Man hires strippers to dance around coffin at funeral

Strippers dance next to coffin 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) The family members of a deceased elderly man in China, were shocked to see strippers entering the funeral home and dancing next to the coffin.

A video of the performance was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.

The video shows two scantily clad women doing their moves beside the coffin of the deceased man while dancing to the beat of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5.

The family members and friends of the deceased man in the audience can be seen taking out their phones and recording the performance.

The strippers were dressed in bikini tops and leather boots.

Just as you might see in a nightclub, the strippers shook their bodies and hair. At one point, one stripper seductively leaned on the coffin as if posing with the dead man identified as Jian.

The funeral home installed flashing lights, which were shining pink, green and blue, and illuminating a photograph of the deceased.

After dancing to three songs, the coffin was moved elsewhere for a more dignified ceremony. Jian ordered the stripers for his own funeral, his family said.

Blond police officer dies after catching tuberculosis from a suspect who spat in her face during an arrest

Arina Koltsova 
By: Wayne Morin

A blond police officer in Ukraine, has died after getting tuberculosis from a suspect during an arrest, according to police in Kiev.

35-year-old Arina Koltsova has died following complications from tuberculosis after a suspect spat in her face during an arrest several months ago.

Koltsova had no idea that the suspect, who was not identified, had tuberculosis, and she did not seek treatment until she collapsed.

She was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Her partner, Mikhail Kindrakevich, said that she was fed with IV and she underwent chemotherapy.

She suffered malnutrition, and she eventually died as a result of the tuberculosis. Koltsova quickly gained many followers on social media sites after people shared her photos on the Internet.

Koltsova posted many photos of herself on Facebook, posing in her clothing and police uniform.

Protesters release bugs and locusts in Byron Hamburgers restaurants after allowing police to arrest employees who were illegal immigrants

Protester outside Byron Hamburgers 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Protesters belonging to the London Black Revs and Malcolm X Movement, managed to shut down two Byron Hamburgers restaurants, after accusing the management of allowing police to arrest its workers who were illegal immigrants.

The London Black Revs and the Malcolm X Movement have taken affirmative action against the Byron restaurants chain in London, in response to the incidents in the past week, including having entrapped waiters, back of house staff and chefs in collaboration with the U.K. Border Agency.

35 staff members were led off in handcuffs, and some have been deported from the country, while hundreds more are hiding in fear.

In response to the corporation, protesters have released thousands of live cockroaches, locusts and crickets into these restaurants.

The groups have accused the new Tory government of being the most vicious and right wing government in living memory, and in the context of growing racist and even fascist oriented policies, encouraging and fostering mass resentment, racism and xenophobia towards ethnic and migrant communities.

“The Brexit victory was a massive boost to anti-immigrant hate and racism,” the groups said on Facebook.

“We as immigrant communities, Black, African, Asian, Latin American, must all unite and defeat this growing menace that is before us. Otherwise, our very future as communities inside the West is in direct jeopardy,” the group wrote.

After the incident of the bugs, Byron Hamburgers decided to shut down the two restaurants in order to keep customers safe.

The manager of Byron Hamburgers summoned its workers to a meeting, but when they arrived, police waited for them and they were arrested.

The company claims that the illegal immigrants showed them false documents before they were hired.

Homeowner kills burglar by tying him to tree and covering mouth with duct tape

Tied to tree (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a homeowner tied up and killed a burglar who broke into his house in middle of the night, according to police in Alabama.

Leroy police said that the incident unfolded on Friday night, after 31-year-old Cleveland Jones Gully broke into the home of 68-year-old Nathanial Johnson.

Johnson told police that he was sick and tired of people breaking into his home, and was determined to catch the suspects and have them arrested.

Around 11:30 p.m., Johnson heard someone trying to open the door of his mobile home. Gully then attempted to break the door in order to gain access to the home.

Johnson ran outside to confront Gully, but the burglar jumped or fell off the stairs of the home. Johnson jumped on Gully, and tied his hands behind his back.

He then put duct tape on Gully’s mouth, and tied him to a tree with electrical tape and wire. Johnson then called 911, but when officers arrived at the scene, Gully was already dead.

So far, no charges have been filed as police do not believe that Johnson intended to kill Gully.

Teacher who does not speak Spanish files discrimination lawsuit against Miami school after not getting job to teach Spanish

Students at school (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A teacher who identified herself as part of the white minority living in Miami, Florida, filed a lawsuit against the school district after not getting a job as a Spanish teacher despite the fact that she does not speak the language.

Tracy Rosner filed the federal employment discrimination lawsuit against the Miami-Dade County School Board, claiming that she did not get the job because she is white.

According to the court documents, Rosner worked as an elementary school teacher for 10 years at Coral Reef Elementary.

Last year, Rosner requested to teach English to students as part of the Extended Foreign Language program, which allows kids to learn a language other than English for an hour per day.

The school rejected her application because the job requires teaching Spanish for an hour per day, a language that Rosner does not speak.

Rosner said that the school could have given the position of teaching Spanish to another teacher.

The lawsuit alleges that because non-Spanish speakers are in the minority population of Miami, denying Rosner because she does not speak Spanish, amounts to employment discrimination based on race and national origin.

Husband shot in the private parts after confronting two men who stared and whistled at his wife

Ronaldo Fernandez Rodriquez 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after allegedly shooting a husband who confronted him about staring at his wife, according to police in Florida.

Haines City police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Rolando Fernandez Rodriquez, after being accused of shooting Bradley Mills in the stomach and private parts.

Rodriquez was charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder and was booked into the Polk County Jail.

According to the police investigation, Mills was outside his home in the 2300 block of Mason Avenue, when he saw two men staring and whistling at his wife.

Mills approached the two men and told them to stop disrespecting his wife. At that point, his wife, who was not identified, went into her home.

As Mills was about to enter his home, the men called out to him. Mills ignored the men, but when he turned around, he saw that one man was holding a gun.

Rodriquez followed Mills to the house and shot him several times, hitting him once in the stomach and once in the private parts.

Residents call police after smoke from burning horse manure came into their windows

Horses (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

Residents of a small town in New York, called police to complain that smoke from burning horse manure was coming into their homes through the windows.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said that Officer Don Damrath, received multiple calls complaining of smells and smoke emanating from a burning pile of horse manure in Throop.

Officer Damrath responded to the scene and found that horse stable owners had been storing the manure in large piles, and they spontaneously combusted in the excessive heat and dry conditions.

Damrath was told that the piles spontaneously ignite frequently, but prevailing winds normally blow the smell of the smoldering manure away from the stables.

This time, the winds were carrying the smoke into neighbors' windows, and the flames spread dangerously close to a valley full of dry vegetation and dead trees.

It took three fire departments more than two hours to extinguish the burning manure. The stable owners were advised to take measures to mitigate the combustion problem immediately.

Two drunk men fire shots into portable toilet just for fun

Portable toilets (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Two drunk men were arrested on a charge of possession of a loaded firearm after allegedly shooting bullets into a portable toilet, according to police in New York.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said that Lieutenant Matt Lochner and Officer John Lifrieri were on patrol in an unmarked vehicle at the Minier's Field Boat Launch in the town of Big Flats, when they observed two men who were standing outside of their parked car.

One of the men appeared to be drinking alcohol. Upon talking to the individuals, it became quite evident that both men had been drinking alcohol, and Lifrieri observed a shotgun in the back seat of their vehicle.

The officers found that it was loaded. Lochner later found spent shell casings in between the vehicle and a nearby portable toilet, and Lifrieri matched the spent casings to the live rounds in the shotgun.

Three shotgun slug holes were also spotted in the portable toilet. Both suspects admitted to shooting the "port-a-potty," and were arrested for violations of Penal Law and Possession of a Loaded Firearm in a Motor Vehicle.

The driver also had a revoked driver's license and admitted to driving to Minier's Field, resulting in him being charged with Vehicle and Traffic Law violations as well.

60-year-old man arrested for marrying 6-year-old girl after receiving her as a gift from her parents

Mohammad Karim 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after it was discovered that he was married to a 6-year-old girl.

60-year-old Mohammad Karim of Afghanistan, said that he married the girl after she was given to him as a gift by her parents.

“The girl was given to me as a gift and we got married so I could raise her,” Karim said.

Karim, who is a cleric, told police that he never had sex with the child, and his vow was confirmed by doctors who examined the girl after she was brought to a hospital following her rescue.

Nashafarin Shihab, who is a doctor at the hospital in Ghor where the girl was examined, said that the child did not suffer any physical or psychological harm.

The only thing the child allegedly told her rescuers is that she is “afraid of the man,” according to Masooma Anwar, head of the Provincial Department of Women's Affairs said.

The cleric said that he married the girl in front of 30 to 40 guests, including the girl’s mother and father.

However, Magannad Zeman Azami, who is the Ghor Province police commander, said that the girl’s parents strongly denied attending the wedding. They said that their daughter was kidnapped over a month ago.

They believe that the kidnapper sold the child to Karim. Police took the 6-year-old girl into custody and they will not hand over the child to her family until they determine that she is not in danger of being sold as a child bride.

Mother jailed for raping her two-year-old daughter for her boyfriend’s pleasure

Antonio Boleware 
By: Chan Yuan

A despicable mother took photos of herself raping her child in order to please her boyfriend.

The mother of Longview, Washington, was sentenced to prison for raping her 2-year-old daughter in order to send the photos of the abuse to a known pedophile.

Joanna Jean Olson, 44, was sentenced to five years in prison followed by lifetime of probation after her release.

Olson, who lost custody of her three children, admitted to taking the photos of the abuse to please her boyfriend, Antonio Boleware, 38, of San Diego, California.

Boleware was a registered sex offender who had been convicted of two crimes against children. He had already served 6 years in prison.

He is now awaiting sentencing for this case.

Her defense attorney argued that Olson had no malice or intent to harm, but rather exercised poor judgment and “extreme stupidity” while under the manipulating influence of the experienced criminal.

U.S. Attorney Kate Vaughan said that since Olson gives in so easily to a boyfriend for attention, affection, and love, this makes her a threat to children.

The abuse came to light after Boleware shared graphic photos with what he thought was another pedophile in a chat room, but it was actually an undercover officer.

He told the officer that Olson “has always been a fantasy pedo mom, I just made it real for her.”

Boleware also wrote that Olson gave him permission to “breed” with the girl.

Investigators were able to identify Olson through watching Boleware's Facebook page.

Police officers called for disturbance find hedgehogs mating

Hedgehogs (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

Police were called after a family in Germany, heard loud strange noises outside their home.

Police in Buchenbach, received a call from a man who was disturbed by the of loud panting coming from the entrance of his house, a police spokesman said.

Officers arrived at the home at about 11:00 p.m., but they did not see anything suspicious. After searching the property, officers finally discovered two very unusual suspects, a pair of hedgehogs.

They were mating in a cozy little place under the stairs at the entrance to the house. The act lasted for about 20 minutes, before police disturbed the pair.

After officers turned on their flashlights, the hedgehogs ran away.

If left undisturbed, the act can last several hours. Hedgehogs groan loudly during the act and the male makes most of the noise, a veterinary said.

Hot-looking female off-duty police officer in bikini tackles man for stealing her friend’s cellphone

Mikaela Kellner in the bikini 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A would-be thief robbed the wrong woman and was taken down by a hot-looking bikini-clad police officer.

A off-duty police officer from Sweden, was enjoying time with her friends when a man stole a cellphone.

Mikaela Kellner, who worked as a police officer for 11 years, was sunbathing in a park in Stockholm, with friends when the man approached them.

He spoke to them about the magazines he was selling and using the profits to support homeless people.

The women listened and were polite to the man. However, as soon as he left, one of Kellner’s friends realized that her cellphone was missing.

Kellner, who was in her bikini, went after the man, tackled him to the ground and held him down until other officers arrived to arrest him for theft.

“As I sat there, I looked at the other two friends who were not police officers, and realized that probably looked pretty funny,” Kellner said.

She uploaded the photo to social media, where it went viral. Kellner explained that she uploaded the photo in order to bring awareness to situations like these in which thieves make small talk before swiping people’s possessions.

“It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this and often you don't notice until later. I wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians,” Kellner added.

Woman sues for being hit by train after she fell off platform while drunk

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Amanda Bell 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman is lucky to be alive after she fell onto train tracks while she was drunk.

However, the woman does not think that she is responsible for the injuries she sustained. Instead, she is suing the train driver and the company.

Amanda Bell of Australia, was just 14 years old when she went out drinking with her friends at 10:30 p.m. She was so drunk that she fell asleep on a bench at a train station.

After midnight, she began walking at the Gymea railway station in Sydney, and she fell off the platform before being hit by a train.

The incident left Bell disabled. She is in a wheelchair and she suffered severe brain damaged.

Bell, who is now 20 years old, wants RailCorp to pay her $4 million in compensation for her injuries.

Bell claims that the driver did not turn on his headlights and he did not activate the horn to warn her of the approaching train.

In defense, RailCorp said that Bell should have known the “obvious risk” of being drunk while walking close to the railroad tracks and that they had “no proactive duty” to warn her.

Bell’s level of intoxication will be taken into consideration because under the Civil Liability Act 2002, courts cannot award damages if the claimant was drunk.

Mother suffers burns to 40 percent of her body after killing her son and staging car fire to cover up her crime

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Narges Shafeirad and Daniel Dana 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Karma got to an evil woman after she killed her son to keep him away from his father.

The mother, who was involved in a bitter custody battle with her estranged husband, killed their son just 16 hours before a judge was going to rule on who gets custody of the 5-year-old boy.

35-year-old Narges Shafeirad of Rockville, Maryland, faced life in prison before she pleaded guilty to murder, arson and child abuse in exchange for 50 years in prison.

Shafeirad admitted to forcing her son Daniel Dana to take a large dose of Benadryl, causing him to die of poisoning. She then staged a car crash in order to get away with her crime.

Firefighters were called 3:30 a.m. on reports of a car fire on Route 370 in Gaithersburg. Shafeirad was lying face down on the ground and she was screaming in pain from severe burns to her face and body.

She was taken to a hospital, where she spent a month and a half to recover from burns to 40 percent of her body.

Her son was found dead in the backseat of the car. Firefighters determined that the car was deliberately set on fire. An autopsy revealed that Dana died of Diphenhydramine intoxication before the car crash and ruled the death a homicide.

Woman robs bank and hands the money to strangers on street so she can go back to prison

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Linda Patricia Thompson 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Most people who rob a bank do so out of desperation and the need to support themselves and their families.

However, one transgender woman told police that she robbed a bank because she wanted to go back to prison.

59-year-old Linda Patricia Thompson walked into the U.S. Bank in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with a cardboard sign and demanded cash.

After getting the money, Thompson, who is homeless, threw some in the air. She then walked outside and handed cash to strangers.

Thompson then sat down on the sidewalk, and waited for police to pick her up and take her back to prison.

Thompson, who was recently released from prison in Oregon, said that she did not want to go free. However, the prison refused her request to extend her stay, so she robbed the bank to go back to prison.

During her last stint in prison, Thompson was featured in a documentary on the struggles of a transgender prisoner.

Her proudest moment was when she castrated herself and flushed her private parts down the toilet in front of prison guards.

After doing so, she received hormonal treatment and was transferred to a prison for transgender people.

Nasty fight over a woman leaves Waffle House destroyed and two people hospitalized with severe cuts

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Waffle House 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Two men in Georgia, were hospitalized after they were thrown out of a restaurant through a shattered glass window.

Police were called to the Waffle House on Pleasant Hill Road in Gwinnett County, on reports of a fight between two groups of people.

Workers of the Waffle House said that the group began fighting and screaming at each other. The fight seemed to be over a woman.

The two groups of men and women, began throwing chairs dishes and pots from the restaurant, at each other.

They trashed the restaurant before one of the groups grabbed two of their opponents and threw them out of the restaurant by shattering a glass window.

The two men were severely injured and suffered cuts to their bodies, and one of the men needed surgery.

The Waffle House was closed for several hours, as workers cleaned the place after the fight.