Raccoon steals phone from college student while being recorded

Raccoon (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A college student decided to take video of himself feeding a raccoon near campus.

However, the animal gave him a run for his money

Guy Williams of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was trying to record the animal when it snatched his phone and ran off.

Williams said that he placed his phone in a grassy area on the ground so he can get a good video of the animal. However, the raccoon, which Guy named Stanley, approached his smartphone and grabbed it.

The animal had the phone between its teeth as it ran away. Williams and his friends ran after the raccoon in an attempt to get the phone back.

The phone was recording the entire time as the raccoon ran. After a chase of about five minutes, the animal finally dropped the phone and Williams was able to grab it.

He posted the video of the incident to social media, where it went viral.

Two women break into home and put animal feces on victim’s bed because she refused to hang out with them

Nikki Rowena Sismanidis (left) and Jasmine Marie Suarez  
By: Feng Qian

Two women of Florida, vandalized a woman’s home because she refused to hang out with them.

The women were arrested in Gainesville on Saturday afternoon, after police said that they broke into the home of an acquaintance and vandalized her bedroom.

The two used duct tape and animal feces to vandalize the home, according to the Gainesville Police Department’s report.

Jasmine Marie Suarez, 19, and Nikki Rowena Sismanidis, 18, broke into the home of a mutual friend.

They placed strips of duct tape to spell out expletives on the victim's bedroom walls and they dumped animal feces on the victim’s bed.

The victim told police that Sismanidis has become hostile in the past when she decided not to go out with her, and the day before the incident, the victim did not respond to texts messages from Sismanidis, who was asking the victim to hang out with her.

Both Sismanidis and Suarez were arrested and charged with theft and damage to property.

They were booked into the Alachua County Jail, before being released on their own recognizance.

Parliament member talks at podium while breastfeeding her baby

Unnur Bra Konradsdottir with her baby 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A parliament member in Iceland, is making headlines over her decision to breastfeed her baby in front of her colleagues.

Unnur Bra Konradsdottir, who is an MP and belongs to the centre-right Independence Party, brought her baby with her to work.

Konradsdottir said that she sponsored a bill on immigration, which was being debated in parliament. A representative asked a question about the proposal that she had put forward and she had to respond.

However, Konradsdottir had one issue. She was breastfeeding her six-week-old daughter at the time that she was asked to address the parliament.

Konradsdottir said that she could have yanked her baby away from her breasts and hand her over to a colleague, but that would have caused her baby to be fussy and to cry.

Instead, she decided to continue to breastfeed her baby as she stood up to speak in parliament in front of television cameras.

The mother-of-three spoke for about one minute in the debate on immigration while breastfeeding her baby and nobody seemed be care.

Two armed women rob man who was wearing a Pokemon onesie and force him to twerk

Ana Khan (left) and Tanieka Higgins 
By: Wayne Morin

A man in the United Kingdom, was robbed and humiliated by two young armed women.

25-year-old Tanieka Higgins, who is a mother of three children, and her friend Ana Khan, 28, of Nottinghamshire, robbed the man.

The Nottingham Crown Court heard how the two women knocked on the door of the victim’s home at 11:00 a.m.

Christopher Pugh, 26, who was wearing a Pokemon onesie, opened the door and Khan asked to borrow his phone.

When he went into his room to get his cellphone, the women followed him inside. They used the phone, but refused to return it.

The two produced a knife and said that they needed money.

The women then held the man at knifepoint. They put on music and ordered the victim to twerk while they recorded him and made “fun of his figure,” the judge was told.

The ordeal lasted for an hour-and-a-half, before he managed to escape through a window and called police.

The women stole Pugh’s wallet from his jacket, they took £40 ($49), his house keys, headphones, tobacco and a lighter.

Judge Jeremy Lea sentenced each of the women to three years and nine months in prison. They were also given a restraining order to stay away from the victim for five years.

Woman has abortion to save her older brother's life

Yang Li and Yang Jun 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was forced to make a heartbreaking decision between saving her brother or her unborn baby.

24-year-old Yang Li of Hangzhou, China, was three months into her pregnancy when she was faced with the life-changing choice.

Li and her family made the difficult decision of giving up her unborn baby so she could provide bone marrow to her 29-year-old brother Yang Jun.

Jun was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the immune system.

The family was informed by doctors that the only way for Jun to survive was by having a bone marrow transplant.

Family members were tested and Li was identified as the perfect match.

However, doctors told Li that donating marrow during her pregnancy would have a significant negative effect on her child.

Li and her family were left to choose to either save her brother or keep her baby. Li discussed the issue with her husband, brother and her in-laws.

The decision was made to terminate the pregnancy in order to save her 29-year-old brother.

Li underwent the abortion and she is recovering at a hospital in Hangzhou. Once she fully recovers, doctors will proceed with the bone marrow transplant.

While many people on social media called her a hero, some criticized her for ending the life of her baby.

Drunk truck driver sexually assaults girl while she was sleeping with her three friends

Sleeping girl (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A truck driver was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after being accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl while she was asleep, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 46-year-old Jason Bradshaw of Buntingford, has been sentenced to serve 2 years and 3 months in prison after being convicted of one count of sexual assault by penetration.

According to the criminal complaint, Bradshaw had been drinking before he went into the room, where the girl was sleeping with three friends.

The girl woke up to find that she was being touched inappropriately. She turned on the light of her mobile phone to see Bradshaw, who then pretended to be asleep.

The girl told the court that since the attack, she now sleeps with the lights on.

Bride kills mother-in-law who did not allow her to use cellphone

Woman using cellphone (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A bride was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing her new mother-in-law who did not allow her to use a cellphone, according to police in India.

Bhiwani police said that they have arrested the 20-year-old woman identified as Surekha, after being accused of using an iron rod to kill her mother-in-law identified as Phoolwati.

According to the police investigation, Surekha did not like the fact that her mother-in-law kept taunting her. Surekha eventually decided to kill Phoolwati, after she did not allow her to use a cellphone to speak with friends.

On Friday night, Surekha used a tire iron to kill her mother-in-law. When Phoolwati’s husband woke up on Saturday morning, he found his wife dead.

Surekha first told police that two masked men broke into the home and beat her mother-in-law, but she later confessed to the murder.

Woman stabbed in the stomach after man took away her phone while she was playing Candy Crush

Marvin Jones 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly stabbing a woman while she was playing Candy Crush on her cellphone, according to police in Ohio.

Youngstown police said that they have arrested 60-year-old Marvin Jones, after being accused of smacking the phone out of the woman’s hands and stabbing her in the stomach.

In court, Jones pleaded not guilty to one count of felonious assault.

According to the police investigation, Jones and the woman had been drinking heavily and they became intoxicated before an argument broke out.

After Jones smacked the woman’s cellphone out of her hands while she was playing Candy Crush, the fight turned physical.

Jones then stabbed the woman in the stomach. The woman was taken to the St. Elizabeth Hospital, where she is said to be in stable condition.

During questioning, Jones told police that he acted in self defense as the woman held him in a headlock and she tried to stab him.

Man caught in possession of two guns tells police they belong to his 4-year-old son

Man shooting gun (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested on a charge of drug possession after allegedly being in possession of heroin and Suboxone pills, according to police in Minnesota.

Minnetonka police said that hey have arrested 22-year-old Maksim Bak, following a raid on his apartment, where officers found weapons and drugs.

He was booked into the Hennepin County jail, where he is being held pending a bail hearing. According to the criminal complaint, officers raided Bak’s apartment, where they found drugs and guns.

When Bak was asked if the heroin and six pills of Suboxone belong to him, he said “yes.” However, he denied being the owner of the Bear River pellet rifle and .117-caliber BB gun.

Bak claimed that the guns belong to his 4-year-old son. Police took DNA swabs to confirm whether the guns belong to Bak or his son.

Plane passenger gets fine for pulling down pants and defecating on runway

Plane landing on runway (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A man of the United Kingdom, was arrested after being seen defecating in front of passengers on a runway in Italy, according to police.

The incident unfolded after 68-year-old David Sharp of Salford, flew to Lecce, Italy, with Ryanair.

After the plane touched down at the Brindisi Airport, the man became agitated.

As the 50 passengers made their way from the plane to the terminal, the suspect pulled down his pants and defecated on the runway.

The other passengers watched in horror as the man did his business in front of everyone. He was arrested on a charge of acts contrary to public decency.

He was found guilty, and given a fine of 3,000 euros ($3,300).