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Flight attendant caught shoplifting from department store between two flights

By Mason White 4:41 PM January 3, 2017
Department store (illustration)
By: Feng Qian

A flight attendant used her spare time between two flights to steal from a department store, according to police in Canada.

The Toronto Police Department said that they have arrested the female flight attendant after the department store handed over video, showing the woman putting items in her bag and leaving without paying.

The woman, who was not identified, has been charged with one count of shoplifting. The captain of the Pakistan International Airlines flight, was also questioned by police.

The captain said that the flight attendant was responsible for her own actions as she was off duty at the time.

After arriving in Toronto from Lahore, Pakistan, via Pakistan International Airlines flight PK797, the flight attendant went to the department store and pocketed several items.

A spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines, said that the flight attendant will be fired if she is found guilty.