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Doctor gets $200 fine for speeding to hospital to save dying woman

By Mason White 5:44 PM January 1, 2017
Speedometer (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

A woman died after a doctor was pulled over by police for speeding to a hospital, according to court documents in Ireland.

32-year-old Mekki Medani of Limerick, said that he got a call from the University Hospital Limerick, to immediately come and help a dying woman who needed emergency surgery.

Despite the late hour, Medani jumped into his car and sped off to the hospital to get to the woman on time. As the doctor was speeding on O’Connell Avenue, he was pulled over by police.

The doctor told police that he is a surgeon and was rushing to the hospital to save a dying woman. Police did not care, and he was cited for careless driving.

In court, Judge Marian O’Leary ruled that there was no excuse for careless driving and sentenced the doctor to a $210 fine.

The judge did show some leniency by not suspending the doctor’s license. The woman died at the hospital after the doctor was held up by police for several minutes.