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6-year-old girl orders over $200 worth of goods while playing with Amazon’s new Echo Dot gadget

By Mason White 2:15 PM January 4, 2017
Brooke Neitzel with the items she ordered
By: Chan Yuan

A mother said that she received big ticket items from Amazon, after her young daughter was playing with Amazon’s new Echo Dot gadget, which is known as Alexa.

The family of Dallas, Texas, received the new gadget as a Christmas gift from their paternal grandparents.

While 6-year-old Brooke Neitzel was playing with it, she somehow managed to buy a $170 Kidkraft dollhouse and four pounds of cookies.

Her mother Megan, was shocked when she received a confirmation email for the order that was more than $200.

The mother of three children remembered hearing her 6-year-old daughter speaking to Alexa.

She confronted the girl and asked her young daughter about the order. Although she denied being responsible for placing the orders, Brooke admitted to “asking Alexa about a dollhouse and cookies.”

Apparently, the operating system took the question as a request, and placed the order using the family’s credit card that was on file.

The family enjoyed the cookies when they arrived. However, Megan said that they are planning to donate the dollhouse to a charity.

Magan has now set up the device with parental controls so that the children cannot make any purchases without her secret pin number.