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75-year-old commissioner caught sexually assaulting his 103-year-old mother-in-law

By Mason White 5:09 PM January 4, 2017
William A. Spingler
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) People in Pennsylvania, were shocked to learn that a county commissioner was accused of sexually assaulting his mother-in-law who suffers from dementia.

Radnor Township police said that they have arrested 75-year-old William A. Spingler, after being accused of groping the breasts of his 103-year-old mother-in-law.

Spingler has been charged with three counts of indecent assault on a person with a mental disability. He was booked into jail, and his bail her been set at $10,000.

A judge banned him from having any contact with the victim, who is residing at the Wayne Nursing Home.

According to the criminal complaint, police were first called to the nursing home after an employee witnessed Spingler touching the victim on her chest in a sexual manner.

The next day, the employees told the police that it happened again.

Another employee saw the victim covered with a blanket and witnessed Spingler using his right hand under the blanket to massage her chest area in an inappropriate manner.

On both occasions, Spingler immediately left the facility when he noticed the employees watching him.

A week later, a registered nurse told police that she witnessed Spingler grabbing the victim’s chest while the victim looked uncomfortable and tried to pull away.