71-year-old woman beats her sister over the head with spatula at Walmart during fight over rent

Sandra Waller 
By: Wayne Morin

An elderly woman was arrested on a charge of battery after allegedly beating her sister over the head with a spatula, according to police in Florida.

Fort Pierce police said that they have arrested 71-year-old Sandra Waller, after being accused of beating her sister at Walmart, during a fight about rent money.

In court, Waller pleaded not guilty to one count of battery.

According to the police investigation, Waller and her 65-year-old sister live together in the 3700 block of Arnold Road.

On Saturday, the sisters decided to go shopping at Walmart. At some point, the two sister began arguing about rent money.

Waller got angry and the fight turned physical. Waller grabbed a spatula from the shelf and hit her sister multiple times. The victim suffered a cut on her head.

Man wearing Donald Trump mask stabs woman in the stomach after asking her for drugs and money

Donald Trump 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of assault after allegedly stabbing a woman who was smoking a cigarette outside of her home, according to police in Florida.

Cape Coral Police said that incident unfolded on Monday around 12:30 a.m., when the woman, who was not identified, went out of her home to smoke a cigarette.

The woman, who armed herself with a knife for protection, noticed a man approaching her. The man, who was wearing a Donald Trump mask, asked her for money and drugs.

The woman threatened him with her knife and a struggle ensued. The man eventually grabbed the woman’s knife and stabbed her in the stomach.

The woman was rushed to the Lee Memorial Hospital, where she is said to be in stable condition. The woman told police that the man was wearing a black shirt, black pants and black gloves.

Police searched the area and they found the knife. The suspect remains at large.

Old man dies after being run over by car while riding his lawnmower without lights in middle of the night on highway

Lawnmower (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

An elderly man is dead after being run over by a car in middle of the night on a busy highway, according to police in Florida.

The Florida Highway Patrol said that 71-year-old Glenn Norman Wheeler, took his lawnmower for a spin on U.S. 19 in Levy County, on Saturday night.

A 38-year-old woman, who was not identified, was driving a 1968 Pontiac Firebird behind Wheeler. She was unable to see him, as the John Deere lawnmower lights were not working.

The woman ran over Wheeler, and he died of his injuries. The woman stayed at the scene until police arrived. Police do not know why Wheeler was riding his 2009 lawnmower on the highway.

No charges have been filed.

Woman wakes up with horrific bruises after being drugged and used for rough sex with a couple

Michael Taylor and Anne Hardcastle 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police in Utah, were called to a hospital after a woman woke up with many bruises and she did not know how it happened.

The victim told police that she met a couple at the Sundance Film Festival, where they bought her drinks.

She befriended the couple who was from New York City. The couple invited her to a Sundance afterparty, prosecutors said.

She agreed, but the two people, who were identified as Anne Hardcastle, 27, and Michael Taylor, 45, said they had to make a quick detour to their hotel room first.

Once inside the room, the couple gave her more booze and ecstasy. The couple then suggested that she should join them for a threesome, prosecutors said.

However, the victim did not remember what happened. She woke up in the couple’s bed and she left.

She checked herself in to a hospital after suffering marks all over her upper body, suction marks on her neck, bruises and bite marks on her arm, a bitten lower lip and acute vaginal pain, according to the arrest warrant.

Hardcastle sent the victim an Instagram friend request while the woman was still in the hospital. In the message she allegedly wrote: “You said you liked it rough and so I gave you what you wanted.”

Police directed the victim to continue talking with the suspect about the night in question in order to piece together what happened.

Over the next six months, she stayed in touch with Hardcastle who admitted that she performed a sex act on the victim, digitally penetrated her and licked her chest.

She also admitted that Taylor fondled the victim’s chest and digitally penetrated her, according to the warrant.

Taylor was charged with object rape and forcible sexual abuse.

Hardcastle was charged with object rape and forcible sodomy.

Boy who received $1 million from Education Department for being unable to read and write uses money to become criminal

Beau Abela 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A boy made headlines when his father sued the department of education because his son was unable to read or write.

Beau Abela of Australia, was just 12 years old at the time when his father filed the lawsuit on his behalf.

The father, Peter, took the Victorian Government to court, accusing it of failing to give his son a proper education.

A Federal Court ruled that the education department had in fact failed Beau and they were ordered to pay nearly $1 million to child. The state also agreed to fund the purchase of a car for Beau when he will be 18 years old.

The money was suppose to cover a private education, training, personal advancement, including in relation to self-esteem, health or employment prospects for Beau.

Sadly, Beau, who is now 22 years old, used the money to buy drugs and he is leading a criminal life.

Beau was arrested after being accused of stealing a $2,000 Nissan. He pleaded guilty to the charges and he was handed a good behavior bond.

Psychologist Dr. Kaylene Evers believes that despite winning the $1 million and a car, the years of drawn out legal action at such a young age may have caused Beau significant trauma, leading him to live a destructive life.

Bride is shocked as her prankster father deliberately dropped her wedding cake in front of guests

The bride and groom watching father drop the cake 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A bride, groom and wedding guests were shocked when the bride's father dropped the wedding cake.

The bride's father, Andy Todd, 47, of Devon, England, is known as a prankster.

The bride said that her mother spoke to her father before the wedding and asked him not to do any pranks during the wedding.

However, as he was giving his speech during the wedding, Todd went over to the cake and said that he wants to thank the baker, who was also at the wedding, for doing such a beautiful job decorating it.

The bride, 23-year-old Dina, was heard telling her father not to lift the cake, but he did not listen. As he was putting the cake down, Todd deliberately dropped it to the floor.

Dina and her new husband Johnny Smart, 24, were horrified by seeing their cake in pieces on the floor.

Screams of shock and horror were also heard from the guests as the video captured the moment the cake went tumbled to the floor.

However, Todd soon pointed out that the real cake was in the back of the room. Everyone looked up and laughed.

“My head was in my hands, tears were about to come. I have never felt anything like it, I was so angry for about two minutes. It was a big surprise,” the bride said.

Todd, who is a caterer, said that he had been planning this prank for six months, and he did not even tell his wife about it.

He just asked the baker to replicate the real cake using styrofoam. The baker named Sam, did a great job, as the fake cake looked exactly like the real one.

Drunk woman demands police photoshop her mugshot so she looks good

The woman 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman of China, who was pulled over by police, demanded that they photoshop her mugshot before releasing it to the public.

The woman smiled as she posed so officers can take a nice photo of her.

The incident began at around 11:45 p.m. The woman was pulled over by police in Xinjiang. When officers asked for her license, she said that she does not have it.

Officer said that the woman, who appeared to be drunk, began flirting with them in an attempt to get out of a ticket.

Police asked her to perform a breathalyzer test, but she did not cooperate. Police said that she used the old trick of allowing the device to be placed in her mouth, but she held her breath to avoid being caught.

Officer warned the woman that if she did not cooperate, she will be taken to a hospital for a blood test to determine her alcohol level.

The woman finally followed officers’ instructions and the breathalyzer confirmed that the woman was drunk.

When police took her photo for evidence, she demanded that officers use Meitu, a popular Chinese photo editing app, to make her look better.

Man takes girlfriend to Apple store to buy iPhone 7 but he gives her wedding ring instead

The man proposing to his girlfriend 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman who was looking forward to getting an iPhone 7, was shocked to receive an engagement ring instead.

The woman and her boyfriend of China, have been together for seven years.

For a long time, she had a simple cellphone because she could not afford an iPhone.

Last year, her boyfriend informed his girlfriend that he will be saving up money to buy her the latest iPhone as a gift. However, this was just a ploy so he can save money for an engagement ring.

Now that he saved up enough money, the man of Shenzhen, bought a ring and he came up with a proposal that involved the Apple store.

The young man took his girlfriend to an Apple store, where she thought he will be buying her the new iPhone 7 she wanted.

However, once they arrived outside, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The woman was overwhelmed with joy and she said “yes.”

The boyfriend them informed his new fiancee that he does not have enough money to buy her the smartphone because he had spent all his savings on the ring.

Bride posts photos of wedding to Myspace before learning that the groom is a fugitive who is wanted for murder

Jihad Amir Ramadan with his bride 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) An innocent wedding photo may ruin a bride’s dreams of living happily ever after.

This comes after the bride posted photos of her happy day to social media.

Once a photo is posted to the Internet, it stays there for all to see, including law enforcement.

The U.S. Marshals Service released the wedding photo and announced that they want to talk to the bride who is seen in the photo.

The photo was posted to Myspace, although the U.S. Marshals are not sure when the wedding took place, they know that the groom is a wanted man.

Authorities said that he is wanted in connection with the murder of a college student in 2005, and he has been on the run ever since.

Federal agents said that they believe the groom is the man they are looking for. He was born as Justin Faustin and he is now 30 years old.

Authorities believe that Faustin has changed his name to Jihad Amir Ramadan, and he married the woman in the photo, who apparently has no idea of his past.

Authorities said that the man has a lot of family all over the United States. They are not sure where he lives now, but they offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Groom suffers medical emergency after silly prank on the way to his wedding went wrong

Groom being sprayed 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A wedding nearly turned deadly after friends of the groom played a prank on him.

A video of the incident that was uploaded to the Internet, shows the groom coming out of a car and walking towards the hall.

The groom was dressed in firefighting gear, with a hat, jacket and pants.

One of the friends jumped on the groom, causing him to fall to the ground. That is when other wedding guest began spraying the groom with fire extinguishers.

He was heard coughing and screaming that he cannot breathe. The bride told people to bring him water.

Emergency workers were called to help the groom as he had a hard time catching his breath. Luckily, after some time, the groom began feeling better and he was able continue the wedding.

12-year-old girl kills herself to donate her organs to sick father and brother but family finds suicide note after cremation

Young girl (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A young girl in India, committed suicide in order to help her sick brother and father, but she ended up being cremated.

12-year-old Mumpy Sarkar of West Bengal, drank pesticide so that her father and brother can use her healthy organs.

However, she died in vein, after her family decided to cremate the body before finding her suicide note in which she expressed her wish to help out her sick family.

The girl’s father needed an eye transplant to regain his vision while her brother needed a kidney transplant. The suicide note detailing her wish to help her father and brother was found a day after the body was cremated.

The 12-year-old girl did tell her older sister of her plan and urged her to join her for the cause, but she laughed and went to school.

Mumpy then drank a pesticide and ran to tell her father that someone poured poison into her mouth and her stomach hurt.

The girl was taken to a hospital as her conditioned worsened and she died later that day. Before going to the hospital, she left the suicide note on her bed, but nobody went into her room until after the cremation.

Woman shocked to find long venomous snake hiding inside her boot

Snake inside Ugg boot 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman in Australia, freaked out after finding a long brown snake inside her boot.

The woman, who was not identified, called Snake Catchers Adelaide, in order to remove the venomous snake from her boot and home.

Rolly Burrell, who is the manager of Snake Catchers Adelaide, responded to the scene in Moana, where he found the snake hiding inside an Ugg boot.

He picked up the boot and tipped it over, causing the snake to fall into a plastic bag. Burrell warned people to check their boots before sticking their feet into them.

Luckily, the woman was not injured.

“It's chilly enough for Ugg boots today, thinks this eastern brown snake. A resident from Moana, walked outside and saw the tail of something brown go into her Ugg boot, looks snuggly in there doesn't he,” Snake Catchers Adelaide wrote on Facebook.

Teen starves her mother to death by tying her to chair because she took away her Internet

Woman addicted to Internet (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A teen was arrested on a charge of manslaughter after starving her mother to death by tying her to a chair for a week, according to police in China.

Heilongjiang police said that they have arrested the 16-year-old girl, who was not identified, after being accused of killing her mother because she took away her Internet.

According to the police investigation, after the girl dropped out of school, her parents took away her computer and disconnected her Internet.

She was then sent to a boot camp for treatment of her Internet addiction. When she escaped from the boot camp, the girl went home and tied her mother to a chair.

She then called her aunt and asked for money in exchange for freeing her mother. It took a week for the girl to get the money, but by that time, her mother was unconscious.

The girl called an ambulance, and her mother was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Several months ago, the teen stabbed her father.

The father is still recovering at a hospital.

Customs officers find man’s intestines inside woman’s suitcase

Passengers at airport (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Customs officers in Austria, were shocked to find human intestines inside a woman’s suitcase.

The woman was detained at the Graz Airport, after customs officers noticed something suspicious about the suitcase.

They also sensed that the woman was nervous, and they ordered her to open her luggage. Inside, the officers found intestines, which were carefully wrapped in plastic.

The 35-year-old woman of Morocco, explained that her husband, 40, recently died, and she suspects that he was poisoned.

She and her husband were married for eight years.

In order to know what happened to her husband, the woman decided to fly with her husband intestines and have a toxicology analysis done in the country.

No charges have been filed against the woman.

Coffee shop gives away free coffee to drivers who do not use their cellphones while driving

Driving Barista app 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A coffee shop in Japan, announced that it will be giving away free coffee to those drivers who don’t use their cellphones while driving.

Drivers who want to enjoy free coffee, will have to install the Driving Barista app on their cellphones.

The app uses the phone's sensors to detect the tilt of the device. The GPS of the phone will track the distance traveled without using the device.

Those drivers who travel 60 miles without touching their cellphones, will receive vouchers for free cups of coffee at the Komeda Coffee Shop.

Komeda has teamed up with Toyota Motor Corporation and KDDI Corporation, to reduce traffic accident fatalities in the country.

Toyota said in a statement that its ultimate goal is to achieve zero traffic fatalities and zero traffic accidents.

Hot tar covers worker and burns him after truck came to a sudden stop

Burning wood (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man was rushed to the hospital with severe burns after hot tar spilled on him during a work accident, according to police in Canada.

Toronto police said that the 46-year-old man, who was not identified, was in a truck carrying hot tar along with his coworkers.

He was in the back seat when it came to a sudden stop as the driver noticed that something has fallen off the truck. As a result, hot tar spilled on the worker and hardened on top of him.

According to the police investigation, the tar was around 400 degrees. As the tar became exposed to the air, it hardened very quickly, trapping the worker inside the truck.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene, had to cut away part of the truck and the hardened tar in order to free the worker. The worker was breathing and conscious throughout the ordeal.

Doctors believe that the worker did not die because he was wearing protective clothing. However, he suffered burns to his head, face and hands.

The man is in critical condition, while the other two men in the back of the truck were not injured.