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Owner of pizza shop sprinkles marijuana on pizza pie and serves it to police officers

By Mason White 5:31 PM January 4, 2017
Pizza pie (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

Several police officers became sick after allegedly eating pizza that was laced with drugs, according to court documents.

The 30-year-old owner of the pizza shop was arrested after being accused of causing three police officers to become sick by serving them marijuana-laced pizza.

The suspect has been charged with one count of causing others to ingest poison with intent to harm. If convicted, the pizza shop owner faced up to three years in jail.

According to the criminal complaint, a police officer who was working the night shift, ordered a pizza pie from the pizza store.

When the pizza pie arrived at the station, she shared it with two other officers at the station.

Minutes later, the three police officers began to feel sick, and two of them were hospitalized for dizziness, vomiting and hallucinations.

When police returned to the restaurant to question the owner, he confessed to sprinkling marijuana on the pizza pie. The suspect told investigators that the police officer who ordered the pie, seemed cool.

She also told him to add whatever topping he wanted so he sprinkled marijuana on the pizza pie and gave it to the police officer.