Drone used to smuggle cellphones and saw blades into prison by flying it through 4th-floor window

Prison (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

Prison guards managed to intercept contraband that was smuggled into an inmate's cell using a drone, according to police in Norway.

Nyborg police said that the incident unfolded on Tuesday night, at the State Prison in Nyborg.

Guards saw a drone approaching the prison, and it flew into an open window on the fourth floor. The drone carried two cellphone and saw blades.

When the items were recovered by the prisoner, the drone flew out of the window. Guards immediately rushed to the prisoner's room, and seized the items.

Police were called to the scene, but they were unable to find the drone or the people who operated it. Investigators believe that the inmate planned to use the saw blades to escape from prison.

Man shocked to find millions of dollars in gold hidden in multiple places in inherited house

Pile of gold coins (illustration) 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man in France, who inherited a house from a relative, was shocked to find a large stash of gold hidden in various places around the home.

Nicolas Fierfort, who is an auctioneer in Normandy, said that he was called to the house to evaluate the gold coins and bars.

The person who inherited the home, who was not identified, uncovered about 220 pounds of gold worth around $4 million.

The man revealed that his relative recently died, and learned that the estate was left in his name. He moved into the house, but did not see anything out of the ordinary that would indicate the secret treasure.

One day, when he decided to move a piece of furniture, the man noticed a metal box under a table. He opened the box and was shocked to see that it was full of gold coins.

The man then suspected that his relative hid gold coins around the house and began searching. He found additional gold coins and bars under furniture, under piles of linen, in the bathroom and even in a whiskey box.

After collecting the treasure, the auctioneer sold it to multiple buyers for around $4 million.

12-year-old boy caught driving 75 miles per hour on highway while father was playing with cellphone

12-year-old boy driving Mazda CX-5 on highway 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a video appeared on the Internet, showing a young boy driving a car on a highway, according to police in Mexico.

The incident unfolded on Thursday, on a three-lane highway in Monterrey.

The video shows the 12-year-old boy sitting in the driver’s seat, and extended his head over the steering wheel to look out the windshield.

He seemed very comfortable driving the car at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour despite the fact that it was raining and the road was wet.

The video shows the boy’s father playing with a cellphone in the front passenger seat of the Mazda CX-5. The video was recorded by another driver who passed by the Mazda on the highway.

The witness passed the boy’s car on the left side and was able to record the video, which clearly shows the young child at the wheel.

So far, no arrests have been made.

16-year-old boy cuts off head of man and gives it to his girlfriend who had sex with the victim

Nikita Rasskazov, Olena Matsneva and Artyom Shustov 
By: Feng Qian

A boy was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly cutting off his love rival’s head and giving it to his girlfriend, according to police in Russia.

Komsomolsk-on-Amur police said that they have arrested 16-year-old Nikita Rasskazov, after being accused of murdering 19-year-old Artyom Shustov.

According to the police investigation, the 17-year-old girlfriend who was identified as Olena Matsneva, went to a party, where she met Shustov.

At some point, she began to kiss the man and begged him to have sex with her. Shustov told his friends that he had sex with the 17-year-old girl because he could not resist her.

The following morning, the girl regretted her action and told her boyfriend about the encounter. She claimed that Shustov harassed her at the party and raped her.

People who were at the party told police that the girl was hitting on Shustov. The 16-year-old boy became extremely angry and lured Shustov to a park.

The boy confronted the man and stabbed him to death. He then cut off the victim’s head. He placed the head in a bag and gave it to his girlfriend.

The girlfriend told him to dispose it, and the suspect threw the head into the River Silinka.

Giant spider gives birth to hundreds of babies in woman’s mailbox

Hundreds of baby spiders in woman’s mailbox 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman of Australia, was overjoyed to learn that a large spider moving into the mailbox outside of her home.

Natasha Joyce of North Bendigo, said that she watched as the large spider was getting ready to give birth to its babies.

After waiting for a few long weeks, the huntsman spider gave birth to hundreds of babes inside her mailbox. Joyce used her camera to record a video of the baby spiders in her mailbox.

She then uploaded the video to YouTube.

“We found this huntsman spider with its newly made egg sac six weeks ago. We have been checking on her progress daily. It was a long gestation period, as this species usually hatch within 2 to 3 weeks, but the weather has been odd lately.

“Anyway, we were delighted to find today, that they were all safely arrived, ready to be eaten by each other and other predators.

“Congratulations Hortense the Huntsman Protector of the Post! The colored cardboard at the bottom of the letterbox is the 'nursery furniture' installed by my friend's kids, in readiness for the tiny arrivals,” Joyce wrote on YouTube.

Huntsman spiders are members of the family Sparassidae. They are known by this name because of their speed and mode of hunting.

They are also called giant crab spiders because of their size and appearance.

Woman claims cat got stuck in dish drawer after husband opened it

The cat comforted after being rescued from dishwasher 
By: Wayne Morin

A cat is lucky to be alive after firefighters rescued it from a dish drawer in New Zealand.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, at the Kitten Inn located in Nelson.

“Hubby opened the dish drawer, and one of the kittens got up underneath and managed to get its head jammed in between the inner plastic of the drawer and the metal of the outside.

“The cat couldn't move forward or back without seemingly getting crushed or strangled. If I can paint the picture, the kitten was screaming, other kittens were crying in response, I was on the floor desperately trying to work out what happened and how best to assist.

“We were desperately looking for ways to dismantle the drawer or even break it to get the cat out. Meanwhile, I had one hand under the kitten and another pushing the drawer to give it as much breathing room as possible.

“The cat then started purring, and I knew this meant it is going into shock. I demanded the phone and called 111. 3 lovely firemen came around. They got on their knees, and did some magical thing and out the cat popped.

“The cat was a little dazed but otherwise unhurt. As it turned out, one of the firemen was in the market for 2 kittens, and had not heard of Kitten Inn so I filled him in and gave him the email. Lessons, beware of kittens near drawers and firemen are awesome,” the owner of the Kitten Inn wrote in Facebook.

Drunk driver falls out of moving truck and runs over own leg after leaving strip club

William Edwards 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A drunk driver was arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly he was allegedly seen falling out of a moving truck and running over his own leg, according to police in Florida.

Orlando police said that they have arrested 28-year-old William Edwards, after his pickup truck slammed into a home, injuring a woman.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, outside the Dancer's Royale strip club on East Colonial Drive.

Witnesses at the scene told police that Edwards seemed to be intoxicated when he left the club.

His friends asked him not to drive, and security guards at the club warned not to get into his vehicle, but he got in this truck anyway.

After driving several feet, the suspect fell out from the truck.

The truck then ran over his leg. The truck then rolled down the street, hit a ditch and crashed into a house. 58-year-old Barbara Hernandez was sleeping in a room when the truck slammed into her.

She was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. Edwards ran away from the scene and did not call police to report the crash.

Boyfriend dumps two large snakes on backside of his sleeping girlfriend causing her to freak out

Derek Deso dumps snakes on girlfriend's backside 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman freaked out and screamed hysterically after her boyfriend dumped two large snakes on her backside while she slept, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

Derek Deso, who is a popular prankster in the United States, posted the video on his YouTube channel, showing he and his buddies having a blast when his girlfriend was being terrorized by the snakes.

The video instantly went viral, and has racked up more than 2.5 million views, about 17,000 likes and around 3,000 comments.

The video shows Deso taking a box containing the two large snakes and walking into the bedroom, where his girlfriend was asleep on a bed.

Deso then turned the box over, dumping the snakes and his girlfriend's backside. His girlfriend then slowly woke up and was horrified to see the snaked crawling on her.

She then began screaming and begging for the snakes to be taken off her body. While Deso and his buddies were enjoying the moment, the girlfriend was very distressed by the whole situation.

Even after the snakes were removed from her body, she continued to scream as they all laughed at her. Most people have named him “the worst boyfriend of the year.”

Serial bank robber called the ‘the spelling bee bandit’ for misspelling word ‘robbery’ on withdrawal slips

The spelling bee bandit bank robber 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of bank robbery after allegedly robbing several banks over a short period of time, according to police in Massachusetts.

The Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that on Sunday, at approximately 1:00 p.m., the TD Bank located at 79 Lynnfield Street, Peabody, Massachusetts, was robbed by an unknown male.

The same individual is believed to be responsible for three similar robberies over a two-week period in the Massachusetts towns of Arlington, Reading, and Burlington.

In every case, the suspect put on sunglasses after entering the bank, wrote "Robery" on the back of a withdrawal slip, and passed the demand note to a teller.

The suspect became more aggressive with the tellers in each subsequent robbery.

The MassMostWanted Tip Program, a non-governmental organization, is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of this individual.

The suspect was described as around 6 feet tall, weighing about 160 pounds and approximately 40 years old.

At the time of the latest robbery, the suspect was wearing jeans, a dark jacket, dark sneakers with white soles, sunglasses and a white New England Patriots hat.

Witnesses described the suspect as having short hair, a thin face, a beard and a local accent.

Man pushes commuter in front of oncoming train while yelling ‘I hate white people’

Train station (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after pushing a commuter in front of an oncoming train because he hates white people, according to police in New York.

The New York Police Department said that they have arrested 51-year-old Gary Weeks of Queens, after being accused of pushing the 28-year-old white commuter in front of the oncoming train and spitting at a police officer.

Weeks, who is black, was charged with one count of attempted murder as a hate crime.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Monday around 1:00 p.m., at the train station on 125th Street and Lexington Avenue.

Weeks approached the 28-year-old man as he waited for the number 4 train to arrive. Weeks told the victim that he does not like white people.

Weeks then grabbed the victim and pushed him towards the train tracks. The victim was able to break free with the help of a good Samaritan.

Weeks continued to be violent after police arrived. While being detained, Weeks spat in the face of a police officer.

Woman shoots boyfriend and friend who stayed in her home for too long after being told to leave

Alana Annette Savell 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was arrested on a charge of battery after allegedly shooting her friend in the leg for staying in her home for too long, according to police in Florida.

Panama City police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Alana Annette Savell, after being accused of shooting her boyfriend and friend in the legs.

In court, Savell pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated battery with a firearm. She was booked into the Bay County Jail, and her bail has been set at $100,000.

According to the criminal complaint, the incident unfolded on Monday around 1:00 a.m. One of the guests who Savell invited into the home, told police that she stayed in the house with a friend.

Everyone drank alcoholic beverages and they had a great time until around 1:00 a.m. Suddenly, Savell ordered everyone to leave her home.

When the guests did not leave, Savell armed himself with a gun and began to shoot at their feet from the door of the house.

The woman was hit in the leg and taken to a hospital for treatment. Savell's boyfriend who was identified as Ben, was also hit in the leg with a bullet during the shooting.

Savell said that she decided to shoot the guests after telling them three times to leave her property.

Former Dunkin’ Donuts employee robs store after being fired for stealing from cash register

James Taylor 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A female employee at Dunkin’ Donuts called police after she was robbed by a former coworker.

The woman told police that her former coworker, who was recently fired for stealing from the cash register, returned armed with a gun.

James Taylor, 21, arrived at around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, as the woman opened the Dunkin’ Donuts store in Immokalee, Florida.

Taylor, who was armed with a severed shotgun and wore a bandana over his face, held his former coworker at gunpoint.

Police said that Taylor, told the woman not to watch as he took all the money from the cash register and tip jar.

He then dragged his coworker into the store's office and made her unlock the door of the safe so he could steal more money.

Taylor fled with $350 in cash. The employee identified Taylor as his former coworker, and told the officers she feared for her life.

Officers found Taylor riding a bicycle a block from the crime scene. He was arrested and charged with grand theft, armed robbery and possession of a short-barreled shotgun, which is illegal in Florida.

Repo man pays off debt of elderly couple's car after repossessing it for non payment

Jim Ford, Pat and Stanford Kippings 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) People who are in the repo business, have to be tough in order to do their job.

Repo man Jim Ford of Red Bud, Illinois, admitted that it is not an easy job.

Ford said that he had been shot and run over by people who were angry when he took their cars for failing to make the payments on them.

One day, Ford was instructed by a bank to repossess the car of an elderly couple.

Stanford Kippings, 82, and his wife Pat, 69, were three months behind on their payment. Ford took their 1998 Buick Century and drove off.

The couple who suffers from health problems like Alzheimer's and diabetes, were unable to make their car payment because they use their money for medications.

Ford felt terrible about leaving the struggling couple without a vehicle. Ford called the bank and made one month's payment. The car was then returned to the couple.

Ford then set up a GoFundMe account to raise $2,200 to pay off the elderly couple’s car. The account raised $3,300 and the couple had $1,000 left over for other bills.

Stanford said that getting back his paid off car was like winning the lottery.

Father pretends to be teenage girl while grooming his own son on Facebook and receives nude photos of the boy

Computer (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

A mother of the United Kingdom, is speaking out to warn other parents about the dangers of the Internet.

Jeanette Morrison said that she received a call from her son’s school after he was accused of using bad language towards a girl.

Morrison said that this was out of character for her 13-year-old son Barry. That is when she went through his Facebook messages and found that he was being groomed by a pretty 19-year-old woman.

The teenager convinced Barry to send her nude photos of himself and he did. Morrison realized that the boy’s father was the one who set Barry up with the 19-year-old woman.

After reading the messages between the two, she determined that the “woman” is actually the boy’s father.

Morrison called police and they sized Barry’s computer. The Father who was identified as Ian, was arrested.

Ian pleaded guilty to inciting a family member to commit a sexual act as well as other sexual offenses.

He was given a lengthy jail sentence and he is banned from having contact with children under 16 years old after his release.

Morrison told the Crown Court that she and the Ian spilt when the boy was a baby. At first, he was in the child’s life, but when the boy was 5 years old, his father disappeared.

Morrison has since remarried to a man who loves Barry and acts as his role model.

One day, Barry asked his mother to locate his biological father. Morrison tracked him down and allowed her son to have a relationship with Ian.

When he turned 13, Ian bought his son an expensive computer. The boy used that computer to stay in touch with his father and with the “19-year-old woman.”

Morrison said that her son was humiliated after learning the truth and he now has issues with trusting people.

“I never felt so angry in my life. His dad stole his innocence. How could my son ever trust anybody again?” Morrison said.

Boy rushed to hospital with door handle stuck in his eye after being impaled while falling

Ryno van der Westhuizen and the door handle 
By: Wayne Morin

A boy was rushed to a hospital after a metal door handle got stuck in his eye during a freak accident.

8-year-old Ryno van der Westhuizen of South Africa, whose eye was impaled by a door handle, will not lose his sight thanks to a team of medical experts.

The boy was playing at his home in Johannesburg on Thursday, when he fell against a door and the handle pierced his left eye socket.

The handle broke and the boy was left with a 1.9 inch piece of metal below his left eye. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

A CT scan showed that the metal missed the boy’s brain by millimeters and it did not damage nerves in his eye.

Doctors remove the metal door handle from his eye because the longer it is left inside the greater the risk of infection and other complications.

The boy's mother, Joet van der Westhuizen, said that he was taken to the Netcare Clinton Hospital in Alberton for surgery.

United Airlines pilot bans passengers from talking about Donald Trump after fight between white man and black woman

Donald Trump 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Passengers on a United Airlines flight from California to Mexico, were surprised to hear the pilot calling on them to stop talking about Donald Trump.

Jon Bauer of San Francisco, said that his friend was flying to Puerto Vallarta on Friday morning, when a scuffle broke out between a white man and a black woman.

The man told her that he was glad to be able to keep his guns, and she took it the wrong way.

A heated exchange broke out about Donald Trump being elected as president, prompting the pilot to make announcement, banning further talk about politics.

Bauer said that his friend recorded a video of the pilot’s announcement.

“Some scuffle broke out where an individual with a plaid shirt and a camo cap said something racist about being glad to have kept his guns to an African American lady, and she began to cry and freak out.

“Passengers separated the two of them, and then the pilot of the flight got on the speaker and made the announcement,” Bauer said.

The white man later apologized to the black woman after the crew separated them on the flight.

"I understand everybody has their opinions; that's fine," the pilot said over the plane's speaker system.

"If you support him, great. If you don't, I understand. However, we're out here to go to Puerto Vallarta, supposed to be having a good time, and what I do ask is that as people we have the common decency to respect each others' decisions and to get along on this three hour and thirteen minute flight so that we can have a good time when we get down there.

“Nobody wants to argue, nobody wants, nobody is going to change their minds by arguing. And let's keep our opinions to ourselves on this particular matter at this particular time.

“If there's anyone that has a problem with this, that needs to vent, rant or rave, there's another flight tomorrow. You're not going to be on this one. I hope that's clear," the pilot said.

Man who taught girlfriend to use pistol when people refuse to leave her home is shot while she tried shooting guests

Alana Annette Savell 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman became angry when her invited guests refused to get out of her home when she told them to leave.

The woman grabbed a gun and shot two people in the leg, causing them to suffer injuries.

Alana Annette Savell, 32, of Florida, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a firearm, the Bay County Sheriff's Office said.

One of the victims told police that she went to Savell's house with a male friend to “hang out” and have some drinks.

At round 1:00 a.m., Savell complained that they were getting too loud, and she asked them to leave her house.

When the pair refused to leave, Savell armed herself with a pistol and began shooting at their feet.

The female guest was shot in the leg and taken to a hospital. Savell's boyfriend was also hit in the leg during the shooting.

The boyfriend told police that he advised Savell to used the gun when people refuse to leave her home after being asked to do so three times.

He also told Savell to first shoot at the ground, but if that does not work, she should shoot them in the legs.

Grandfather rapes 6-year-old step granddaughter telling her to ‘open your legs for Poppy’

Sad girl (illustration) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A girl finally got justice when her step grandfather was jailed for sexually abusing her.

The court heard that the man of Australia, sexually abused the child from the age of 6 until she turned 14 years old.

The abuse occurred during family vacations, and while other family members were in the home.

The girl told the court that her step grandfather, who she knew as “Poppy,” took her into his bed and ordered her to “open your legs for Poppy” before sexually abusing her.

The Queensland man, who was not identified for legal reasons,
was found guilty of rape, maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with a child and aggravated indecent treatment.

The step grandfather was sentenced to five and a half years in prison. His legal team fought the conviction, but they now lost the appeal.

The crime came to light after the girl, who is now 17, recorded a phone conversation between her and her step grandfather.

In the phone recording that was played in court, the step grandfather was heard apologizing to the teenager after she asked him why he abused her.

“I don't know darling. I have apologized for what I have done and I can't do anything about it. I can't take it back,” the grandfather said in the phone recording.

Truck driver intentionally dumps thousands of dollars in corn on highway after being fired by text

The corn on the highway 
By: Feng Qian

A truck driver got revenge against his boss by spilling merchandise from his trailer on a highway after being fired.

The truck driver opened the back door of his semi-trailer and drove off, causing a large amount of corn to spill on a highway in Nebraska.

The Gage County Sheriff's Office were called to the scene and pulled over the driver.

Police learned that Darren Walp, 36, of Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, exchanged some text messages with his boss, before receiving a text message, saying that he was fired.

Walp became angry and decided to take revenge by getting rid of the truckload of corn that he was transporting from Reynolds, Nebraska, to Hanover, Kansas.

Police said that approximately 1,000 bushels of corn, which is worth nearly $3,100 was spilled on the highway.