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Prison inmates beheaded and burned during clashes between rival drug gangs

By Mason White 4:43 PM January 3, 2017
Women mourn after Brazil prison riot
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A large prison riot left dozens of people dead and even more wounded, according to police in Brazil.

The riot broke out at the Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex in Manaus.

The clashes between two rival drug gangs began on Sunday afternoon, and lasted for about 24 hours. When police finally took control of the situation, 56 inmates were dead.

Some of the dead bodies were decapitated or burned beyond recognition. During the riot, 12 prison guards were taken hostage, and numerous inmates escaped.

Officials called the killings the worst massacre ever in a prison.

During the prison riot, many inmates escaped from another jail, the Antonio Trindade Penal Institute. So far, no arrests have been made.