Young woman with size HH breasts asks public for money to pay for breast reduction after getting stuck in bath

Kya Granito 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young woman in the United Kingdom, launched a Go Fund Me page in order to collect money to pay for a breast reduction procedure after getting stuck in the bath several times.

21-year-old Kya Granito of Didcot, claims that her size 36-38HH breasts, which have grown from 34DD in three years, make it almost impossible for her to get out of bed in the morning.

She believes that her breasts weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.

Granito sufferers with despair and anxiety. Granito revealed that her breasts are so big that she gets stuck in the bath.

Doctors have decided that her massive breasts do not affect her life and refused to operate. Now, she set up a Go Fund Me to raise money for the procedure.

So far, she has not received a single donation. She is looking to collect $12,000.

“I've been trying since I was 16 years old to get a breast reduction, but every doctor I have seen, said to me that they don't affect my life.

“I suffer from back ache, as well as tender and painful breasts. They're so heavy that my front is pulling me down and I walk with a slight hunchback.

“I cannot lay down because they're so heavy. I suffer with desperation and anxiety, and my breasts have made it ten times worse.

“I have low-self esteem because of them. I'm getting new clothes every 2 weeks, because my breasts out grow them every time,” Granito wrote on Go Fund Me.

Father high on marijuana kills his 2-month-old daughter because she cried in middle of the night

John Burrill and Daisy-Mae 
By: Feng Qian

A father was arrested on a charge of murder after being accused of killing his baby daughter because she cried in middle of the night, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 31-year-old John Burrill of Fleetwood, has been sentenced to serve up to life in prison after being convicted of murder in connection with the beating death of 2-month-old Daisy-Mae.

According to the criminal complaint, Burrill assaulted Daisy-Mae in the early hours of the morning after she had woken up for a feeding at their home on Warren Street.

She died three days later at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Prosecutor Brett Gerrity told the court that this was a tragic case as Burrill carried out a vicious assault upon a defenseless baby, resulting in her death.

He had smoked cannabis throughout the early hours of the night, while tending to his daughter who would not stop crying.

For a reason only he can explain, Burrill lost his temper and bashed her head.

He initially denied all responsibility for causing her injuries, but later admitted that he had used force upon her, but that he had not intended to cause her serious injury or death.

However, after careful consideration of the evidence against him, the jury has concluded that he did in fact murder his two-month-old baby.

Man and former wife charged with hate crimes after targeting homes of senior citizens for burglaries

The three suspects 
By: Chan Yuan

A man and his former wife have been arrested on a charge of burglary after allegedly targeting the homes of senior citizens for burglaries, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that they have arrested Tony Cristo, 35, and his ex-wife, Teresa Howard, 36, both of 52-34 69 Street in Maspeth, and his sister, Rosie Cristo, 42, of 54-55 69 Lane, also in Maspeth.

The three defendants were charged with second-degree burglary as a hate crime, second-degree burglary, third-degree grand larceny as a hate crime, third and fourth-degree grand larceny, fourth and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, first and second-degree scheme to defraud and petit larceny.

They were booked into jail, and bail was set at a total of $135,000 for Tony Cristo, $25,000 for Rosie Cristo and Howard was ordered remanded on two out-of-state warrants.

According to the criminal complaint, a 91-year-old female Flushing homeowner was in her 50 Avenue residence when an unknown woman entered the premises through the unlocked front door and claimed to be the homeowner’s granddaughter.

Minutes later, the homeowner’s daughter allegedly entered the home and confronted the woman, who stated that she was a former neighbor named “Mary Goldstein.”

When the homeowner’s daughter escorted the woman out of the residence, she observed her enter a green Pontiac with Tony Cristo in the driver’s seat.

The homeowner’s daughter allegedly told Cristo and the woman to leave, and that she was calling the police.

In another incident, an 83-year-old Maspeth woman was inside her 56 Drive residence one morning, when her doorbell rang and the homeowner observed Howard and Rosie Cristo, together with a 10-year-old blonde female child.

Howard and Cristo informed the homeowner that they wanted to speak with the upstairs tenant.

When informed that he was unavailable, the two defendants allegedly asked for a pen and paper to leave a note, after which they left the premises with the child.

A few hours later, the homeowner discovered that her purse was missing, which contained $60 in cash, photographs, non-driver’s ID and medical insurance cards.

That same morning, Howard, two others and a nine-year-old blonde girl entered a home on 69 Street in Jackson Heights and asked the homeowners, a 90-year-old man and his 88-year-old wife, if they could look at construction work that was happening in the home.

The female homeowner was in her bed in the bedroom when Howard and a woman entered the room. The two claimed to be former neighbors of the homeowner.

The woman asked about family pictures on the dresser when one of them asked the female homeowner for a tissue.

After Howard and the other individuals left, the female homeowner discovered that $6,400 in cash was missing from the top drawer of her dresser.

Ten days later, an 86-year-old Flushing man was in his Benham Street residence when there was a knock on his door and allowed Howard to come inside, believing her to be a woman known to him as “Maria,” but he later realized that she was not Maria.

The homeowner offered Howard cookies and coffee, and Howard asked to use the bathroom on at least ten occasions, during which time the homeowner could hear her using the telephone in the bathroom.

It is unknown if any money or valuables were taken from the home.

In another incident, a 59-year-old Flushing man was inside his Woodside Avenue residence when two women, one heavy set and the other slim, entered his home.

It is alleged that the slim woman asked to use the homeowner’s bathroom and proceeded to do so while the heavy set woman sat in the kitchen eating cake.

After a few minutes, both women left the premises, at which time the homeowner realized that approximately $200 in cash, which was rolled up with a rubber band, was missing from his top dresser drawer, as well as a Chase credit card, which had been in his wallet and in the dresser drawer.

Police then stopped the suspects’ car. After stopping the vehicle, police recovered cake and a sum of cash rolled up and held by a rubber band.

The Chase credit card belonging to the homeowner was recovered in the police vehicle that transported the three defendants to the station.

16-year-old boy committed drive-by shooting while his 2-year-old son was sitting in the back seat

Drive-by shooter (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

A boy was arrested after being accused of committing a drive-by shooting while his son was in the back seat of the car, according to police in Washington.

The Seattle Police Department said that after stopping a 16-year-old driver following a drive-by shooting outside a South Seattle community center on Tuesday night, police found a handgun on the back seat of the car next to a toddler strapped into a car seat.

Around 4:30 p.m., bike patrol officers working near Rainier Avenue South and South Henderson Street, heard gunshots in the vicinity of the Rainier Beach Community Center.

As they pedaled to the scene, the officers saw a grey Buick sedan driven by the 16-year-old suspect, speeding away from the scene.

Police stopped the Buick near Seward Park Avenue South and South Fisher Place, and took the driver into custody.

Officers found a handgun in the back seat of the car, and took custody of the two-year-old boy, before turning him over to his grandmother.

Officers also interviewed and released two female passengers, a 22 year old and a 17 year old. Officers booked the 16-year-old driver into the Youth Service Center.

No one was injured in the incident.

Thief drives truck full of stolen beer to taco shop before breaking in to eat some chips

Beer (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of burglary after allegedly driving a truck full of stolen beer and breaking into a taco shop, according to police in Washington.

The Seattle Police Department said that they have arrested the 28-year-old man, who was not identified, after the manager of the taco shop found the thief inside his business.

According to the criminal complaint, the restaurant manager called 911 on Saturday around 7:40 a.m., and reported that he had found a man inside the business when he arrived at work for the day.

Officers responded to the restaurant, which is located in the 6800 block of Green Lake Way North, and spoke to the manager, who pointed out the suspect.

The suspect was sitting in a nearby coffee shop.

When officers arrested the 28-year-old suspect, he allegedly admitted to breaking into the taco shop, saying that was looking for some chips.

Officers also found a stolen truck, which was loaded with beer and lawn furniture. The burglar’s cellphone was found inside the vehicle.

Recently, the 28-year-old suspect had been caught on surveillance cameras breaking into a North Seattle home.

Two 12-year-old boys kick woman in the behind and try to steal her purse

Boy on street (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Two boys were arrested on a charge of robbery after allegedly assaulting a woman and trying to steal her purse, according to police in Washington.

The Seattle Police Department said that they have arrested the two 12-year-old boys, who were not identified, after kicking the 48-year-old woman in the behind as she was walking on the street.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Saturday.

The 48-year-old victim was walking near 32nd Avenue South and South Willow Street around 4:00 p.m., when the boys approached her, demanded her purse, and kicked her in the back and leg.

The woman was able to pull out her cellphone and call 911, and the suspects soon fled.

Police officers arrived at the scene within three minutes of the call, and Officers Brandon Caille and Ian Walsh quickly found the suspects.

The boys were trying to scramble over a fence in the 6800 block of Holly Park Drive South, but they were caught. Officers arrested both boys and booked them into the King County Youth Service Center for robbery.

Cafe offers free sex with robot with purchase of coffee

Sex robot (illustration) 
By: Feng Qian

The owner of a cafe in Switzerland, has announced that his company will offer free sex with a robot with the purchase of a coffee.

Bradley Charvet, who also owns Facegirl, which is an escort service, said that he will charge $62 for a cup of coffee, but consumers will be able to have sex with a robot of their choice for free.

Charvet originally planned to employ prostitutes at the cafe, but legal issues arose. Charvet is in talks with a U.S. manufacturer to purchase several sex robots for about $3,000 a piece.

A government official has commented about the idea of offering sex at the cafe, saying that paid sexual services are prohibited in public establishments.

Charvet thinks he can skirt legal issues by offering sex with non humans. Consumers will be able to choose the robot of their choice on an iPad.

They will then be given rooms along with their coffee, and will be pleasured as they consume the beverages.

White farmer caught on video forcing black man into coffin and threatening to kill him with venomous snake

White farmer forcing black man into coffin 
By: Chan Yuan

People in South Africa, are outraged after a video surfaced, showing a white farmer forcing a black man into a coffin.

The video that was uploaded to the Internet, went viral, receiving thousands of comments.

The video shows the shocking moment that the white farmer of KwaZulu-Natal, forced the young black man into a wooden coffin.

The black man screamed and was terrified when the farmer tried to shut the lid of the coffin with him inside. The farmer is then heard threatening to kill the black man by setting him on fire.

He also threatened to kill him with a venomous snake.

The vast majority of people who saw the video, called on the police to arrest the farmer on a charge of assault, but some defended the landowner’s actions, saying that the apparent victim tried to commit a crime before being pushed into the coffin.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Football star shows porn to school children during cyber security presentation

Porn on screen during cyber security presentation in school 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A football star in Australia, was left red faced after pornographic images showed up on a big screen during a cyber security presentation in school.

The shocking incident unfolded as Jarryd Hayne, who is a NRL (National Rugby League) star, was talking to students at the Robina State High School.

Hayne was making the presentation on behalf of Norton Security. According to the investigation, the presentation was given while Hayne’s phone was connected to a WiFi network.

It was an open network that was available to anyone, and someone navigated to a site where the images were displayed.

For some reason, those images showed up on the big screen in front of hundreds of students. Norton Security checked Hayne’s phone, and they confirmed that the porn images were not on his device.

Hayne closed his phone immediately after realizing that the porn images were on the screen.