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Man kills 16-year-old prostitute because he did not have the money to pay for her services twice

By Mason White 2:38 PM January 1, 2017
Desiree Robinson and Antonio Rosale
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man killed a teenager when she demanded more money for sex while her friends were waiting in a car outside.

Antonio Rosales, 32, was arrested for killing the 16-year-old girl who worked as a prostitute after he could not afford her.

Rosales is charged with murder for the death of Desiree Robinson, whose body was found in a garage in Markham, Illinois.

Rosales told police that he contacted the teenager who advertised her services on, and invited her to attend a party with him, prosecutors said.

Witnesses confirmed that they saw Rosales together with Robinson at the party before the couple went off to have sex in his truck.

Robinson them met Rosales the next day for sex, but this time things turned violent.

Police said that the two went into the garage, where Rosales told the girl that he did not have money for a second sex session. Instead, he asked for a 15-minute session for free, according to court records.

The girl rejected his offer and insulted him. Rosales became angry. He punched her in the face, strangling her and slit her throat while she was trying to get help.

Detectives said that the victim’s friends were sleeping in the car outside of the home while Robinson was inside.

The friends later went to the home looking for the victim. When the homeowner open up the garage, they found the body and a knife.

Rosales, who had a long criminal history of committing robberies, is being held without bail.