Two sex shop employees attack armed robber with sex toys and chase him out of store

Suspect robbing two female employees of sex shop 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Two female employees of a sex shop managed to fight off an armed robber who waved a gun and demanded money, according to police in California.

San Bernardino police said that they are looking to arrest the suspect on a charge of armed robbery after threatening two female employees of the Lotions & Lace sex shop.

According to the police investigation, the robbery unfolded on Wednesday around 9:45 p.m., while two women were working in the store.

One of the female employees who identified herself as Amy, told police that the man came in with his face covered. He waved something that appeared to be a pistol.

Amy said that when she realized that the gun was fake, she began fighting back. At one point, the suspect grabbed the woman and yelled at her.

Amy’s coworker began to throw sex toys at him until he fled from the store. Police publicized surveillance video of the robbery, including images of the suspect.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Woman snatches neighbor’s snowman to buy drugs

Tinisha Delacruz 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman who wanted money to buy drugs, stole her neighbor's snowman, which was placed in the front yard as decoration, according to police in New York.

Long Island police said that they have arrested 31-year-old Tinisha Delacruz, after being accused of stealing her neighbor’s inflatable snowman, which she used to get cash and buy drugs.

Delacruz has been charged with petit larceny and possession of a controlled substance. The owner of the home, Edison, posted a video of the theft on Facebook.

“So does anyone know who this is stealing my decoration? In the Central Islip area. Share if you can,” Sepulveda wrote on Facebook.

According to the criminal complaint, On Monday, Delacruz walked into the front yard of Sepulveda’s home located on Ackerman Street, and stole the inflatable snowman.

Delacruz lives two blocks away. Police reviewed the video of the theft and arrested Delacruz. During questioning, Delacruz told police that she stole the snowman because she needed money for drugs.

She was found in possession of a controlled substance.

Fire station and fire truck gets destroyed by large blaze

Fire (illustration) 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A fire department in Minnesota, lost one of its two fire stations after a large blaze broke out in the facility.

A spokesperson for the Sparta Fire Protection District, said that firefighters are cleaning up after the devastating fire at one of its stations.

On Thursday night, the fire completely destroyed one of the stations and one of its fire trucks. Firefighters were able to rescue three of its four trucks.

According to the investigation, the fire started on a wall behind a propane gas heater in the station. It is unknown whether it was a problem with the propane line or an electric short that started the fire.

The facility was totally destroyed after the roof collapsed. The department will have to rely on help from neighboring firefighters until they rebuild the station.

The estimated cost of the damage is expected to be more than $100,000.

Pregnant teen earns $200 a day by selling positive pregnancy tests and urine

Pregnant woman (illustration) 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A pregnant teen in Florida, who wanted extra money to help pay for college, decided to sell urine for positive pregnancy test results, according to a post on Craigslist.

In the Craigslist post, the woman identified herself as six months pregnant.

She suggests that the pregnancy test can be used for a prank or amusement.

She also said that she does not care if the positive pregnancy test is used to blackmail the CEO of a company with whom the buyer is having an affair.

One woman who contacted the pregnant teen, said that she paid $30 to get a positive pregnancy test. The woman explained that she is earning about $200 per day.

She got the idea while searching how to make additional income during pregnancy.

She came across several stories that described pregnant women selling positive pregnancy tests or urine to customers, and she decided to give it a try.

Wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer beats actor and asks his 9-year-old daughter if she wants to be grabbed by her private parts because of Donald Trump support

Nancy Mack 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) An actor who played in “Happy Days” and its spin-off "Joanie Loves Chachi," filed a police complaint after the wife of a Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer assaulted him in an elementary school, according to police in California.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office said that 56-year-old Scott Baio, filed a charge of battery against Nancy Mack, who is the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

Baio’s wife Renee, who witnessed the attack, revealed that then Mack repeatedly asked her 9-year-old daughter of she wants to be grabbed by the p***y.

Baio, who is a loyal supporter of President Elect Donald Trump, attended an event at an elementary school with his daughter in Thousand Oaks.

Mack confronted Baio for his support of Trump, and that confrontation ended with violence. Baio told police that Mack used her hands, fists and feet during the attack.

Baio asked Mack to calm down because his children were present, but she persisted to beat him for his support of Trump.

She then asked him how he could support someone who said “grab them by the p***y.”

After Mack assaulted Baio physically, she then verbally assaulted his nine-year-old daughter by repeatedly asking her if she would like to be “grabbed by the p***y,” according to Renee.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Former police officer spends 21 years in prison for raping girl before she admitted to lying about it

Brian Franklin 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A police officer spent 21 years in prison over a lie made up by a young girl who was seeking attention.

Former police officer Brian Franklin, 56, was sentenced to life in prison in 1995 after a 13-year-old girl told police that he raped her.

The girl of Fort Worth, Texas, claimed that she was raped by the officer, who was a friend of her father.

Prosecutors went ahead with the case despite the fact that there was no DNA to confirm her claim. Franklin was convicted on the word of the 13-year-old girl.

Many years later, the alleged victim confided in her stepbrother and told him that she made up the story after she was sexually assaulted by her stepfather.

The stepbrother came forward and told prosecutors of the confession.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals approved a re-trial after ruling that Franklin did not receive a fair trial.

After spending 21 years in prison, Franklin, who maintained his innocence the entire time, was freed.

He will sue the state for wrongful conviction. The prosecutor's office did not say if the woman, who lied about the rape, will face any charges for perjury.

Newlywed couple celebrates their new life by having sex with their dog

Rachael Harris and Corey Harris 
By: Chan Yuan

A newlywed couple was arrested for celebrating the recent marriage by using a dog to spice things up.

The couple from Pennsylvania, was arrested after recording sex acts with the dog.

Police arrested 19-year-old Rachael Alexis Harris and her new husband, Corey Dean Harris, 23, of Curwensville.

The charges came after the man's sister found the couple’s camera, which had the videos of Rachael engaging in bestiality.

The woman took her brother's camera, containing animal sex videos to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) office.

SPCA officials alerted authorities, who then obtained a search warrant to review the contents of the Canon PowerShot camera.

According to the court document, detectives found four videos, showing Rachael Harris being sexually active with her dog, while her husband recorded the acts.

Both were arrested on a number of charges related to animal cruelty, obscenity and producing videos of bestiality.

Married man makes up story about being beaten unconscious after cheating on his wife and spending night with lover

Erik Shepler 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested after he called police to report that he was attacked.

He made up the story about being attacked in order to cover up his cheating.

The married man of Pennsylvania, told police that he was attacked and robbed after leaving a bar.

However, surveillance video showed that he made up the story after spending the night with another woman.

Police arrested 37-year-old Erik Shepler, on a charge of making a false report to law enforcement officers.

Steelton police went to the 300 block of South Second Street, after Shepler's wife told officers that her husband had been missing for 12 hours and that he had been robbed.

Officers found Shepler lying on the floor, claiming that he needed medical attention.

Shepler said he was beaten in the head as he left a bar and he woke up in an alley. He said that his credit card was stolen and he could not remember anything from the last 12 hours, police said in a press release.

Police said that investigators found surveillance video of Shepler with a woman, who was not his wife, and buying cigarettes and hot dogs at a convenience store.

They contacted the woman, who told the officers that she met Shepler at the bar. They then went to her home, where they drank some more and then spent the night together.

A security camera in the woman’s building confirmed that Shepler was at her apartment, police said.

College student stabs his mother to death while she was on the phone with her mother

Blake and Dedre Plasshette Jefferson 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman of Texas, called her mother for advice on what to do with her son, who began acting strangely.

While she was on the phone with her mother, Ella Jefferson, the son began stabbing her.

The grandmother heard her daughter screaming “he is stabbing me,” so she called 911, according to Houston police.

The grandmother then ran over to her daughter’s house and found her dead.

Police identified the victim as 48-year-old Dedre Plasshette Jefferson, who was the school board's vice president and a former teacher at the Alief Independent School District.

Police began looking for the woman’s 22-year-old son, Blake Jefferson, who had a job while attending college. He has no criminal history.

He was arrested after he broke into a stranger’s home and hid in a closet. Blake was taken to a hospital for treatment for a possible drug overdose.

Those who know the mother and son, said that they shared a very close bond. The mother posted many photos of herself with her son on Facebook.

Bride convinces groom to wear bridal gown while she wears tuxedo because she is too fat for the dress

The groom in a wedding dress  
By: Tanya Malhotra

Guests at a wedding party were shocked when the groom walked in wearing a wedding dress.

The wedding took place in Sichuan, China, on Saturday.

The groom, Wu Shuai, was seen wearing a traditional white bridal gown while the bride was wearing a tuxedo.

This was not a prank. Shuai explained that it was all his bride’s idea.

He said that the bride, Ou Qian, became nervous about wearing the wedding dress because she believes that she looks too fat in the dress.

Shuai and Qian met in 2011. At that time, she was very petite and she weighed only about 90 pounds. However, over the years, she had gained a large amount of weight.

Worried that she looked too fat in the wedding dress, Qian pushed Shuai to wear it instead.

The groom said that he was initially reluctant, but he eventually relented. “Sometimes you just have to put yourself in her shoes, it's the key to a happy marriage,” Shuai said.