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Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

By Mason White 11:51 AM January 2, 2017
Messy room (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

When a home is clean and organized, we are less stressed and it feels more welcoming.

Here are simple tips that will help keep your home clean and organized.

Place a laundry basket in each bedroom.

Many children and especially teenagers, don’t take the time to place their dirty laundry in the basket because they are too tired or lazy to walk to the laundry room.

By placing a laundry basket in each room, you will eliminate this problem.

When you are ready to wash the laundry, you can just grab the full basket rather than collecting clothes from the floor.

This will also help keep the room clean and organized throughout the week.

Each morning, make all beds in the home. This will take only a few minutes, but it will make a very big difference to the appearance of the rooms.

Take a few minutes to make the beds before you rush out to work. It always feels better to come home from work to a clean home.

Close all closet and cabinet doors. Although this seems like a simple thing, it will make the entire room look so much more organized.

Try it, walk into your kitchen and open a few cabinets, then take a step back. Suddenly, the room looks so much more chaotic and cluttered.

Close the cabinet doors and watch the room look much more clean.

Sweep the floors in your bedrooms a few times a week. Sweep the kitchen and other high trafficked areas a few times a day.

Keeping the floors clean will help you keep the house looking much more neat.

Keep counters clear. Don’t leave appliances out. When you have things on the counter, the entire kitchen looks more cluttered.

Put away items as soon as you are done using them. This is especially important after cooking and when changing clothes.

It takes only a few minutes to put one item away or to hang up one piece of clothing, but it can take hours to reorganize once things have piled up.