13-year-old girl drowns in river on her way to buy coloring book at store

Shevy McGiffin 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a young girl was found dead in a river by a firefighter, according to police in Pennsylvania.

Clarion County police said that the body 13-year-old Shevy McGiffin, was found floating in the Clarion River.

The girl’s great aunt, Barbara McGiffin, told police that she doesn’t believe that Shevy ran away from home or committed suicide.

She asked to go to the Dollar General store, which is located five minutes away from her home, to buy a coloring book. She left on Friday evening around 6:45 p.m., but she never returned.

She was reported missing, and police began a massive search operation to locate her. On Saturday afternoon, her body was found in the river.

An autopsy revealed that she died of drowning. Investigators said that it does not appear that Shevy was the victim of a crime.

Man steals crucifixes from gift shop and uses them as weapon to beat random people

Forrest Brantley 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested after he stole religious articles from a store and used it as a weapon.

Police in California, arrested 35-year-old Forrest Brantley, after he was accused of stealing crucifixes from a gift shop and used them to hit multiple victims.

Brantley broke into the gift shop of the Mission San Buenaventura church shortly before 6:00 a.m., and took two crucifixes, according to the Ventura Police Department.

Police said that Brantley, approached each victim and asked to use their phone. When they denied his request, he beat them with a crucifix.

At one point, Brantley broke the window of a 75-year-old man’s car. He injured the victim who was sitting inside, police said. The elderly man was treated at a hospital.

Brantley then broke into a thrift store, where he stole a bike.

He was charged with attempted robbery, commercial burglary, vandalism, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

Woman calls Barnstable Police in the United States to report car accident in Barnstaple England

Police officer (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman who called police to report an accident, was notified that it will take at least six hours for officers to get the scene.

The police department in the United States, released audio of the call from the woman who lives in the United Kingdom.

The confusion came after the woman was trying to reach the police in her city with the same name as the city in the United States.

In the audio from the Police Department in Barnstaple, Massachusetts, the woman was heard trying to report a traffic accident.

She gave the location of the incident between Muddiford and Ilfracombe, which are towns near Barnstaple, England.

However, Officer Mark McWilliams from Barnstaple, Massachusetts, who took the call, was confused as he never heard of the location.

The woman asked “You're not local then?” The call lasted for about two and a half minutes before Officer Mark McWilliams realized the cause of the confusion.

He then told the woman “Our response time will be about six hours.” The two laughed about the mistake before ending the call.

News of the wrong number reached the police in Barnstaple England. They shared the audio of the 911 call on Twitter.

Woman calls in bomb threat and successfully gets her boyfriend out of urine test at probation office

Deniz Martinez and Jason Drake 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman, who had no criminal history, called police to report a bomb threat to get her criminal boyfriend out of trouble.

The woman of Lake Wales, Florida, was waiting in her car while her boyfriend went to see his probation officer.

The probation officer asked 38-year-old Jason Drake, for a urine sample at 8:30 a.m., but her refused to comply.

He was ordered to wait in the building until he had to use the bathroom so he can provide the urine sample.

During that time, Drake communicated with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Deniz Martinez, via text messages. He claims that after he waited six hours at the office, he decided to do something to get himself out of there.

Drake allegedly asked Martinez to call police to report that someone threatened to blow up the building. She then used her own cellphone to place the call.

Investigators said that around 2:40 p.m., Martinez called 911 and said that there was a man in front of the Probation and Parole building located at 1289 1st St. South in Winter Haven, and he was going to blow the building up.

Everyone was evacuated as police searched the area. Police determined that the call was a hoax and they located Martinez through the cellphone she used to make the call.

She was arrested for filing a false report concerning planting a bomb.

Drake, who was on probation for grand theft and drug possession, managed to avoid taking the urine test.

He was later arrested for violation of probation since he did not produce the required urine urinalysis. He could be facing more charges for his role in the bomb threat.

Woman tricks her former boyfriend to come to her home where she beat up his new wife

Kengela C. Floyd 
By: Wayne Morin

Police in Florida, were called after a woman lured her former boyfriend to her home so that she can beat up his new wife.

Avery Fulmore told Tavares police officers that his former girlfriend, 22-year-old Kengela C. Floyd, called him to pick up their daughter.

Floyd told him that their daughter had gotten into trouble at school. Fulmore drove to her home with his wife in the car.

Fulmore told officers that his wife waited in the car as he entered the apartment to talk to his daughter. Meanwhile, his former girlfriend went outside to talk to his wife.

When the father questioned the child about what happened at school, she told him she did not get into any trouble, but her mother wanted him to come over so she can fight with his new wife.

Fulmore ran outside and found his daughter’s mother attacking his wife. Floyd had his wife pinned against the car.

Fulmore called the police, and separated the two women. When he managed to get his wife into the car, Floyd started hitting and biting him.

Officers noted that all three had scratches and bruises while Fulmore had a few bite marks.

Fulmore soon learned that his former girlfriend was the one who got into trouble at school. According to the police report, officers were called to his daughter’s school after Floyd got into a physical altercation with a teacher and they wanted her banned from the campus.

Floyd was arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery and resisting arrest. She was booked into the Lake County jail, and bail was set at $13,000.

Mother who asked homeless woman to look after her son ‘for a few minutes’ never returns

By: Mahesh Sarin

People in Russia, called police after seeing a young boy walking around at a train station with a homeless woman.

Police have since released a picture of the 2-year-old boy in an attempt to identify and locate his mother.

The homeless woman of Moscow, told police that the boy’s mother approached her at the train station and asked if her son Dima, can sit next to her for a few minutes.

The homeless woman agreed to look after him for a short time, but the mother never returned.

Residents became concerned after seeing the boy following the homeless woman as she begged for money on the streets.

Police questioned the woman, who has been living in the railway station in the city of Noginsk for some time.

They took custody of the child, who will be placed in an orphanage, if police cannot locate the mother or her family members.

Police have released the photo of the child with the hope that someone will recognize him and identify his mother. The 2-year-old boy reportedly has a learning disability and he does not speak, but he cries a lot.

The homeless woman described the mother as well dressed and claimed that she had a cough.

Hospital receptionist catches baby midair after new father accidentally dropped him

The parents and Leonardo Araujo holding the baby 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A hospital has released surveillance video, showing a nurse saving a baby when he caught the child with one hand.

The incident occurred after first-time father Carlos Henrique, placed his son’s car seat down on the reception counter at a hospital in Teofilo Otoni, Brazil.

As he placed the car seat down, the baby fell out and rolled down to the floor.

Receptionist Leonardo Araujo acted quickly. He reached his arm out and caught the newborn baby boy just inches from the ground.

The father, who is a businessman, was horrified over the incident as he thought he had strapped his baby into the car seat, but it turned out that he did not close it correctly.

Araujo, who has worked in hospitals for over 14 years, said that he was finalizing the mother's paperwork so she can go home when the incident unfolded.

Thankfully, baby Enzo was not injured. Henrique and his wife Leah, stayed at the hospital for another half an hour to make sure that the baby was fine.

“I am still in shock,” Henrique said before he left. “I just want to forget this moment and raise my son,” he added.

Arizona law makes changing baby’s diaper a crime of sexual assault

Baby in bath (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Parents and doctors in Arizona, are shocked over a ruling, which makes innocent contact with a baby a crime.

The Arizona Supreme Court issued this terrifying decision after a man attempted to have his sexual assault conviction overturned.

The man who was convicted of sexually touching his stepdaughter, claimed that there was no sexual intent.

However, the court upheld his conviction as the justices examined the language in Arizona's sexual abuse laws, which does not require sexual intent in order to be charged.

The law clearly criminalizes any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals regardless of intent.

The legislation forbids any person from “intentionally or knowingly touching any part of the genitals, backside or female breast” of a child under fifteen years of age.

Although it is not likely for prosecutors to arrest people for touching without sexual intent, this new law allows parents to be arrested and charged with sexual assault when changing a baby’s diaper or bathing the child.

Doctors can also be charged under the law after examining a baby’s private parts. Those convicted under the statute may be imprisoned for five years.

Teacher installs bike pedals under students’ desks to help them concentrate

The desk cycle 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A teacher came up with a unique way to keep her students interested and focused in her class.

The math teacher of North Carolina, said that some students had trouble focusing during her lessons so she decided to take action.

Bethany Lambeth, 28, who teaches at the Martin Middle School in Raleigh, applied for a grant, and when it was approved, she bought a desk cycled machines that looks like bike pedals and she installed them under each of her students’ desk.

Lambeth, who has been teaching for the past seven years, said that the bike pedals help students channel their energy so they don’t lose their patience and concentration in class.

Lambeth said that her students love the new exercise desks and so do their parents because the quality of their work has gone up and their grades became much better.

The teacher explained that people often want to know if students find it distracting, but she claims that it has the opposite effect.

“The kids are no longer picking on each other, fidgeting and walking around, and they take their energy out on the bike and get their work done,” she said.

Bikini-clad teens stop drivers on highway and ask for $1 for shirts

Bikini-clad teens asking for $1 for shirts 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Drivers in Russia, were surprised to see bikini-clad teens walking on a busy highway.

The incident unfolded on a highway in Kazan.

The teens revealed that they are asking for money as part of an experiment to teach them how to be a wife.

The teens claim that they were paid $300 each to participate in the workshop that will teach them to have confidence in a marriage.

The teens stopped drivers, who were happy to chat with the bikini-clad women. The teens then asked for $1 so they can buy shirts to wear on their naked bodies.

The organizer said that by getting the teens to ask for money from men, they will gain experience in asking their husbands for spending money.

24 people suffer burns after wearing free T-shirts from stand-up paddleboarding tournament

Stand-up paddle boarding 
By: Wayne Morin

Police launched an investigation after two dozen people suffered burns from T-shirts given to them during a stand-up paddleboarding tournament, according to police in Japan.

Police said that the incident unfolded at the tournament, which was run by Stand Up Paddle Union Japan in Chigasaki City.

A spokesperson for Stand Up Paddle Union Japan, said that they have recalled 360 T-shirts that were given away at the tournament.

At least 24 people have reported that they got burns and blisters while wearing the shirts. One participant told investigators that the shirt felt slimy when he entered the water.

When he came out of the water, his back was covered in blisters. He said that he is unable to sleep due to the pain.

Police are questioning the manufacturer who is facing a charge of negligence, as a chemical residue was found on the T-shirts.

Three immigrants gang rape teen near Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Three men were arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly gang raping a teen near the Eiffel tower, according to police France.

Paris police that the they have arrested the three immigrants from Algeria, after one of them lured the 19-year-old woman to the Eiffel tower, where she was gang raped.

All three men were charged with rape and booked into jail.

According to the police investigation, the three men were staying at a hotel when one of them met the woman on Facebook.

The man managed to lure her to the Eiffel tower for a date, but when she arrived, the three men gang raped her. The teen was found tied and gagged in the park by a group of joggers the morning after the attack.

Angry elephant tramples tourist to death in front of wife because he was taking pictures

Elephant (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A tourist who was enjoying himself at a park, was trampled to death by an elephant while he was taking pictures of the animal, according to police in Kenya.

Malindi police said that 66-year-old Fernando Mocclola of Italy, was camping in the Tsavo National Park, with his wife.

He and his wife were enjoying breakfast at the Swara Camp on Sunday around 11:00 a.m., when Mocclola noticed the elephant near the river.

He went to check it out and tried to take some pictures. As Mocclola was taking pictures, the elephant ran up to him and trampled him to death.

He was taken to the Malindi hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Investigators believe that the elephant felt threatened from the tourist who took pictures of it.

College student earns $1,800 a month by reviewing fast food on YouTube

John of the TheReportoftheWeek YouTube channel 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A college student in New York, is managing to earn nearly $2,000 per month, by reviewing fast food on his YouTube channel.

John, who runs the popular YouTube channel TheReportoftheWeek, reviews fast food from major restaurants.

He has accumulated over 600 videos and is earning about $1,800 per month, mostly from ad revenue.

John started reviewing fast food restaurant five years ago, and has accumulated a large fan base of over 88,000 subscribers on YouTube.

His videos have been watched nearly 8 million times. In addition to reviewing fast food, John records videos about energy drinks and frozen food.

John got the idea about reviewing fast food after watching a guy talking about pizza on YouTube, where he got many views.

The student still lives with his parents and buys outdated and oversized suits because he can purchase them for about $100 a piece.

France bans the use of plastic cutlery as well as plastic cups and plates

Plastic cutlery (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) France has outlawed the use of plastic tableware as part of a plan to make the country more environmentally friendly.

Initially, lawmakers proposed having the law go into effect in three years from now, but the date has been moved up to early next year.

When the law goes into effect, restaurants will be unable to serve any plastic cutlery, plastic cups or plastic plates.

Coffee vending machines will no longer dispense beverages in anything plastic and instead will use material that can be composted.

Opponents of the new law slammed it as anti-social, claiming that the measure will hurt poor families relying on cheap plastic tableware.

Lawmakers have already banned the use of plastic bags. The measure went into effect earlier this summer.

Opponents are preparing to file a lawsuit against the new ban, claiming that the measure violates the EU rule of free movement of goods.

Actor drowns in river after people ignore his call for help believing it was just part of his act

Domingos Montagner 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) An actor who jumped into a river in Brazil, drowned after people ignored his call for help, thinking it was just part of an act, according to police.

Caninde police said that the incident unfolded in the Sao Francisco River, on Thursday.

54-year-old Domingos Montagner, who played a role in the Velho Chico soap opera, jumped into the river with fellow actress Camila Pitanga.

Pitanga told investigators that she immediately noticed a strong current and decided to get out of the water. She tried to pull Montagner out of the water, but was unsuccessful.

People in the area who saw Montagner calling for help, ignored his plea, believing it was just part of his act. Globo TV confirmed that its crew was shooting a scene in the area at the time of the incident.

By the time rescuers arrived, it was too late. Montagner left behind his wife Luciana Lima, and their three children.

Cruel man changes fake $50 bill at lemonade stand run by 8-year-old girl raising money for Alzheimer’s research

Lemonade stand (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police are looking to arrest a cruel man who changed a fake $50 bill into smaller denominations at a lemonade stand run by a young girl, according to police in Michigan.

Monroe police said that incident unfolded on Sunday, as 8-year-old Maya Leachman was selling lemonade for Alzheimer’s research.

The girl and her mother did not realize what the suspect has done until they counted the money later in the evening. Luckily, the girl raised more than $1,100.

Leachman said that during the day, a man came up to the lemonade stand and noted that he was deaf. He waved a $50 bill and asked the girl to exchange it for smaller denominations.

Leachman took the fake $50 note and gave the suspect change.

So far, the suspect remains at large. David Swartout, who is a builder in Monroe, gave the girl a $500 after learning about the fake $50 bill.

Naked man breaks into home and bites woman before dying at a hospital

Sleeping woman (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police launched an investigation after a naked man broke into a home and bit a woman before dying at a hospital, according to police in Florida.

Ocala police said that 40-year-old James Raines, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he broke into the home, where two women and a man were sleeping.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Saturday around 4:30 a.m., in the 2900 block of Northeast 45th Street.

Raines was completely naked and he proceeded to bite one of the women. He then attacked the other woman and the man sleeping in the home.

The three victims were able to restrain the naked man until police arrived at the scene. Raines was taken to a hospital, where he died.

When police went to Raines’ house, they found a woman under the influence of drugs and she was rushed to a hospital.