14-year-old boy driving illegal motor bike dies after fleeing from police and running past stop sign

Trent Moses 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A mother in Michigan, is blaming the police for the death of her teenage son who drove an illegal motor bike and ran past a stop sign before being run over by a car.

14-year-old Trent Moses of Detroit, was spotted by police speeding on an illegal motor bike on residential streets.

Several police officers briefly chased after Moses, but they then decided to let him go. However, after a few seconds, the teen ran past a yield sign and a stop sign.

A car then ran over the teen, and he died in the hands of his mother. The teen’s mother, Lisa Moses, blamed the police for her son’s death, saying he was wrongly chased down residential streets.

According to the police investigation, Trent was driving at 45 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. Police briefly tried to stop Trent, but they abandoned the effort as the chase was deemed to be too dangerous.

Moments after police stopped the chase, the teen drove past a stop sign at Paul and Rosemont avenues. He slammed into a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix.

He suffered severe head injuries and died. The driver of the Pontiac, 26-year-old Cynthia Clark, was not injured.

No charges have been filed against Clark, as she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was driving below the speed limit.

Man beats 7-month-old girl to death after learning that he was not the father of his girlfriend’s daughter

Chris Marquis McMorris 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man who was angry at his girlfriend because she had a baby with another man, decided to kill her daughter, according to police in Minnesota.

Brooklyn Park police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Chris Marquis McMorris after being accused of the beating death of his girlfriend's 7-month-old daughter.

McMorris was charged with second-degree murder. If convicted, McMorris faces up to 80 years in prison. He was booked into the Hennepin County Jail, and his bail has been set at $1.5 million.

According to the criminal complaint, the police were called around 9:15 a.m., on reports of an unresponsive child at a home in Sumter Circle N.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene, found the 7-month-old girl unresponsive. She was taken to the North Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy showed that the baby had 11 broken ribs and multiple bruises on the face, scalp, abdomen, back and behind.

She also suffered a laceration to the liver and bleeding in the abdominal cavity. The girl died as a result of blunt force injuries to her abdomen.

McMorris was alone with the baby on the morning of her death. McMorris was in a relationship with the girl's mother, and he lived with them.

McMorris became angry after blood tests showed that he was not the biological father of the baby. Three days later, he beat the child to death.

Man jumps out of courthouse window after being sentenced to 13 years in prison

Jason Binkiewicz 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Police are investigating as to how a convict was able to get away from a bailiff and jump to his death.

42-year-old Jason Binkiewicz of Jefferson County, Ohio, was charged with attempted murder and felony assault after shooting a man in the jaw.

Police said that Binkiewicz was drunk when he went to the home of Ronald Horton and shot him in the face. He then ran out of the home to a waiting car.

An attorney for Binkiewicz claimed that he went to the home of Horton to buy drugs and he shot the victim during an argument.

Horton denies selling drugs. He did however admit to having drugs for personal use.

A jury found Binkiewicz guilty of the charges and he was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

As he was taken out of the Jefferson County prison, Binkiewicz somehow managed to free himself from the bailiff and he ran to a window. He then jumped to his death.

Two officers involved in Freddie Gray’s death receive large payouts for time off work while awaiting trial

Sgt Alicia White (left), and Officer William G. Porter 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Two police officers will receive large payouts after they were banned from working while awaiting trial over the death of Freddie Gray.

Gray's mother blames the police officers for her son's death and she accused them of lying.

However, Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter of Maryland, were cleared of all criminal charges.

The two Baltimore police officers, who were ordered to stop working when the 25-year-old man’s neck was broken while they transported him in a police van, will now receive back pay.

Sgt. Alicia White will receive $96,855 and Officer William Porter will get $70,523.

The two officers were suspended without pay after being charged with felony manslaughter in the death of Freddie Gray, sparking the beginning of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Gray's family received a $6.4 million settlement after his death in police custody.

Two best friends learn that they were switched at birth 41 years ago

Leon Swanson (left) and David Tait 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Two men and their families are angry after learning that two children have been switched at birth.

David Tait and Leon Swanson of Manitoba, Canada, were born at the same hospital just three days apart in 1975.

The two men, who live in the same town and have been friends from many years, said that since they were 20 years old, people have teased them that they look like the other’s family members.

However, they did not think much of it until last year, when it was discovered that another set of men, Luke Monias and Norman Barkman, were switched at birth.

After those men took their case to the public, Tait and Swanson, who were born in the same hospital as the two men, decided to take DNA tests.

The DNA tests confirmed that each man was raised by the other’s biological mother.

Government officials are now investigating the incident as a criminal act, saying that one case can be a mistake, but multiple cases are suspicious.

Other people who were born in the same hospital have reportedly come forward to take DNA tests to see if they were switched at birth.

Woman finds her drunk husband without pants in bed with her mother

Couple illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman was devastated to find her husband in bed with her mother while she was in another room.

The woman of South Africa, said that when she woke up, she demanded to know what he was doing sleeping with her mother. He jumped out of bed and said: “I thought it was you.”

The 31-year-old man of Bloemfontein, was arrested on charges of sexual assault after he was caught with his pants down in bed with his mother-in-law.

However, the mother-in-law asked prosecutors to drop the charges because she was also very drunk and she does not remember what happened the night in question.

The 50-year-old mother-in-law said that her daughter was spending time at her home before her daughter and granddaughter fell asleep in the master bedroom.

The mother-in-law then went to sleep in another room.

Apparently, she and her son-in-law were both so drunk that neither of them can remember how they ended up in bed together or what occurred between them.

The charges of sexual assault was withdrawn at the Bloemfontein Regional Court after the man apologized to his mother-in-law and asked for her forgiveness.

His wife has since filed for divorce while her mother said that she has stopped drinking.

Father smashes pregnant daughter’s Audi after her boyfriend was seen speeding with her children inside

The smashed Audi 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A father caused a firestorm on social media after he was seen using a tractor to smash his daughter’s Audi to teach her a lesson.

According to friends and family, Mike and Missy Card of Georgia, are very loving parents who have done a lot to help their daughter.

The family said that they helped their daughter, 21-year-old Ashlyn Card, and her children, with whatever she needed, including paying for lawyers and allowing her to live with them without paying for rent or food.

However, the parents feel that their daughter is being dragged down the wrong path by her boyfriend, Brandon Anderson.

According to police, Anderson had been arrested for physically abusing Ashlyn. He was charged with assault on a female, false imprisonment, assault by strangulation and inflicting physical injury.

Her mother Missy, said that the family had an agreement with Ashlyn that her boyfriend will never drive her car.

However, one day, her father and brother spotted Anderson in the driver’s seat and speeding at 80 miles per hour with her two children in the back seat.

The furious father, who allegedly paid $13,000 for the Audi, decided to smash it. His son Kaylor Card, took videos of the act and posted them to Facebook.

Ashlyn took to Facebook to tell her side of the story. She claims that she gave cash to her brother for the car. Ashlyn feels that her father punished her children as he took away her means of transportation.

Anderson said that she is pregnant and Anderson is the father of her unborn baby.

Man pleasures himself in public restroom and pays young kids not to snitch on him

Neil Marcus-Luke White 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was ordered to stay away from parks and schools after he was caught pleasuring himself in a park bathroom.

The man of Florida, told the Hallandale Beach police that he used the B.F. James Park bathroom to perform sex acts on himself over 30 times within two years.

34-year-old Neil Marcus-Luke White of Hollywood, sat on a small crate in the bathroom while he was doing the deed.

He told police that he used a mirror to keep track of who was coming into the restroom.

White said that on numerous occasions, when children spotted him in the act, he gave them money not to tell their parents about it.

White was charged with three counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition in the presence of a minor younger than 16.

His bond was set at $45,000. If he posts bail, White must wear an electronic monitor and stay away from parks, playgrounds, schools and anywhere where children get together.

Woman found lying on road with dog that has been dead for several days

Nicole Leree Stratton 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police in Oklahoma, were called after a woman was seen walking with a dead dog.

Oklahoma City police arrested the woman after witnesses saw a woman lying in the middle of the road with a dead dog.

Officers who arrived at the scene at 8:15 a.m. on SW 59 and Western, saw 30-year-old Nicole Leree Stratton walking in the street and carrying a dead dog.

Police said that Stratton was carrying a little chihuahua that had been dead several days.

Stratton had the dog's blood on her body. Officials said that Stratton gave them several different stories about where the dog came from.

She allegedly told police that she had been smoking methamphetamine during the past six days.

However, she later changed her story and said that she “does not like methamphetamine and would use crack.”

Stratton was taken into custody on charges of public drunkenness.

Surgeon returns library book ‘So You Want To Be a Doctor’ 40 years late

Michael Kelly (right) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A doctor said that he found a book in his home that he took out from a library 40 years ago.

When Michael Kelly was a child, he dreamed of being a doctor.

He went to a library in Charleston, West Virginia, where he took out books on being a doctor.

Kelly, 58, has since made his dream come true, and he became a plastic surgeon. He currently lives in Florida.

Kelly said that he recently found a library book titled “So You Want To Be a Doctor” that he apparently neglected to return.

The book traveled with the doctor when he moved around for college and medical school.

Kelly said that he is very embarrassed about the incident, and he arranged to return the book along with a $500 donation to the library.

70-year-old man dresses sex doll in his dead wife’s clothes and sleeps with it in bed

Zhang Wenliang with sex doll in his wife’s clothes 
By: Feng Qian

An elderly man in China, revealed his strange behavior following the death of his wife.

70-year-old Zhang Wenliang of Chongzhou, said that after his wife died, he bought a $2,500 sex doll in order to have a partner in his home.

Wenliang uses his wife’s clothes to dress the doll and places it in his bed every night. He believes that his wife’s soul went into the sex doll, and he really enjoys its company.

Wenliang worked as a doctor and treated countless people with cancer. However, when his wife fell ill with cancer, he was unable to help her.

Wenliang revealed that at night, in order to fall asleep, he dresses the doll in his wife’s favorite red sweater and placed it near him in bed.

He then talks to the doll until he falls asleep.

Teacher breaks into school to eat leftover lunches and drink beer

Food and beer (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A teacher was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly breaking into a school to eat leftover lunches, according to police in Japan.

Yumeno police said that they have arrested the 54-year-old teacher, who was not identified, after the principal of the school walked into the teacher’s lounge to find the teacher eating food and drinking beer.

In court, the teacher pleaded not guilty to charges of theft and trespassing. According to the police investigation, the teacher broke into the school after hours to eat the leftover lunches.

Each time, he brought along cans of beer to drink with the food.

The teacher was caught after the principal came in to work late in the afternoon and saw the teacher in the teacher's lounge.

When asked what he was doing there, the teacher said that he just wanted to take an item he accidentally left behind.

However, the principal called police after seeing food and beer on the table.

The teacher told police that he thought it was a shame that the food will be thrown in the garbage so he decided to come back in the afternoon and enjoy the leftover lunch.

Commercial airline pilot kisses sex doll in cockpit while flight attendant spit water at passengers

Air New Zealand pilot kissing sex doll 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) An airline in New Zealand, fired several employees including a pilot, after videos and photos surfaced on the Internet, showing them disrespecting passengers.

Air New Zealand announced that it has fired three employees for shocking and appalling behavior on board commercial flights.

Video and photos that were shared on Facebook, showed a pilot posing with a sex doll in the cabin. They also showed a flight attendant spitting water while walking among passengers.

The flight attendant said that she wished she could spit on passengers.

According to the investigation by the airline, the images and videos were first shared on Snapchat among employees, but someone posted them to Facebook, where they went viral.

A spokesperson for Air New Zealand said that the company was shocked and appalled by the images.

She said that the incident is extremely serious and the behavior shown is a clear violation not only of the airline’s code of conduct, but of basic decency.

Model who dresses like Barbie doll strips naked on street in protest against VK redesigning its website

Karina Barbie 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A model who is obsessed with looking like a Barbie doll, stripped naked in front of the Duma in Moscow, Russia, in order to protest the redesign of a social media website.

Social media giant VK, recently redesigned the way it shows updates and send notifications.

Karina Barbie did not like the redesign and decided to lobby lawmakers to pressure VK to roll back the updates. Barbie marched to the Duma, where she posed topless.

Barbie walked up and down the street in front of surprised pedestrians and motorists.

Barbie told people that she wanted to get the government to put pressure on the social media website to cancel the recent changes.

Barbie said that by marching naked, she drew attention to herself and her cause. She expressed her angry that VK forced the changes on people without asking their feedback.

Police were at the scene, but she was not arrested.