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Homeowner installs coin operated toilet and charges tenants 1 dollar to flush

By Mason White 6:17 PM January 2, 2017
Coin operated toilet
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Tenants in Australia, are angry after their landlord installed a coin operated toilet that charges them every time they want to flush.

The tenants of Melbourne, who were not identified, said that they have to pay $1 every time they want to flush the toilet.

The tenants uploaded a photo of the coin operated toilet on Reddit, where they asked whether the landlord was legally allowed to install such a device in the home.

“I’m in Melbourne, Thornbury. We understand that we have to pay for the communal washing machine, but we pay the water bill that goes into our apartment.

“The landlord said it was a government incentive to save water, but then why does he get to collect the money? People like him need to be exposed,” the tenants wrote on Reddit.

“A lawyer has sent her details to help us out with the legal side of things. Our friend is also coming over and he thinks we can remove the top cover without really damaging the landlord’s coin operated toilet,” the tenants also wrote.

One Reddit user advised the tenants to take water from the sink and dump it into the toilet in order to avoid paying the flushing fee.