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Mother aborts baby after miscarrying previous child because she was scared of miscarriage

By Mason White 1:30 PM January 4, 2017
Kayla, Darius and Willow Boyd
By: Feng Qian

A woman spoke about the difficulty she had the past year when she lost two unborn babies.

Kayla Boyd of Australia, said that she suffered a miscarriage in April last year, before becoming pregnant again in August, and having an abortion.

29-year-old Kayla, is the wife of the Darius Boyd, who is a professional football player for the Brisbane Broncos.

Kayla suffered a miscarriage shortly after her grandmother died. Both deaths left her so emotionally scarred that she just could not cope with the prospect of miscarrying again.

Kayla said that two days after discovering that she was pregnant, she chose to have an abortion in order not to go through the heartbreak again.

“I didn’t want to get attached to the fact that I could have another baby and then I could miscarry again,” Kayla said.

The couple share a one-year-old daughter named Willow.