Doctor sexually harasses woman during Pap smear by asking whether she likes big ones or small ones

Dr. Adekunle Williams Owolabi (left) 
By: Chan Yuan

A doctor was charged with misconduct after being accused of sexually harassing women during medical exams, according to officials in Canada.

Now, Dr. Adekunle Williams Owolabi of Labrador West, has lost his license to practice medicine for six months after being found guilty of four counts professional misconduct.

Before he resumes his work as a doctor, he must take a course on appropriate doctor-patient boundaries. Owolabi was also ordered to pay $75,000 in costs related to the investigation and disciplinary process.

According to the investigation, Owolabi inappropriately hugged and kissed several patients. In one incident, Owolabi asked a woman whether she likes big ones or small ones as he was performing a Pap smear.

A total of four women filed complaints against the doctor, and a tribunal established by the provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons, found that Owolabi has shown a lack of respect for the dignity and privacy of his patients, constituting professional misconduct.

Flight attendants panic after looking for missing passenger named Barbara only to realize that she was a doll with a ticket

Barbara the doll sitting in plane seat 
By: Wayne Morin

A man who traveled to see a replica of Noah’s ark, flew on a plane along with a bunch of bananas and a baby doll, according to passengers on board the flight.

Sara Novic of New York, said that she was flying to Cincinnati Ohio, when she found herself sitting beside a baby doll.

The owner of the doll, who was not identified, bought a ticket for the toy and placed it in the seat next to Novic. The man also had a bunch of bananas as a snack for himself and the doll.

As they were prepared to take off, flight attendants began frantically looking for a passenger named Barbara. That is when the man notified the crew that they were looking for his doll.

The man was admonished for buying his doll a ticket rather than carrying it in his luggage. The man and the doll were heading to a museum and to see a Noah’s ark replica.

Novic took photos of the doll and uploaded them on Twitter.

She said that the doll was very creepy, but behaved better than any baby.

Man knocked unconscious after cutting in line at pizza shop

Pizza shop (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A violent fight broke out after a man cut in line at a pizza shop, according to police in Washington D.C.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Jose Nelson Melendez Rodriguez, after being accused of stabbing a man who confronted him about cutting in line.

Police have also arrested 20-year-old Justin Anthony McKinney, after being accused of kicking Rodriguez in the head after stabbing the victim.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Sunday around 4:00 a.m., at the Jumbo Pizza, which is located at 1344 U St. NW.

After Rodriguez cut in line, he was confronted by a man, who was not identified. Rodriguez and the man then went outside to fight each other.

That is when Rodriguez pulled out a knife from his backpack and stabbed the man. In response, he punched Rodriguez in the face, knocking him unconscious.

McKinney then kicked Rodriguez in the face.

Man calls police after finding young naked woman asleep in his Cadillac

Woman on bed (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man freaked out when he saw a scantily clad woman sleeping inside his truck, according to police in Florida.

Panama City police said that the man, who was not identified, found the woman wearing just a bra and panties, sleeping inside his Cadillac.

Since he never saw the young woman before, the man decided to call the police instead of waking her up.

Police officer who arrived at the scene on Ninth Street, tried to wake up the woman, who was in possession of a T-shirt belonging to a nearby restaurant, indicating that she was a waitress.

After making several attempts to wake her up, the woman finally regained consciousness. She did not know how she ended up in the man’s truck.

The woman had lacerations on her hands and legs, and appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police took her home and watched her until she entered her apartment.

Man drowns after jumping into lake to retrieve his hat

Man wearing hat (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a man was found 50 feet below the surface of a lake, according to police in California.

29-year-old Steven Cornejo San Bernardino, allegedly lost his hat and jumped into the lake to retrieve it.

His friends told police that the wind blew the hat off from his head and it fell into Lake Havasu. Cornejo jumped in to fish his hat out of the water, but he never resurfaced.

The victim was enjoying a boat ride with his friends around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Divers were called in to find Cornejo, and after several hours, his body was found 50 feet under the surface of the lake by using sonar.

Woman shocked to see plane passenger beside her was baby doll whose owner bought her a ticket

Doll sitting in plane seat 
By: Barbara the doll next to Novic

A woman took to social media to express her shock when the “passenger” next to her was a doll.

The woman said that the man who was sitting in the window seat of her aisle, paid for a seat for his baby doll rather than keeping it in his luggage.

Sara Novic said that she was traveling on a midnight flight from Brooklyn, New York, to Cincinnati, Ohio, and was happy to see that the seat next to her was empty, but then became puzzled when a man with his “terrifying doll” arrived.

Novic documented the strange experience on Twitter, describing it as a “nightmare.”

In her first tweet she wrote: “Good news: no person in the middle seat next to me. Bad news: terrifying baby doll that belongs to the man in the window seat next to me.”

She then kept updating her friends on Twitter, saying: “He bought the doll a ticket. The flight attendant is trying to explain why you should not put the name of the doll on the ticket next time you buy one.

“Apparently, the TSA was frantically trying to match the name and birth date provided until they realized it was not a real person.”

She then posted a photo of herself next the doll and wrote: “Happy waking nightmares, everybody.”

After a two-hour layover, Novic said that she was even more surprised to find that the man with the doll named Barbara, once again was sitting next to her.

Novic took another photo of herself with the doll that was sitting on her right. “On the positive side, Barbara was a very well-behaved baby,” she joked.

Man loses his wife and friends after he was caught trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl

Mark Thornton 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was left humiliated and alone after he was busted trying to have sex with a young girl.

The incident began when a man, who works as a pedophile hunter, pretended to be a 13-year-old girl.

“She” was contacted by 50-year-old Mark Thornton of England, who groomed the child and he sent her photos of his private parts.

Thornton told the girl that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl before, but at 13, she was his youngest sex partner. He asked the girl for photos of herself, but she said that she did not have any.

The pedophile hunter said that he also set up an online account, pretending to be a 15-year-old girl and he was once again contacted by Thornton.

Thornton and the 13-year-old girl finally decided to meet at an Asda parking lot in Darlington. When Thornton arrived, he met face to face with the vigilante who works with the group called Dark Justice.

Thornton, who has a grown son, denied knowing that the girl he came to have sex with was just 13. He claimed that she told him she was 16 years old.

However, with overwhelming proof against him, Thornton pleaded guilty at the Teeside Crown court.

He admitted to attempting to incite a child under 16 to engage in sexual activity and attempting to meet a child under the age of 16 for the purpose of sexual activity among other charges.

At sentencing, Recorder Richard Wright QC said: “It is clear to me that you have little to no insight into your offending so you pose a risk to children. Losing your partner, friends and family is entirely your own fault.”

Thornton was sentenced two years in prison and he was ordered to register as a sex offenders for ten years.

Man stabs customer at a pizza shop for not allowing him to cut the line

Pizza (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police were called to a bloody fight outside a restaurant in Washington D.C.

When officers arrived, they found that a man stabbed another person who would not allow him to cut in line at a pizza shop.

Authorities said that the argument began when 20-year-old Jose Nelson Melendez Rodriguez, decided to cut the line at Jumbo Pizza.

Another customer took issue with it and they got into an argument. The two then stepped outside to battle it out.

Rodriguez stabbed the man, who was not named. He suffered non-life threatening injuries. The stabbing victim then punched Rodriguez, knocking him unconscious.

A friend of the stabbed victim, who was identified as 20-year-old Justin McKinney, then kicked Rodriguez in the head while he was down, police said.

Rodriguez was taken to a hospital before being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. McKinney of Glen Burnie, Maryland, was charged with assault.

5-year-old girl runs over younger sister with their mother’s truck crushing her to death as mother watched

Truck (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A mother watched in horror as her daughter ran over and killed her younger child with her vehicle.

The 25-year-old mother of three children was washing her SUV in Ruckersville, Virginia, while the truck was running.

When she turned away, her 5-year-old daughter moved the gear shift from park to neutral, causing it to start moving.

As the Ford Explorer rolled backwards, it ran over her daughter, 18-month-old Aeayla A. Camacho.

The girl was crushed to death. The mother was taken to University of Virginia Medical Center after suffering an injury to her ankle while trying to save her daughter.

The woman's two other daughters, who were both in the car at the time, were not injured.

So far, no charges will be filed, although an investigation into the death is ongoing.

‘Chester who defends the child molesters’ was arrested for lying in court to help child molesters

Chester Kwitowski 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Police in Florida, have arrested a despicable man, who lied under oath to help child molesters get away with their crimes.

57-year-old Chester Kwitowski of Tampa, who was the president and chief executive officer of IT firm Brightside Enterprises Inc., came to court as an expert witness to defend child molesters.

Authorities began investigating Kwitowski after they became suspicious about his certifications, education, and level of expertise, which he submitted to the court.

Kwitowski claimed that he was an expert witness in at least 50 state and federal cases in computer forensics. He was hired by suspects to help them get off from child abuse charges, police said.

Police said that he was an expert witness at the trial of at least five suspects who were accused of sexual battery on a minor and/or possession of child pornography.

“We call him Chester who defends the molesters,” said Sheriff Grady Judd.

Kwitowski is now facing two counts of giving false statements during prosecution of capital felony and three counts of giving false statements in official proceeding.

Teenager’s selfie prank uncovers sickening child abuse images on man’s phone

Kirsty-Ann Barr 
By: Mahesh Sarin

An innocent selfie prank led to a man’s arrest after friends found disturbing photos on his phone.

18-year-old Kirsty-Ann Barr of the United Kingdom, called police after playing a prank on a man who was living with her and her boyfriend.

Barr said that she became good friends with 24-year-old Nathan Kozel, while he was living with her and her boyfriend in Yorkshire.

She said that after a night of drinking, she and her boyfriend decided to take some selfies on Kozel's phone while he was sitting in their room.

When the couple opened his phone, they found very disturbing photos of children being sexually abused and of a person performing a sex act with a horse.

They immediately called police, who confiscated all of Kozel’s electronic devices, and he was arrested.

He pleaded guilty at the Hull Magistrates' Court to making an indecent image of a child, possession of indecent photographs of children, possessing prohibited images of children and possessing an extreme photographic image of a person performing a sex act with a horse.

Kozel was sentenced to complete 30 days of rehabilitation, he was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order and he was ordered to pay £80 ($103).

Barr said that she was shocked by the lenient sentence her former friend received. “I don't think it’s fair for what he had on his phone,” she said.

Man who severely beat his wife is allowed to continue working at domestic violence abuse hotline

David Bird 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A victim of domestic violence is angry after her abusive husband was allowed to keep his job dealing with domestic abuse victims.

Nichola Bird, 42, of the United Kingdom, said that her 55-year-old husband David Bird, beat her up because she tried talking to him while he was watching a football game.

Police were called after David choked and punched his wife, leaving her “black and blue,” according to police in Yorkshire.

David was found guilty of the charges and he was given a two year community order by the city's magistrates. He was also ordered to pay £270 ($350).

Nichola said that she was notified that her husband of 18 months, received a very light sentence because it was his first offense.

However, she is very upset that he was allowed to keep his job helping vulnerable people who were abused by their partners.

David was not suspended from his council job helping domestic violence victims and he allegedly received full pay from his job while he was being prosecuted and found guilty of domestic violence.

“It is not as if he is employed picking up garbage. He deals with vulnerable people who have been domestically abused. He has been going to work as if nothing has happened. It's a joke,” Nichola said.

Domestic violence advocates said that they way the case was handled is “a disgrace.”

Police finally arrest creepy clown after weeks of hiding in woods and attempting to lure children

Jonathan Martin 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police in Kentucky, asked people to be on the lookout after a creepy clown was trying lure children into the woods.

Authorities said that while dressing in a costume is not illegal, creating unnecessary alarm is illegal and a crime.

Five other police stations across the United States, have announced that they were looking for clowns with different masks, who were seen around their towns.

Now, police in Kentucky, have announced that they have arrested one clown. He was identified as 20-year-old Jonathan Martin.

Police arrested Martin, and charged him with wearing a mask in a public place and disorderly conduct.

He was spotted at around 1:00 a.m., in a full clown suit and mask squatting among trees across an apartment complex in Middlesboro, police said.

Recent reports of clowns who tried to lure children into wooded areas have caused concern to residence.

Police believe that one person started the trend of wearing clown masks in public and then there were copy cats.

Authorities hope that the Martin arrest will deter others from dressing up as clowns and scaring people.