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Gay man commits suicide after losing lawsuit against police for his arrest when he exposed his backside

By Mason White 2:25 PM January 1, 2017
Will X Walters
By: Wayne Morin

A man committed suicide after he was overwhelmed with grief when he lost his lawsuit against police in California.

35-year-old Will X Walters was found dead just days after losing his five year long battle with San Diego police.

Walters was arrested in 2011, for wearing his custom-made gladiator outfit, which cost $1,000, at a gay pride event in Balboa Park.

Walters claimed that he was covered up properly, and that he was wearing a Calvin Klein thong underneath the costume.

However, police officers asked him to cover up, saying that when he was walking, his backside was being exposed.

After Walters refused to change, officers gave him a citation for public nudity. When Walters refused to sign the citation, he was arrested.

Walters sued the police department for discrimination, saying that he was not nude as his buttocks and genitalia were fully covered, but he lost that case.

Walters said that he was having a hard time getting a job due to his arrest.

Walters then filed a lawsuit against police for violating his civil rights when they discriminated against him due to his sexual orientation.

“Will Walters is a Hispanic, gay man, who is the only person in the history of the City of San Diego to be arrested and booked on a charge of public nudity,” his complaint stated.

However, after fighting the case for five years and spending $1 million on his legal fees, Walters lost his case. A few days later, police found him dead in his apartment.