Man beats his baby and punches wife in the face because she was breastfeeding in front of her doctor

Rafael Orozco 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of assault after allegedly punching his wife in the face because she was breastfeeding her child in front of her doctor, according to police in New Mexico.

Taos police said that 22-year-old Rafael Orozco, became enraged after seeing his wife, Iesha Hartt, breastfeeding their child in front of her doctor.

Orozco began arguing with his wife, and he punched her in the face. He then grabbed her by the throat and tried to strangle her.

He also hit his own child.

Security personnel at the doctors office intervened and separated the two. Hartt told police that her husband is a very jealous man.

A security officer told police that Orozco hit him in the ribs.

Orozco threatened that he had a gun, and he was allowed to get away before police arrived at the scene. The hospital was placed under lockdown until police confirmed that Orozco was no longer a threat.

Senator who tried to ban alcohol caught driving while intoxicated

Gilbert R. Baker 
By: Feng Qian

A senator who fought to ban alcohol sales, was arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated after he was stopped for drunken driving, according to police in Arkansas.

Conway police said that they have arrested state senator Gilbert R. Baker, a 60-year-old Republican, after refusing a breathalyzer test following a traffic stop.

A blood test was taken, and he tested positive for meth. In addition to testing positive for meth, Baker was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.19 percent.

Baker pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated and refusal to submit to a chemical test. He was sentenced to two days in jail, with credit for one day already served.

He also got a fine of $1,225. Baker is currently a music teacher at the University of Central Arkansas.

Teenage drug dealer busted after asking police whether they found his suitcase filled with cocaine

Man sitting on his suitcase (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A teenage drug dealer was put out of business after asking police whether they found his suitcase filled with cocaine, according to police in Washington.

The Seattle Police Department said that they have arrested the 19-year-old man, who was not identified, after police found his suitcase filled with cocaine on the street.

He was charged with one count of possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. He was booked into the King County Jail, pending a bail hearing.

According to the police investigation, the 19-year-old drug dealer was walking on the street when he stopped to pet a dog on Sunday around 2:00 p.m.

He then walked away and left his suitcase behind. The dog owner took the suitcase and gave it to a police officer. The officer opened the suitcase, hoping to locate the owner.

Inside, he found multiple bags of cocaine.

The officer also found the identification card of the teen along with a cellphone, a scale, 50 tablets of diazepam and a small amount of marijuana.

After a few minutes, the teen came back to the scene and asked the officer if he found a suitcase. He claimed that the suitcase contained important documents.

Man rams vehicle into robber who stole his cash and debit card outside bank

Cash and credit cards (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a new immigrant rammed his vehicle into a robber who stole his cash and ATM card, according to police in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia police said that the incident unfolded at the Wells Fargo Bank at 7345 Bustleton Avenue, on Monday around 11:00 p.m.

The 49-year-old robber, who was not identified, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the driver’s face. He grabbed the victim’s cash and debit card, and left.

The driver, who had his wife and young child in the car, left the scene, but after a few minutes, the victim decided to come back to the scene.

The to victim’s surprise, the robber was still at the scene, and he was armed with a knife. The driver rammed his vehicle into the thief, who suffered serious injuries.

The driver got out of his car, went through the pockets of the robber and found his money and debit card. The police found the robber lying in the road around 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

The robber suffered severe head injuries, and was taken to a nearby hospital. Police plan to charge him with robbery. Police will not charge the new immigrant for ramming his car into the thief.

Elderly man goes to beach dressed in clear plastic wrap bikini

Stephen Wojciehowski 
By: Wayne Morin

A man who did not want to wear clothes at a beach, came up with what he thought was a creative solution.

Police in New Jersey, said that the elderly man’s private parts were seen by the public despite the fact that he wrapped it in plastic.

The Beach Haven Police Department announced that they have arrested 59-year-old Stephen Wojciehowski of Cedar Run, on charges of lewdness.

Police began investigating the man at the Ocean Street Beach after several people reported Wojciehowski without any clothes on.

Detectives learned that Wojciehowski had spent two days on the beach “wearing a homemade, clear plastic wrap bikini, where his genitals were clearly exposed and was seen by the public on the public beach,” police said.

Wojciehowski was arrested and charged with lewdness. He was released from custody without bail.

Teenager is killed while crossing road hours after being cleared of attempted murder charges

Harry Butler 
By: Chan Yuan

A family of the United Kingdom, was left mourning the loss of their son a short time after hearing the good news that he was cleared of attempted murder charges.

The teenager was hit by a camper van while he was crossing a busy highway with his friend a few hours after he was informed that he will not be prosecuted after being accused of trying to kill a love rival.

18-year-old Harry “Hazz” Butler of Andover, died while his 23-year-old friend suffered serious injuries and remains in the Southampton General Hospital.

Julie, the mother of Butler’s former girlfriend Hannah Simmons, said that legal troubles for Butler began almost 10 months ago when he found her daughter with a new man.

Butler was upset to lose his girlfriend to the 24-year-old man and he reportedly attempted to get her back.

A few days later, the new boyfriend fell 30 feet from a balcony and suffered injuries that left him hospitalized for months.
Detectives began an investigation to determine whether Butler was behind the attack.

However, after a long investigation, Butler was cleared of any wrongdoing. Sadly, he died a few hours later.

Julie said that when her daughter received the call to inform her of Butler’s death. She thought it was a cruel joke as she was celebrating her 19th birthday. She was shocked to learn that it was not a joke, Julie said.

Woman caught having sex with dinosaur at children's playground

The woman and the dinosaur 
By: Wayne Morin

Police released photos of a woman that was seen having sex with a dinosaur that was on display at a children’s park in the United Kingdom.

The disturbing photos shows the woman holding her dress up and with no underpants on.

She was seen straddling the fibreglass baby T-Rex dinosaur that is on display at the Dinosaur Safari Trail attraction in Devon.

People took photos if the indecent acts that took place in broad daylight and handed the photos to police.

Police said that since releasing the photos, they received tips that led them to the suspect. Charges against her are still pending.

Sergeant Richard Stonecliffe of the Exmouth police department, said: “We have now identified the woman in the photographs and we will be speaking to her.”

Organizers of the Exmouth Dino Trail attraction said they were “completely disgusted” by the woman’s actions.

An East Devon District Council worker removed the head of the baby dinosaur to deep clean it after the woman's sex act.

Female police officer gets job at Burger King and catches workers selling drugs

Burger King (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A female police officer applied for a job at Burger King, after rumors spread about Burger King employees selling drugs.

Officer Nicole Fair got a job as a police officer in a close knit community in Thurmont, Maryland.

Since everyone knows each other in the community, the police sergeant decided to place the new “out of town” worker in the undercover mission.

Fair applied for a job at Burger King at 427 North Church Street. She listed all of her previous jobs, but she did not disclose her job as a police officer.

While working at Burger King for two months, the officer confirmed the rumors. She discovered that two employees brought drugs to work and they sold it outside in the parking lot.

Fair bought 5 grams of marijuana and two morphine pills from her coworkers before they were arrested.

23-year-old named Tommy Lee Miller of Thurmont, was charged with the possession and distribution of marijuana, while his colleague, Jonathan Brook Moser, 28, of Emmitsburg, was charged with the sale of both marijuana and morphine.

Four teenage girls shoot Pizza Hut driver with stun gun and steal pizza pies

Pizza (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Four teenagers are facing charges after they decided to get food without paying for it.

The group of teenagers of Oregon, used a stun gun on a Pizza Hut driver and escaped with pizza pies on Friday morning, according to Gresham police.

The driver told police that he was delivering pizza pies to an apartment complex on Northeast 170th Place and Halsey Street, when he was approached from behind.

He was shot with the stun gun, which caused him to drop the boxes. The teenage girls then grabbed the food and ran to a nearby building.

The driver was not injured during the incident that occurred at about 12:20 a.m.

Officers located the four teenage girls, three of whom are 17 years old and one who is 18.

They were found in an apartment along with the boxes of fresh Pizza Hut food that they stole and a stun gun.

Police said the teens placed the pizza order, but they gave the address to the apartment complex next to theirs.

Police arrested 17-year-old Erionna Patten, because she allegedly used the stun gun during the attack. She was charged with robbery.

Police are considering charges against the other three teenagers.

Teacher named Mrs. Luckey sends video of herself performing a sex act to her teenage student

Stephanie France Luckey 
By: Feng Qian

A teacher was arrested after sending inappropriate photos and a video to her student.

The teacher of Pennsylvania, resigned from her position as a high school teacher after her actions were uncovered.

37-year-old Stephanie France Luckey is accused of sending a video, showing herself performing a sexual act and nude pictures of herself to the 17-year-old male student.

She was booked into the Berks County Jail on charges of unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors.

According to the Berks County Prosecutor's Office, Luckey taught English at the Muhlenberg high school when she developed an inappropriate relationship with the 17-year-old boy.

The two hung out together in the teacher’s room and she allegedly kissed the boy in her classroom. She also created a private Twitter account, from which she shared about 10 nude and partially nude photos of herself with the student, police said.

According to her Facebook page, Luckey is married and she has a baby.

Luckey was released from jail after posting $25,000 bail.

Soldier ties dog’s legs to snout and throws it into river after collecting money for it on GoFundMe

John Garrett Burrow and Riley 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A soldier will be forced to carry a photo of a dog that he tortured and killed as part of his sentence for animal cruelty.

The soldier who was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, admitted in court that he tied up his puppy and tossed into a lake, where it drowned.

John Garrett Burrow, 24, pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty. He apologized in court, saying: “I did love Riley. I did love that dog. I have no excuse.”

Authorities said the Burrow used a military parachute rope to tie up the 8-month-old lab mix named Riley. He tied the dog’s legs to its snout and threw it into the McFadyen Lake in Fayetteville, where it died.

People who learned of the despicable act, were outraged by the death of the dog.

Neighbors said that Burrow and his wife Caroline Kelsey, set up a GoFundMe page to collect money for the care of the dog after it suffered an injury to its leg.

However, instead of using the money to pay for the $2,500 surgery, Burrow killed it and claimed that it died during surgery.

However, after the dog’s body washed ashore, the couple was arrested.

Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons sentenced Burrow to 30 days in jail, 24 months of supervised probation and 100 hours of community service.

Ammons also ordered him to carry a photo of Riley in his wallet for the entire time he is on probation. Burrow will not be able to own a pet for five years as part of his guilty plea.

His wife, Caroline Kelsey, 22, was also charged in this case. She faces a charge of being an accessory after the fact.

Parents are shocked after their baby was born looking like an 80 year old man

Biswajit Patro showing off her baby 
By: Wayne Morin

A mother who was looking forward to the birth of her second child, was shocked by his looks after he was born.

When Parul Patro and his wife Biswajit of Bangladesh, welcomed their baby boy, they immediately realized that something was wrong.

The baby did not look like a newborn, but rather like an elderly man.

Doctors soon discovered that he was suffering from a rare medical condition known as progeria, which causes a child's body to age faster than it should.

The baby was born with wrinkles on his face, hollow eyes and a shrunken body.

About one in four million children suffer from this condition and they usually do not live past childhood.

Parul and Biswajit, who already have a daughter, said that they have accepted their son the way he is.

“There is no need to be unhappy about the appearance of my son. We are so happy to have a baby boy in the house,” Parul said.