Man who tried to kill girl after being caught having sex with her pony has sex with neighbors’ horse

Horses (illustration)
By: Feng Qian

The owners of a horse caught a neighbor having sex with their animal after hiding in their barn in middle of the night, according to court documents in the United Kingdom.

Leeds police said that they have arrested 53-year-old Julian Ridgeway, after being accused of having sex with the 13-year-old horse belonging to Louise Lumley and her husband.

Ridgeway has been charged with intercourse with an animal and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence. He has been found guilty of the crimes following a trial.

According to the criminal complaint, Ridgeway snuck into Lumley’s barn, where he had sex with the 13-year-old horse named Honey.

Lumley and her husband became suspicious after noticing that Honey was acting strangely. One night, the couple decided to hide in the barn.

They stood on buckets and watched as Ridgeway entered the barn. He then led Honey to a nearby pigs den, where he had sex with the horse.

Lumley called the police and Ridgeway was arrested. Ridgeway denied the allegations, but his DNA was found on the horse.

Several years ago, Ridgeway was found guilty of attempted murder after trying to kill a 16-year-old girl who caught him having sex with her pony.

He was sentenced to serve 8 years in prison.

Young woman strangles newborn baby moments after giving birth because she lost her mind from blood loss

Gintare Suminaite
By: Chan Yuan

A mother claimed that she was mentally disturbed when she choked her newborn baby to death moments after giving birth, according to court documents in the United Kingdom.

Bognor Regis police said that they have arrested 30-year-old Gintare Suminaite, after being accused of killing her newborn baby daughter.

She was charged with one count of murder. Suminaite has pleaded guilty to one count of infanticide as part of a plea bargain agreement with prosecutors.

The judge accepted her guilty plea as Suminaite claimed that she was mentally disturbed in the hours leading up to killing her child due to blood loss.

She could be sentenced to just probation or a fine. According to the criminal complaint, Suminaite gave birth in bathroom of her home while she was alone.

After seeing her daughter alive, Suminaite choked her baby to death using her hands or a rope. Suminaite waited several hours before calling an ambulance.

Suminaite was taken to the St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester, Where she was treated for severe blood loss. The baby was found dead in the bathtub of the home, and her body was covered with clothes.

Model exposes herself during company Christmas party and asks women to feel her breasts

Katie Price
By: Wayne Morin

People at a Christmas party in the United Kingdom, were shocked when a model pulled up her shirt and exposed her breasts.

The incident unfolded during the EnergySave Christmas party in Derby.

TV personality and model Katie Price, became out of control while performing at the party in front of numerous employees of EnergySave.

EnergySave managing director Jason Rowan, who booked Price, said that he will be asking for his money back since her performance was outrageous.

During the performance on Monday night, Price began talking about her former husband. She then lifted her top and asked women to feel her breasts to the shock of those in attendance at the Pride Park Stadium.

She then asked a woman with short hair whether she has cancer while using profanities. Price then went into a bathroom, where she stripped naked in front of other women.

Man bites off flight attendant’s ear after being told to stop smoking and drinking alcohol during flight

Nikki Zeebregts and Jonah Cayle Snow
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man of the Netherlands, became drunk and wild during a flight from Amsterdam to California, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jonah Cayle Snow, who was flying with his girlfriend Nikki Zeebregts, became drunk and started smoking on the KLM Royal Dutch flight on Wednesday.

Snow was arrested when the flight landed in San Francisco. He was charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants.

He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. He was booked into jail, and his bail has been set at $25,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Zeebregts and Snow were only allowed on the flight after promising not to drink alcohol.

The two were already drunk when they tried to board the plane after drinking alcohol on a previous flight from Dusseldorf, Germany.

During the flight to San Francisco, Zeebregts and Snow began fighting. After the fight turned violent, the flight attendants separated the couple.

Snow then lit a cigarette and began drinking alcohol. When he was told to put out his cigarette, Snow became violent. He attacked a flight attendant and bit off his ear.

He is also accused of scratching several other flight attendants.

After being restrained, a female flight attendant sat next to Snow for the rest of the flight to keep him calm. Zeebregts is not facing any charges.

College professor and USA Gymnastics team physician sexually assaults multiple young girls and collects child porn

Lawrence Gerard Nassar
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A college professor and USA Gymnastics team physician is facing up to life in prison after allegedly sexually assaulting multiple young girls and collecting child porn, according to police in Michigan.

A federal grand jury indicted 53-year-old Lawrence Gerard Nassar, on federal child pornography charges.

Nassar was a physician for the U.S. Gymnastics Team and a professor at the Michigan State University.

According to the indictment, Nassar received and attempted to receive child pornography and he possessed thousands of images of child pornography.

If convicted of both of these charges, Nassar faces a mandatory minimum of five and up to 40 years of imprisonment. He also faces up to lifetime supervised release.

In a separate case, attorneys representing 15 alleged victims of Nassar, filed a Notice of Intent to File Claim against Nassar and the Michigan State University.

The claims arise out of multiple instances of sexual assault and battery, molestation, and harassment of girls by Nassar, an employee/agent/representative of Michigan State University.

Nassar is accused of digital penetration of girls without proper notice, gloves, lubricant, or chaperones under the guise of providing medical care and treatment at his office at Michigan State University.

Nassar used his position of trust and confidence in an abusive manner. Nassar has been charged with three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13.

Nassar repeatedly assaulted a girl, beginning when she was six years old. The charges carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Nassar pleaded not guilty to the charges and his bail was set at $1,000,000.

Michigan State University failed to properly investigate, discipline and sanction Nassar for his abusive and harassing conduct.

Michigan State University is required to protect students and others from harassment and sexual assault by their employees.

An NCAA champion gymnast and former member of the United States women's national team previously filed suit, alleging that Nassar sexually assaulted and abused her while she was training at a U.S.A. Gymnastics team training center.

A medalist at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games alleged that Nassar, while serving as the U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor, groped and fondled the victim's private parts under the guise of performing osteopathic therapy.

Man shoots 8-year-old girl in front of her mother during road rage incident

Joshua Eric Constantine
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man who was angry that a mother was upset about his driving, decided to shoot her young daughter, according to police in Oregon.

Portland police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Joshua Eric Constantine, after being accused of firing a shot into the vehicle of the mother who was driving on the interstate.

Constantine has been charged with Attempted Assault in the First Degree and Assault in the Second Degree. He was booked into the Multnomah County Jail, and his bail has been set at $270,000.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Tuesday around 3:00 p.m. East Precinct officers responded to the report of a shooting in the 8500 block of Northeast Multnomah Street.

As officers were responding to the scene, they learned that the victim was an eight-year-old girl and she suffered a superficial injury in the foot after Constantine fired a shot from a passing vehicle on I-84.

Officers and medical personnel arrived and made contact with the victim and her family. The victim was treated at the scene, and did not require medical treatment at a hospital.

Officers learned that the victim was in the back seat of the car being driven by her mother eastbound on I-84 when Constantine, who was driving a minivan, was driving recklessly, nearly causing the victim's mother to crash.

The victim's mother drove past the van when Constantine fired a shot at her car, striking her daughter. Another child in the back seat was not injured.

70 health department employees get sick after eating at agency’s annual holiday luncheon catered by Bad Ass Sandwich

Catered event (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

The New Mexico Department of Health launched an investigation after multiple staff members fell ill following an annual holiday event.

The annual holiday luncheon was held at the Harold Runnels Building in Santa Fe.

A total of 200 health department employees attended the luncheon, and 70 people reported that they felt sick following the event.

The event was catered, and it appears that food were contaminated by bacillus cereus or clostridium perfringens, which are toxins that causes food poisoning.

The food was sent to a laboratory for testing. Investigators found that the caterer did not have a license to serve food for such an event.

The caterer was identified as Bad Ass Sandwich Co., which has recently renamed Kick Ass Sandwich Shop. The caterer has received a notice of violation.

The owner of the restaurant denied catering the food at the event.

Employees of the health department said that they suffered abdominal cramps and a little bit of diarrhea for a couple of hours.

The restaurant faces a fine of up to $500.

Five drunk adults who were playing at Chuck E. Cheese's beat up police officers

Chuck E. Cheese’s special event
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Five adults who were acting like kids at a Chuck E. Cheese’s location, became violent when police showed up at the scene, according to police in Massachusetts.

Everett Chief of Police Steven A. Mazzie announced the arrest of 5 individuals, following the disturbance that occurred at Chuck E. Cheese’s on Saturday.

Paul Mazzie, who was assigned to patrol the Gateway Mall and Shopping Center, and Ptl. Raoul Goncalves, who was working a paid police detail, were informed of adults consuming prohibited alcoholic beverages at the Chuck E. Cheese’s.

This occurred in an area frequented by children.

A male suspect became belligerent with the officers along with several other patrons who were apparently consuming alcoholic beverages in the establishment.

He was taken into custody, but the other patrons began inciting the crowd who turned hostile against the responding officers.

Several patrons began punching and kicking the responding officers, and additional units were summoned from Everett, Medford Police and the Massachusetts State Police.

After order was restored, the Everett Police Department arrested 5 individuals. Samuel Ramos, 33, of Dorchester, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Interfering with Police.

Pedro Abreu, 53, of Chelsea, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Assault & Battery Dangerous Weapon.

He also was arrested on 6 outstanding warrants.

Jose Rosado-Cruz, 30, of East Boston, was charged with Disorderly Person, Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

Emily Joyce Emerson, 22, of Lynn, was charged with two counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and being a Disorderly Person.

Yoselin Enid Rosado, 33, of Roxbury, was charged with Disorderly Person and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

Chief Mazzie said: “It’s extremely disappointing to see adults behave in this manner in an establishment that is designed for young family fun. I’m thankful that our officers were able to restore order in a quick manner and were able to hold those responsible for the disturbance accountable for their actions.”

All suspects were arraigned in Malden District Court.

Prisoner kills corrections officer because she was messing with his life

Lisa Mauldin
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A prisoner who was angry that a corrections officer was messing with his life, decided to kill her while she was on duty, according to police in Arkansas.

Texarkana police said that they have brought charges against 28-year-old Tramell MacKenzie Hunter, after being accused of killing 47-year-old Lisa Mauldin.

The Miller County Sheriff's Office said that the incident unfolded on Sunday, at approximately 1:00 p.m. Two female correction officers were attacked by Hunter within the Miller County Detention Center.

Both correction officers were transported to the Wadley Hospital, for injuries sustained during the attack. Mauldin succumbed to her injuries and Corrections Officer Demaris Allen, was transported to a Little Rock hospital.

Security surveillance video of the prison showed that the attack unfolded in the kitchen area of the prison. Investigators did not reveal what led to the confrontation, but Hunter said in court that Mauldin was messing with his life.

Hunter was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated robbery and domestic battery.

Santa Claus caught selling drugs out of U-Haul truck in parking lot

Isaac Geiger
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A drug dealer disguised himself as Santa Claus in order to sell drugs in the neighborhood without being detected by police, according to police in Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was conducting an investigation in the 800 block of Golfair Boulevard, due to numerous recent complaints of drug activity.

The suspect, 41-year-old Isaac Geiger, was observed standing at the driver’s door of a U-Haul rental truck in the parking lot of a business.

Geiger was very distinguishable in the parking lot because he was wearing a red and white Santa Claus outfit, complete with a hat and a white beard.

Geiger was observed several times going into the driver side of a U-Haul truck, retrieving items, and walking away from the truck.

No one else was observed going to or from the U-Haul truck during the period. Upon seeing police, the suspect ran from the parking lot.

A large amount of marijuana was in plain view on the driver’s seat of the U-Haul. The suspect tripped over his Santa pants and fell to the ground.

Detectives tried to take the suspect into custody, but he rolled onto his belly and put his hands under his body. The suspect refused to comply and continued to resist police for some time.

Detectives were finally able to secure the suspect in handcuffs.

Police located a plastic bag in the suspect’s left shorts pocket that he was wearing under the Santa suit, and a sum of cash in his right shorts pocket.

The detectives stood the suspect up to finish searching him. The suspect attempted to flee again and was tackled back to the ground by the detectives.

He continued to resist and reached for his waistline. He was held on the ground until more police could arrive.

A search of the U-Haul revealed marijuana, a scale with marijuana residue, and a black pouch containing MDMA on the front driver’s seat.

There was a five-gallon orange bucket with a white lid on the driver's floorboard.

Inside the five-gallon bucket was additional marijuana, a yellow substance known to contain THC, Molly, Ecstasy pills, and money.

Inside the bucket there was a digital scale with residue and a box of plastic baggies.

Geiger has been charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, possession of marijuana with intent to sell and resisting an officer without violence.

Geiger was booked into the Duval County Jail, and his bail has been set at $5,016.

Man deliberately ties his dog to railroad tracks before it was killed by oncoming train

Gerardo Damian-Rosas
By: Chan Yuan

A man in Georgia, was arrested over his evil act against his defenseless dog.

Officials with the Hall County Animal Control have arrested Gerardo Damian-Rosas of Gainesville, after he was accused of tying his dog to railroad tracks and leaving it to be hit and killed by an oncoming train.

Authorities responded to an area near White Sulphur Road, after receiving a call about a dog on the train tracks. Sadly, by the time officers arrived, the dog was already dead.

“There was evidence that the dog had been purposefully tied to the tracks, which ultimately led to his death,” Mike Ledford, who is the director of the Hall County Animal Services, said.

“This was an outrageous and shocking act of cruelty against a defenseless animal, and our department works tirelessly to hold those responsible for such acts accountable,” he added.

Damian-Rosas was arrested and charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. He was released after posting $5,700 bond.

Mike Weaver, who is the attorney for Damian-Rosas, believes the facts presented are “not accurate and that there had been a lot of misunderstandings about what happened.”

2-year-old son of police officer kills himself with his father's service weapon

Police officer (illustration)
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A police officer is preparing to bury his young son who died after accidentally shooting himself with his weapon.

Police in Cleveland, Ohio, were called to the home on Library Avenue, after the victim’s brother asked a neighbor to call 911.

The boy said that his 2-year-old brother Dominic, got hold of his father's gun and he pulled the trigger, killing himself.

The incident unfolded at around 10:15 a.m. Dominic was taken to MetroHealth Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery, but died from his injuries.

A family friend said that the boy’s 54-year-old father, who was not identified by police, is a Cleveland police officer who was hired in 1993, and he has a good reputation.

Police confirmed that the boy shot himself with his father’s service weapon. The officer is now under investigation. So far, no charges have been filed against him.

How To Prepare For A Snowstorm

Snowstorm (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Getting stuck in snow storms can be stressful and unpleasant.

However, if you are well prepared, you may enjoy the snow and even look forward to it.

Remember, snow storms can last longer than expected and can cause power outages.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for snow storms so that you can relax and enjoy the time you spend at home.

Fill up the gasoline tank. Make sure you have a full tank of gasoline so that you don’t run low before the storm when you desperately want to get home or if you want to go out before the gasoline station reopens for business.

Put extra money in the bank so you can pay your bills on time.

Keep extra cash at home, as the bank might be closed longer than expected.

Buy lots of candles, a flashlight with extra batteries, and an emergency kit. These items are very important to have in case the power goes off.

Buy at least two shovels in case one breaks while shoveling the snow. Buy enough salt to last a few days, in case the snow storm lasts longer than expected.

Stock your refrigerator and freezer. Make sure you have ready-to-eat food that does not need cooking, such as canned food, in case of a power outage.

Make sure to have a manual can-opener as well. Stock up on baby formula, diapers and pet food.

Be sure you have enough medication, medical equipment and a first aid kit.

Wash all your laundry before the snowstorm so you have enough clean clothes.

If you have young children or your grandchildren are staying with you, buy arts and crafts to keep them occupied during the snowstorm.

Married father kills 6 people at brothel because his favorite prostitute was with another man

William Roberto Ferreira Costa
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man killed six people at a brothel after he was told that his favorite prostitute was not available for him.

27-year-old William Roberto Ferreira Costa of Brazil, walked into the Leo Drinks Bar brothel in Jaboticabal, to have sex with a prostitute.

However, Costa said that he was “overcome with emotion” after being told that his favorite prostitute, 30-year-old Dione da Silva Lima, was having sex with another man.

Costa, who is a married man and the father of a newborn baby boy and a 4-year-old girl, flew into a jealous rage.

He went outside to his car and got his gun. He returned to the brothel and shot 6 people.

Costa began his shooting spree by killing the brothel's 72-year-old female owner. He then killed her 29-year-old granddaughter, a waitress and a 46-year-old prostitute.

However, Costa was not done. He burst into the bedroom of his favorite prostitute. There, he killed her and her client, who was identified as Anderson Montenor, 37, who was in the area for business.

Costa stayed at the scene until police arrived. After his arrest, Costa, who was never in trouble with the law, apologized to the families of the victims, and to his wife and two children.

Teenager steals defibrillator while paramedics work on patient and destroys the machine by urinating on it

Police were looking for this man
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teenager of the United Kingdom, was arrested for stealing a paramedic’s defibrillator before destroying the machine by urinating on it.

Emergency workers were called to the Voodoo Lounge nightclub in Leicestershire, to treat an injured man.

While paramedic from the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) were treating the man, drunk onlookers spat and shouted abuses at them.

To make matters worse, someone stole their $16,000 defibrillator and destroyed it.

Leicestershire police officers were called and they reviewed surveillance videos. Investigators have released a photo of the man, who they believed was responsible for the missing equipment.

Police have since arrested an 18-year-old man on suspicion of theft.

Police later found the defibrillator in a nearby park. The battery was missing and it was covered in urine, which destroyed the expensive life saving equipment.

A police spokesman said that they were called on Sunday at 4:00 a.m., with a complaint that the defibrillator was taken from an ambulance.

“Alcohol can cloud people’s judgement, but there is no excuse for assaulting ambulance staff and damaging a life saving piece of equipment,” an EMAS spokesperson said.

Two Roman Catholic priests rape hearing impaired children so other students don’t hear their scream

Nicola Corradi in wheelchair and Horacio Corbacho (left)
By: Feng Qian

Police in Argentina, have arrested five people in a horrific sexual abuse case.

Prosecutors said that the suspects chose their targets because they are hearing impaired so other students were unable to hear their desperate screams for help.

Police said that two Roman Catholic priests repeatedly raped students at the Antonio Provolo Institute for hearing impaired children in Mendoza province.

At least 24 students of the school filed claims against 82-year-old Priest Nicola Corradi, Priest Horacio Cobacho, 55, and three other men.

Prosecutors said that rapes took place in the bathrooms, bedrooms, garden and a basement at school.

The five were arrested by police who stormed the school and found magazines with naked women and about $34,000 in Reverend Corradi's room.

The 82-year-old priest was handcuffed to a wheelchair as he was wheeled to court.

Postal worker steals gift cards from mail and buys three sex toys from Groupon

Iesha Conley
By: Chan Yuan

A New York postal worker was arrested after prosecutors said that she used a stolen gift card to buy sex toys from Groupon.

The postal worker is accused of opening dozens of envelopes before taking the valuables out of them.

48-year-old Iesha Conley stole mail while working at the US Postal Service Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center in New York City.

Conley was caught on surveillance camera putting the envelopes inside a black sweater that had the word’s “Got Jesus?” on it, according to the criminal complaint.

Police began an investigation after a woman complained that a greeting card she sent her relative in Long Island, had been opened and the $100 American Express gift card was missing.

The woman called American Express, only to find out that the gift card had been used to buy three adult toys that were shipped to Conley's address in Brooklyn.

The postal worker used her iPhone to place the three sex toy orders for a total of $94.68. She also tried to use the same gift card to pay for her cable bill, according to the criminal complaint.

Conley was arrested, and she now faces up to five years in prison if convicted. Her bail was set at $15,000.