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Starbucks employee spits into police officer’s coffee cup and brags about on Facebook

By Mason White 5:49 PM January 1, 2017
Woman drinking cup of Starbucks coffee
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A Starbucks employee in Stockton California, bragged about spitting into a police officer’s coffee cup.

The employee, who was not identified, took a photo of the police officer and posted it on Facebook, along with this message: “We are happy to report that today, this officer from the Stockton Police Department got to have coffee at Starbucks, served with a side of spit. They even gave it to him with a smile and a nice comment.”

People were quick to leave negative comments on the post written on a Facebook page run by The Black Lives Matter group.

The police launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, they were unable to find evidence that this happened.

Starbucks also denied the incident, saying that they have a great relationship with the police department.

However, a spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter group said that the incident did happen, and the employee who spit in the police officer’s coffee cup is very proud of herself.

The Black Lives Matter group also revealed that employees at a diner in Stockton, spit into the food ordered by police officers on a regular basis.