Garbage truck runs over woman reading book and sunbathing on beach

Woman at beach (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a tourist from Toronto, Canada, was seriously injured while reading a book on a beach, according to police in New Jersey.

On Wednesday around 8:00 a.m., the Ship Bottom Police Department responded to the area of the 3rd Avenue Beach, on a report that a woman had been struck by a garbage truck.

Ship Bottom Police arrived at the scene and observed Megan Fabieniak, 38, with injuries to her arm and leg.

The responding officers learned that a Ship Bottom Public Works Ford F Series truck operated by Brian Archer, 42, was making morning trash pickups on the beach and struck Fabieniak, who was laying in the sand.

Fabieniak was transported to the Atlantic City Medical Center, where she is listed in stable condition.

According to the police investigation, Fabieniak was reading a book on the beach when she was struck by the front wheel of the vehicle.

The truck then stopped on top of Fabieniak. She was removed from under the vehicle and treated on scene.

The driver of the vehicle was transported to the Southern Ocean County Hospital, where he consented to submit blood samples for chemical testing.

Woman smashes lamp in fiance’s face because he did not want to have sex

Lisa Marie Smith 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was arrested on a charge of battery after allegedly assaulting her fiance because he refused to have sex with her, according to police in Florida.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 27-year-old Lisa Marie Smith, after being accused of smashing a lamp on her fiance's head.

In court, Smith pleaded not guilty to one count of simple battery.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith was in bed with her fiance on Thursday morning, when she asked him whether or not he wanted to have sex.

When the victim said that he had to go to work and was not in the mood, Smith kicked him out of bed. The victim decided to sleep on the floor, but Smith kept asking whether or not he wanted to have sex.

After he rejected her again, she hit him on the head and face with a lamp. Her fiance suffered a small laceration on the right side of the face.

The fiance called police. Smith told officers that she was sleeping and had no idea what happened to her fiance.

Six wealthy women are arrested after holding a shoplifting competition for fun

The women while shoplifting  
By: Feng Qian

While most people shoplift out of desperation, a few wealthy women decided to rob stores for fun.

Police in China, said that they have arrested the group of wealthy women who were caught shoplifting for fun.

The group of six included a 15-year-old girl. They met at a parlor, which is owned by one of the wealthy women, and they often played cards.

They also came up with another way to entertain themselves. They created a shoplifting competition in which the women and the girl would go to stores to steal cosmetics and see who stole more goods.

The group was arrested for shoplifting after investigators in Hubei, discovered that they have stolen more than 20,000 yuan ($3,000) worth of cosmetic products.

The foolish women robbed the same two cosmetics stores over a period of two months. Surveillance video of the stores showed how some members of the group would walk around to distract staff while the others robbed the place.

All group members are reported to be very rich, and the shoplifting competition was a mere thrill-seeking activity.

The five women were taken into police custody. They were identified as Sohn, 49, Moumou, 38, Zhan, 35, Hu, 36, and 33-year-old Moumou.

The 15-year-old girl was released to her parents with a warning.

4-year-old boy asks for birthday cake showing cow giving birth to calf and he received his wish

The cake 
By: Chan Yuan

A mother of Canada, posted a photo of her son’s unique birthday cake on Facebook.

Jamie Packard of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, wrote that her 4-year-old son Benz, kept asking that his birthday cake should show a cow giving birth to a calf.

Jamie explained that Benz likes to watch National Geographic shows. Benz also loves to spend time working on his aunt and uncle's ranch and visiting his grandparents' farm.

Jamie said that she and her husband Tyler, tried to convince their son Benz to get a more traditional cake, but the boy refused.

Being the good mother that she is, Jamie decided to give her son his dream cake. When it was done, she posted photos of it to Facebook, where they went viral.

Benz was also impressed with his mother’s creation and he loved the cake’s design.

Jamie explained the cake design on Facebook.

She wrote: “For the last couple of months, Benz has been asking for a cow having a calf cake for his birthday.

“We tried our best to persuade him. Tyler said to Benz that Thomas the Train cake would be cool, but the he replied: ‘I don't even watch Thomas the train.’”

Jamie got to work. She made a delicious cake. She then used rice krispies to make the design. She made a cow and a calf, and she then added cherry pie filling to give it an afterbirth effect.

“I found myself thinking, thank goodness that only family members are coming to this party,” she said.

Police shut down restaurant because two waitresses were dressed too sexy

The waitresses 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A restaurant owner of China, said that he attracted hundreds of customers by hiring sexy waitresses.

However, some neighbors did not like the idea of scantily dressed women serving customers, and they filed a complaint with police.

The Musical Barbecue Restaurant of Hainan, is located in a tropical climate that has famous beaches.

However, restaurants in the area never had staff wearing bikinis to serve customers until recently when Hong Ri, the owner of the Musical Barbecue Restaurant, decided to hire car show models as his waitresses.

The women walked around in just bikinis while a DJ entertained the diners. Many customers enjoyed to be served by hot-looking women.

Many people congratulated Ri for his clever “summer promotion” that drummed up a lot of business.

However, after just one week, police arrived to shut down the restaurant. Authorities said that using the car models as waitresses was of “low taste and it goes against the city's core values.”

They said that the restaurant will be allowed to reopen when the owner makes appropriate changes.

Angelina Jolie pulls over in Cadillac to buy 8 foot tall teddy bear from kids garage sale

Angelina Jolie with the boys (right) the teddy bear 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Twin boys who decided to sell their beloved huge teddy bear, were shocked by the buyer.

Angelina Jolie, 41, pulled up with her 10-year-old daughter Shiloh, and purchased the teddy bear.

She also helped the children stuff the teddy bear into her Cadillac.

Tim Alexander discovered his 8-year-old sons Allen and Brandon, trying to sell their teddy bear.

The father said that his sons sat outside for about one hour, and they were sunburned while standing outside and trying to drum up business for their 8-inch teddy bear and a futon.

The children of Toluca Lake, California, stood with a for sale sign near the items.

Tim said that his family placed a price tag of $50 for the teddy bear, but they were ready to sell it for $40 if the customer would haggle on the price.

However, to their surprise, Jolie, not only paid the boys $50, but she doubled that and gave each boy $50.

The boys were delighted and took photos with Jolie.

Jackass star Steve-O breaks both legs in skateboarding stunt that went horribly wrong

Steve-O performing the stunt 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Some people make a lot of money by performing stunts, but not without risk.

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, aka Steve-O, who is known for the stunts he performs on the television series Jackass, has learned just how dangerous things can get.

The 42-year-old man revealed on social media that he broke his right ankle in three places and his left heel, while performing a skateboarding stunt.

The stunt involved Steve-O standing on a wooden structure with his skateboard. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, 48, then deliberately drove a red car into the structure.

Steve-O was supposed to use his skateboard to ride over the car and skateboard to safety.

He tried the stunt three times, but things did not go as planned. On the third try, Steve-O crashed to the ground with the skateboard still in his hand.

He landed on his legs, breaking both of them.

Steve-O said that he will have to undergo surgery to repair the damage. He will have seven plates put in one leg and two plates in the other.

Steve-O posted the video of the stunt along with a behind the scene video of his three attempts to his Facebook page, where it went viral.

Cowardly father unbuckles 2-year-old son’s seat belt and crashes car to kill him

Nathan Weitzel (insert) and Isaiah 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A young boy is suffering greatly after his despicable father tried to kill him.

Police in Colorado, said that the father admitted to intentionally crashing his car to kill his son.

29-year-old Nathan Weitzel unbuckled his 2 and a half-year-old son from his car seat, and he deliberately crashed into several cars.

Weitzel told police that he was driving at 75 miles per hour at the time of the crash. He did manage to get the boy in pretty bad shape.

Sadly, the boy named Isaiah, needed stitches to his head and a body cast to the lower half of his body. Isaiah's mother said that it will take him months to regain the ability to walk.

Weitzel allegedly told investigators that he wanted to kill his son because “being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child.”

Firefighters said that Weitzel tried to fight them when they prevented him from slitting his own throat at the scene.

Weitzel was charged with attempted first-degree murder, child abuse and possession of a controlled substance.

Photographer saves pregnant woman from burning car by carrying her to safely

Patrick Perry holding Caitlynn 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A photographer is hailed a hero after saving the life of a pregnant woman.

Patrick Perry and reporter Brittany Weiss of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were on their way to report a news story when they witnessed a car accident.

The red car crashed into a tree and flames started coming out from the hood.

The two jumped into action. Perry ran to save the driver while Weiss grabbed a camera and started recording. Another witness called for help.

Perry realized that the 21-year-old woman, who is 7 months pregnant, was stuck in the sports car. He acted quickly. He picked her up and carried her to safety.

Once she was out of danger, Perry placed the woman on the floor, where they waited for emergency workers to arrive. She was then transported to a hospital.

The woman, who was identified as Caitlynn, is said to be in stable condition. Her unborn baby is said to be doing well.

Man informs his wife she is pregnant with their fourth boy after his failed vasectomy

Tim, Rachel and their family 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Often times, women get to surprise their husbands or partner about their pregnancy, but one man was able to inform his wife that she was pregnant.

Tim and Rachel Brummel of Atlanta, Georgia, decided that it was a good idea for him to have a vasectomy after giving birth to three boys.

However, Tim said that when he realized that his wife was “acting pregnant,” he decided to call his doctor for the results of his vasectomy.

His doctor informed him that the procedure was unsuccessful, but for some reason, the doctor’s office neglected to call Tim to inform him about it.

Tim decided to see if his wife was pregnant before informing her about his suspicions. During the night, he disabled the toilet so it cannot flush.

After his wife used the restroom, he placed a pregnancy test inside and it was positive. He brought flowers and made a sweet card that read: “To my baby mama, if you are ever worried that life would be a bore put the fear aside you are now a mom of four.”

He placed it on the counter, with the pregnancy test hidden behind it and surprised his wife. The couple soon learned that baby number four will be another boy.

New Pokemon Go type app allows the dead to store messages at locations for their loved ones to pick up with their phones

Pokemon Go (illustration)  
By: Mahesh Sarin

Hundreds of people in Japan, downloaded a brand new app that allows users to store messages at locations before they die so that loved ones can pick them up after they pass on.

Ryoshin Sekizai, which is based in Chiba, announced that it released the “Spot Message” app on Monday, and more than 100 people downloaded it on the first day.

Yoshiyuki Katori, who is the president of Ryoshin Sekizai, said that he came up with the idea of planting video messages at cemeteries and other places after his uncle died suddenly at just 33 years old.

Anyone can use the service for free by downloading the app, and they then can submit 10 messages. There is a paid version as well, which allows users to submit more messages and share them with hundreds of people.

After a user dies, the family members and friends can use their phones to retrieve the stored messages at locations that the deceased visited often.

The app works the same way as Pokemon Go.

Katori added that the app is not only for the dead as people who are still alive can choose to plant messages for their friends and loved ones.

He suggested that a husband can plant a secret message for his wife to pick up on her way to work. The app is currently available on Android devices and will be available on iPhone next month.

Farmer devastated after thieves steal 500 cows from barn worth $500,000

Cows (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A farmer in New Zealand, is trying to figure out how thieves managed to steal 500 cows from his barn.

Canterbury Police said that they received a report on Thursday, that up to 500 cows had been stolen from an Ashburton farm.

The owner of the farm does not know when the theft occurred as he counted his cows several months ago. This week, when he counted his cows, he only had 800.

Investigators believe that the thief stole the cows over a period of time, as it is not possible to transport 500 cows at once without being noticed.

The farmer, who was not identified, said that each cow is worth around $1,100. He put the total value of the stolen cows at around $500,000.

Police urged anyone with information to come forward. So far, no arrests have been made.

Senior Sergeant Scott Banfield from the Ashburton police reminded farmers to ensure that they are taking measures to help prevent stock thefts.

“All farmers should be checking their boundaries and fence lines on a regular basis. It’s unlikely the theft of hundreds of animals could be completed at once, and is more likely that multiple thefts was carried out over a period of time.

“Regardless of the size of your property, ideally stock numbers should be checked once a week. Farmers should also be keeping an eye out for unexpected signs of herding near their boundary lines too,” Banfield said.

Lawmaker beats up taxi driver for taking the longer way to destination

Daisuke Akasaka 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A lawmaker in Japan, became extremely angry at a taxi driver for taking him to his destination via the longer way, causing an increase in the fare.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Daisuke Akasaka, an assemblyman in the Minato Ward, after being accused of kicking the taxi and hitting the driver following a dispute.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Tuesday around 12:00 a.m. Akasaka admitted to drinking alcoholic beverages before he got into the taxi to take him home.

He then told the driver to take the short way to his home, but the lawmaker was taken the longer route. Akasaka became extremely angry.

He got out of the vehicle and kicked one of the doors. When the taxi driver came out of the vehicle, the assembly man beat him up.

The driver suffered minor injuries.

Children freak out after finding cut off head of cat in front of school

Cat (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

Police launched an investigation after children found the cut off head of a cat outside their school building while heading home in the afternoon, according to police in Japan.

Hokkaido police said that the children found the cut off head of the cat on Monday around 4:00 p.m., outside the Municipal Abuta Elementary School.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, searched for the rest of the body of the cat, but it was not found. Police are looking for the person responsible for the beheading of the cat, and they plan to file a charge of animal cruelty.

In another incident that unfolded in July, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office of Ohio, said that they have arrested 24-year-old Rudi Espinoza, after being accused of cutting off the head of his mother’s cat.

Officers were called to a home on Shawnee Lane SE, after residents called them to report that the suspect knocked on their doors, wearing only underwear and covered in blood.

The residents also told officers that Espinoza was acting very strange and seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

During the arrest, they realized that Espinoza was covered in scratches and bite marks. The officers later found the beheaded cat inside his mother’s home.

Woman bites off eyelid of woman who asked her to repay a loan

Woman’s face (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly biting off the eyelid of a woman who asked her to repay a loan, according to police in Nigeria.

Lagos police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Angela Job, after being accused of injuring Uche Anyanwu, because she wanted her money back.

In court, Job pleaded not guilty to one count of assault occasioning grievous harm. She was booked into jail, and her bail was set at N200,000 ($634).

According to the criminal complaint, the incident unfolded on Friday around 6:30 p.m. at Papa Bus Stop. Anyanwu approached Job, and asked her to repay her the sum of money she loaned her several months earlier.

Police did not disclose the amount of the loan. Job became angry and started beating Anyanwu. Job then bit off Anyanwu’s eyelid.

Boy stabs his sugar mama and commits suicide after catching her with another man

Lovers (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A boy was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly stabbing his sugar mama because she was cheating on him with another man, according to police in Zimbabwe.

Chihota police said that while the boy was in a holding cell, he strangled himself with bed sheet.

According to the police investigation, 17-year-old Timothy Blessing Chinhengo was angry after he saw 30-year-old Patricia Chiweshe walking on the street with another man.

Chinhengo confronted his sugar mama, who admitted to going out with another man. Chinhengo then stabbed Chiweshe on the head several times.

Chiweshe was rushed to the hospital, where she is said to be in critical condition. Chinhengo was arrested at the scene and was taken to a police holding cell, pending his arraignment on a charge of assault.

He was in the cell with another suspect when he took a bed sheet and wrapped it around his neck. He then hanged himself from the window.

Deaf teacher orders 10-year-old student to bring him 6-month-old girl so he can rape the baby

Girl and school (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A deaf teacher was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly conspiring with a student to rape a little baby in his home, according to police in Nigeria.

Yobe police said that they have arrested 40-year-old Shaaibu Yakubu Abdullahi, after being accused of ordering his 10-year-old student to bring him his neighbor’s 6-month-old girl so he can rape her.

In court, the teacher, who spoke through an interpreter who understands sign language, pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape.

According to the criminal complaint, police launched an investigation after receiving information about the crime from the National Council of Women Society, which is a non-governmental organization.

The 10-year-old student told investigators that Abdullahi, told him to go next door and bring him the neighbor’s 6-month-old daughter.

The boy complied, and when he brought the baby to the teacher’s home, Abdullahi rape her. The girl was taken to the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, where she underwent two surgeries.

Father and son overdose on heroin while driving car on highway

Cars in highway (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A father and son are lucky to be alive after overdosing on heroin while driving on a highway, according to police in Ohio.

The Ohio Highway Patrol said that they were called to Interstate 75 in West Chester Township, on a report of a vehicle that was driving erratically.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found Kenneth Partin Sr., 56, and Kenneth Partin Jr., 31, both of Cincinnati, unconscious in a vehicle that was stopped on the highway.

The father was slumped over on the steering wheel around 5:30 p.m. on Monday. Paramedics who arrived at the scene, determined that the father and son both overdosed on heroin.

They were taken to the West Chester Hospital, where they were treated and released. The father was then arrested on charges of operating a vehicle under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Vladimir Putin thrown in jail for screaming at employees of Publix

Vladimir Putin 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man who shares a name with the president of Russia, was arrested after screaming at employees of a Publix supermarket, according to police in Florida.

West Palm Beach said that they have arrested 48-year-old Vladimir Putin, after being accused of staying in the supermarket despite being ordered to leave.

Putin has been charged with trespassing and resisting an officer without violence. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, and his bail has been set at $1,000.

According to the police investigation, Putin entered the Publix supermarket located on Rosemary Avenue near Fern Street, and got into a shouting match with employees.

He was told to leave, but he refused. The manager called police, who arrived at the scene and ordered Putin to leave. When he ignored the officers, he was arrested.

Initially, Putin resisted arrest, but he eventually gave up and complied with police.

Maine governor thinking about resigning after calling lawmaker ‘little son of a b***h socialist c***sucker’

Governor Paul Richard LePage 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) The governor of Maine, is under fire after making a phone call to a state representative and using extremely derogatory language.

Governor Paul Richard LePage, a republican, revealed on Tuesday, that he is thinking about resigning following the offensive remarks.

LePage said that his wife and children are suffering due to his outrageous behavior. LePage admitted that he lost his temper after being called a racist by state representative Drew Gattine, a democrat.

In response to the racist remark, LePage called the lawmaker and left a message on his voicemail. The governor said that he spent years helping black people, and called Gattine a “little son of a b***h socialist c***sucker.”

LePage then told Gattine that he can publicize the voice message, which he did. Gattine denied calling the governor a racist.

Senate President Mike Thibodeau said that the governor’s comments are unacceptable. Some republicans are supporting censuring the governor for his remarks.

State Senator Amy Volk, a republican, released the following statement: “Dear friends and constituents. I share your deep concerns regarding the governor's behavior. What I do not know is whether it is due to substance abuse, mental illness or just ignorance.

“I certainly hope that his family and small circle of close staff are considering how best to address the issue. Things definitely appear to be out of control. Leadership is considering whether we need a special session of the legislature. Some sort of censure would seem appropriate and I would welcome the ability to go on the record with a vote.

“It's very sad that we seem to have sunk to a new low in Maine's political environment. Up until this point, I have refrained from publicly criticizing any of the governor's behavior both out of respect for the office and a desire to preserve a working relationship with him and his staff, but this latest and the unwelcome attention it has brought to our state is a bridge too far for me.

“If I felt the governor and I were friends, I would give him a call or sit down with him, but we do not have that sort of relationship. He has family, he has friends and he has staff, I ask them to intervene as well as they can.

“I believe in most of the governor's policies, and I always believed his heart was in the right place, but I can no longer remain silent about his behavior and what it is costing all of us. I aim to serve with dignity and civility and I believe the people of Maine deserve those qualities in all of their elected officials.”