seems to be able to eat and breathe as any other pig.

He is unable to explain the strange third eye in the center of both heads. Unfortunately, one of the 13 pigs died shortly after birth.

5-year-old girl gives expensive Mercedes to woman as a gift for being her favorite teacher

Noor Al Faris sitting on the hood of the Mercedes 
By: Chan Yuan

The teacher of a 5-year-old girl in Kuwait, was shocked to get a Mercedes as a gift at the end of the school year.

Noor Al Faris wanted to thank her teacher identified as Nadia, for helping her out after her mother died.

The young girl persuaded her father to buy the Mercedes and wrote “this car is for my favorite teacher Nadia,” on the windshield of the car.

During the last day of school, the father parked the Mercedes outside of the building and Noor waited on the hood for her favorite teacher to come outside.

The girl was very happy with the reaction of her teacher who was very happy with the gift.

The father of the girl said that Nadia, had a major role in helping his child cope and move on with her life following his wife’s death.

Bear attacks woman running marathon with others in park

Karen Williams 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was rushed to a hospital after suffering injuries to her face and neck while running a marathon in the Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish said that the woman, Karen Williams, startled the mother bear and its cub while running a marathon throughout the park.

The cub ran up a tree while the mother attacked the woman, biting her upper body, head and neck. The other marathon runners came to the aid of the woman until an ambulance arrived.

She was taken to a hospital, where she is said to be in stable condition. Police said that they are looking for the bear, and once caught, it will be euthanized and tested for rabies.

“I was at mile 23.5, where there was some sort of seep, pond or mucky area at the top of that little hill. When I reached the top, a bear was charging at me.

“I raised my arms and yelled "no!" Then I saw the cub. Then I was raked with claws and bitten. I cried out in pain and the bear did not like that so it hit me with a left hook and bit my neck.

“I rolled into a ball and played dead. She went off about 25 to 30 feet, stopped at the base of a tree and huffed at her cub that was up about 30 feet.

“The cub cried a bit while trying to get down the tree. The bear kept glancing my way to make sure that I was still dead. I didn't know what the wound on my neck was like because I did not move for fear that the bear would come on me some more.

“I waited about 10 minutes until I couldn't hear the cub anymore. Then I tried to look around, but was having trouble seeing much.

“I tried to sit up, but was nauseated and my arms didn't seem to work right. I suffered a fractured right orbit from the mean left hook, missing parts of eyelid and eyebrow, injury to the belly of my left bicep and a lot of punctures and lacerations, but I am alive,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

Brawl breaks out at Coyote Ugly nightclub after man squeezed behind of another man’s girlfriend

Woman drinking in nightclub (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police were called to a nightclub after a brawl broke out among several men when a girl’s behind was squeezed, according to police in Florida.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said that officers were dispatched to the Coyote Ugly nightclub on Harbor Boulevard, after people reported a large brawl in the parking lot.

According to the police, when officers arrived at the scene, they saw four men getting into a taxi. They were told to step out of the taxi, and they complied.

One man who had a black eye and a scratch, told police that another man in the nightclub was angry with him for dancing with his girl.

As he and his friends left the bar, the other man jumped him and assaulted him. The two fought until they were separated by their friends.

The other man and his friends told police that the man with the black eye squeezed the behind of the girl without consent, prompting the brawl.

All parties agreed not to pursue charges and the case was closed.

Homeless man fatally stabs 17-year-old boy for giving him just $2 donation

Carl Ducasse 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police are looking to arrest a homeless man on a charge of murder after allegedly killing a teenager who gave him a $2 donation because it wasn’t enough, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that 17-year-old Carl Ducasse of the Bronx, has been stabbed in the chest after telling the homeless man that he does not have more than $2.

The incident unfolded on Friday night, at the intersection of East 175th St. and Walton Avenue, as Ducasse was on his way to a grocery store to purchase food.

A witness at the scene said that the homeless man approached the victim and asked him for money.

An argument broke out between the teen and the beggar when the homeless man wanted more than the $2 that Ducasse gave him.

During the argument, the teen’s cellphone fell down on the floor. As Ducasse bent over to pick up the phone, he was stabbed several times in the chest.

Ducasse fell to the ground, and the homeless man grabbed the cellphone and fled from the scene. The teen was taken to the St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died from multiple stab wounds.

19-year-old woman defends herself after video of her storming out of her high school graduation goes viral

Tayler Michelle Gray 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman caused a lot of controversy after posting a video to Twitter, showing her walking out during her graduation ceremony.

Tayler Michelle Gray, 19, received her diploma from the Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

She then took the official school photo before walking out of the building rather than getting back to her assigned seat like all other students.

Gray uploaded the video of the moment she headed for the exit door to Twitter, with the caption: “Received my diploma and walked right out.”

The video went viral, and was shared and liked by more than 200,000 people.

Some people called her disrespectful, while others called her clever. Gray defended her actions by saying that she did not disrupt the graduation while walking out.

Gray explained that after walking out, she went to Applebee's to celebrate with her family.

She added that by the time all the other graduates came to the restaurant, she and her family were already done eating.

Many people wanted to know what a 19-year-old woman was doing graduating from high school.

Gray explained that she graduated high school while simultaneously studying at a technical institute to become a nursing assistant.

Mother shocked to find photos of her huge pregnancy baby bump on adult website

The photo that Meg Ireland says was
uploaded to the adult site 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A mother said that she was shocked when someone stole her pregnancy bump photos from social media and posted them to an adult website.

25-year-old Meg Ireland of Australia, is warning mothers-to-be around the world about the dark side of social networks.

Ireland said that she posted photos of her pregnancy on her social media account, which was set to private. However, someone took the photos and posted it to a preggophilia website, which is a porn website for people who like pregnant women.

The mother was altered to the stolen photos by another woman who read an article about the website. The article was accompanied by a photo of Ireland.

After doing some research, Ireland learned that 15 of her pregnancy photos were shared to that website. She said that the photos were removed only after she threatened the website administrators with a lawsuit.

Ireland went on Facebook, where she warned others about photos being stolen from social media, which are being used by perverted people.

She wrote: “This bump pictures along with 15 other pictures of mine ended up on an online preggophilia site, which is a porn site for people who like pregnant women.

“I see so many people upload their bump pictures, and now I just gasp and hope to God that they don't get into the hands of someone who shouldn't.

“We shouldn't have to worry about people stealing our photos, but unfortunately, it happens all the time!

“People who were uploading pictures of their wives to other users, brothers-in-law uploading pictures of their sisters-in-law and women uploading pictures of their work colleagues!

“I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing.

“Who was I to blame for this? People would say I should only blame myself for uploading personal pictures and that it was my own fault (even though my profile was then private).

“I see it differently. I didn't care that someone had screenshot my photos to show someone, but what they did with my photos made me physically sick to my stomach.

“Why should we have to sit and worry about this when uploading a photo on our social media sites? Please be cautious about who follows or adds you. Block them if they look like a creepy person,” she wrote on Facebook.

Grandmother saves herself by spraying perfume in eyes of man who jumped into her car and kidnapped her

Joyce Kennedy 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A quick thinking grandmother was saved from a kidnapping by spraying perfume in the kidnappers eyes.

The nightmare for 61-year-old Joyce Kennedy of Ohio, began when she was at the door of her apartment in S. Breiel Boulevard.

Kennedy was opening the door of her apartment when a man approached her from behind. He grabbed the keys and forced her into her car.

Kennedy said that the man opened the door to her car and pushed her inside. “He started my car, looked up and said ‘Drive,’” Kennedy told police.

Kennedy said that she had no choice but to follow the man’s orders. At times, her speed was upwards of 75 miles per hour on residential streets because he kidnapper ordered her to go faster.

She said that she did not see a gun on the man, but feared the worst.

Kennedy said that she suddenly remembered that she had perfume in the side panel of her car. She grabbed the perfume and sprayed the man in the eyes.

When he grabbed his face in pain, Kennedy quickly opened the side door and kicked him out of her car.

Kennedy then drove to a nearby gas station, where she called police. Police officers are investigating the incident, but have not made an arrest.

6-year-old boy pranks his father with scary drawing on toilet lid

The drawing (left) Tyler and Rebecca Foust with their family 
By: Feng Qian

A young boy brought laughs to many people with his adorable attempt to scare his father.

Tyler and Rebecca Foust of Texas, are proud parents of four children, including three boys, Gavin, Connor, and Zach, and four-month-old daughter Ellie.

Tyler Foust, 33, said that their 6-year-old son Connor, is known by his family as “Con-Man” for the pranks he pulls and the mischief he does.

One day, Connor drew a picture of a man jumping up and pasted it on the inside of the toilet lid designed to scare his father.

The boy kept asking his father if he had to use the bathroom. When Tyler finally went to use the bathroom, he was amused by his son’s prank.

Tyler took a photo of the drawing that was supposed to seem as though someone or something was coming out of the toilet bowl.

He then posted the photo to Reddit with the caption: “My 6-year-old son had been asking me over and over ‘Do you need to go to the bathroom?’ And I just found out why.”

The photo of the mischievous boy’s prank went viral and many people enjoyed his wit.

Sex offender tries to kidnap girl before offering her mother money to have sex with teen

Ricky James Overhulser 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after trying to have sex with a girl outside a 7-Eleven gas station, according to police in Texas.

Lubbock Police arrested a registered sex offender after being accused of approaching a mother and offering to pay her for sex with her daughter.

The man allegedly approached the 14-year-old girl outside the gas station on Parkway Drive, as the girl was standing at the pump while her mother went into the 7-Eleven to pay.

While inside, police said that 53-year-old Ricky James Overhulser, approached the girl and asked her to get into his car.

When she refused, the man pulled a wad of cash and offered it to the girl if she agreed to get into his car. However, the frightened teen ran to her mother.

Overhulser drove off, but he returned a short time later while the mother finished pumping gas.

The sex offender allegedly stopped near the pump and asked the mother: “How much for your daughter,” while waving the wad of cash.

The mother shouted at the man and told him that her daughter was only 14 years old. She then took his license plate number as he drove off.

The mother and daughter were able to identify Overhulser as the man who approached them, and he was arrested.

According to court records, his last victim was 16 years old.

Homeowner kept as slave for 4 years after inviting friend’s son to live with him

Cornelius Wiley 
By: Wayne Morin

A man’s good deed turned into a nightmare after he was kept as a slave for four years.

The elderly man of New Zealand, went through fours years of psychological abuse after allowing his friend’s grown son into his home.

Cornelio Wiley, 86, invited the son of a friend to stay at home in Auckland for a few weeks, until he gets back on his feet.

However, the short stay turned into a nightmare of four years for the vulnerable old man, as the man moved his girlfriend into the home and ordered the man out of his own room so they can sleep in his bed.

The 86-year-old man said that was ordered to do their shopping, cook and clean for them. The couple also used him to financially support them.

One day, while doing their shopping, the man collapsed outside the grocery store. He was taken to a hospital, where he stayed for some time.

While Wiley was being treated in the hospital, his house guests stooped to a new low. They told his neighbors that he died.

The evil couple then sold his belongings and destroyed the house, where they had been squatting for the last four years.

When it was time to go home, the elderly man told hospital workers that he was afraid. A social worker who got involved in the case, said: “every time I hear his story I get very angry.”

Age Concern, an organization that advocates for elderly people in the country, found Wiley a place at a senior care center in which he has been able to regain his independence.

Wiley, who is now happy again, said that his health is improving.

17-year-old girl raped after being dragged out of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut where the attack took place 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police in the United Kingdom, arrested a man who attacked a girl and dragged her out of a Pizza Hut before raping her.

Police in Surrey, arrested the man after a teenager was taken from a Pizza Hut, before being raped and stabbed in the stomach.

The 17-year-old girl was in the Pizza Hut on Waterloo Road in Epsom, when she was attacked by 32-year-old Costica Voedes, who then dragged her out of the restaurant.

Police were called to the restaurant just after 10:50 p.m., and began searching the area. They soon stopped the man matching the description of the suspect at a nearby park.

The girl was found a short time later with a stab wound to the stomach, and she told police that she had been raped.

The girl was taken to St. George's Hospital in Tooting, where her condition is said to be serious but not life threatening.

Voedes was charged wounding with intent, rape, kidnap, false imprisonment, possession of an offensive weapon, affray and common assault.

Detective Inspector Nick Chambers said that this seems to have been a pre-planned attack and they believe that the girl knew the alleged attacker.

Chambers also said that a staff member at Pizza Hut tried to intervene when the man violently attacked the girl, but the suspect fought back and the staff member was left with an injury to his arm.

Father punches his baby in the face leaving him with black eye

Lee Merrett 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A father of the United Kingdom, was jailed for punching his baby in the face.

The Canterbury Crown Court heard that the father hit his baby in the face because he was told he could not go to an arcade.

23-year-old Lee Merrett from Midlands, punched his nine-month-old son in the face so hard that he was left with a black eye.

The incident occurred while the family was vacationing in a trailer park in Kent, and Merrett wanted to go to an arcade, but the baby's mother asked him to stay with her and help her with their son who was crying at the time.

The couple got into an argument and Merrett reportedly beat his girlfriend and threw an aerosol can at her. He then punched the baby boy in the face, leaving him with a swollen black eye.

Prosecutor Scott Brady told the court that Merrett also headbutted the woman before she managed to get away.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found Merrett hiding under the trailer and he was arrested.

Merrett was found guilty of assault and he was sentenced to 15 months in prison. Judge Simon James described Merrett’s attack on his baby as “unforgivable, disgraceful and cowardly.”

The woman broke up with Merrett after being in a relationship for three years.

Company produces wine special for cats and their owners

Red Pinot Meow cat wine 
By: Feng Qian

Cat lovers can now enjoy a glass of wine along with their pet by purchasing a non-alcoholic drink produced by Apollo Peak, which is based in Denver, Colorado.

Brandon Zavala, who is the founder of Apollo Peak, said that at first, he made wine for cats as a joke, but gradually realized that there could be a genuine demand for pet owners who want to sit and share a drink.

Zavala said that the wine is made like a tea.

The beverage was made to have the look and feel of wine so the consumer can feel like they are having a glass of wine with their pet.

So far, there are only two varieties, red Pinot Meow and white MosCATo. The wines are only available in the United States, but Zavala is working to bring the wine to pet lovers around the world.

Man punches roommate’s dog in the face and chokes it to death because it bit his sneakers

Marquan Parks 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty after allegedly killing his roommate's dog because it bit his sneakers, according to police in Florida.

Boynton Beach police said that they have arrested 22-year-old Marquan Parks, after being accused of choking the dog named Puma to death because it defecated in his home and chewed his sneakers.

He was charged with animal cruelty. Parks was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $3,000. According to the police investigation, Puma was one of the two dogs owned by Parks’ roommate Donovyn Gousse.

Gousse, who left to Miami, placed the dogs in the care of a third roommate. Parks told police that Puma chewed on items left unattended around the house and defecated.

When Parks caught Puma chewing his Nike Air Jordan, he punched it in the face three times, and kicked both dogs out of the apartment.

Parks later tied Puma to a doorknob with a leash and denied the dog water. A post mortem examination determined that Puma died of strangulation.

Woman dies in front of her baby after getting stuck in window while trying to break into home

Niesha Nicole Annie Henderson 
By: Wayne Morin

A young woman died in front of her baby while trying to break into a home through the first-floor window, according to police in Florida.

At 8:30 a.m., St. Petersburg Police officers were called to 2141 15th Avenue South about a baby left abandoned in a stroller.

When officers arrived, they discovered a woman trapped in a side window of the home.

Preliminary information is that the woman appeared to be trying to get into the rear home via a window and became stuck.

Her body became wedged on the window sill and she was found dead in that position. She did not live at that home.

23-year-old Niesha Nicole Annie Henderson was homeless, and had previously stayed at this address a couple of times.

The investigation revealed that Henderson had come to that address earlier that day with her 9-month-old son.

She apparently left her son in the stroller and used a plastic lawn chair and a milk crate to stand upon, and attempted to get into the home through the window that was five feet above ground level.

The chair fell over as Henderson got her head and arms through the window, and she subsequently became wedged on the
window sill.

It is unclear how long Henderson may have been stuck in the window before she died.

Man breaks into convenience store through the roof to steal lottery tickets and cashes winning ticket at same store

Suspect lowering himself from roof of store 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of burglary after allegedly breaking into a convenience store, stealing lottery tickets and then cashing the winning ticket at the same store, according to police in Florida.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released a video of the theft, and asked people to come forward with information that can lead to an arrest.

The video shows the thief lowering himself from the roof of the store located in the 5000 block of Lake Worth Road. He then headed over to the lottery tickets and grabbed a bunch of them before leaving from the store.

Later, the brazen thief came back to the store with a winning ticket in order to cash it.

“To the brilliant burglar who broke in through the roof to steal lottery tickets, did you not notice the cameras? You must not have because you came back a few days later to the same store to cash the stolen lottery tickets.

“This unknown male entered the business located in the 5000 block of Lake Worth Road, Greenacres, through the roof. Once inside the suspect took an amount of lottery scratch off tickets.

At a later date, the suspect returned to the store to cash in winning lottery tickets,” police wrote on Facebook.

Man uses chopsticks to fatally stab his father who annoyed him by giving a speech

Chopsticks (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his elderly father with two chopsticks, accordingly police in Japan.

Osaka police said that they have arrested 51-year-old Michikazu Ikeuchi, after being accused of using the chopsticks to stab his father, 81-year-old Takeo Ikeuchi.

He was charged with one count of murder. In court, Michikazu denied the charge, saying he did not indent to kill his father.

According to the police investigation, around 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a fight broke out between the father and son.

Michikazu grabbed two wooden chopsticks, measuring a foot long each, and stabbed his father's throat in the kitchen of their home.

The father was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. During questioning, the son told police that he stabbed his father because her got annoyed by his speech.