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Anger as IVF clinic mix up may have led to 26 children sharing biological father instead of their intended dads

By Mason White 12:35 PM January 2, 2017
Pregnant woman (illustration)
By: Tanya Malhotra

An IVF clinic announced that it had a mix-up in its center.

The IVF clinic in the Netherlands, announced that it is investigating how a mix up may have led to the eggs of 26 women to be fertilized by the sperm of the wrong man.

The University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht, said that a “procedural error” was to blame.

Sadly, they did not catch the error until half of the women who have undergone fertility treatments have become pregnant or have already given birth to their babies.

The error occurred between April 2015 and November 2016.

In a statement, the center explained that during fertilization, the sperm cells from one man may have ended up with the egg cells of 26 other women.

“There is a chance that the egg cells have been fertilized by sperm other than that of the intended father,” they said.

“For some of the 26 couples, frozen embryos are still available, but the possibility remains that they too have been fertilized by the sperm of a man other than the intended father,” the UMC added.

The affected families will have to take DNA tests to determine if their eggs were compromised.